Filina asked him, furrowing her eyebrows.

“Why do you ask Lord Argeny for that? For someone who has just become a knight.”

It was a statement that might have sounded dismissive of him.
But he wasn’t wrong, either.

If a man was needed, it was preferable to order a cadet with five ranks.

Henry, who had been looking down at her quietly, raised his mouth softly and said:

“I just chose a cadet who was in the same rank as Lord Leone.
I think we know him better than the seniors.”

Henry’s calm voice made her look dissatisfied.

In fact, for Leone, it might be better for someone with only one rank to be with the Imperial Knights rather than a skilled cadet.

That way, even the slightest bit of escape will be easier.

But if it’s Henry, it’s a different story.

He was as good as five ordinary knights.
No, maybe even stronger than them.

Moreover, he didn’t like the fact that it was Henry who was chasing Leone.

He wasn’t the one who brutally cut off Leone’s arm in his third life, which led to his death.

But this time too, to make Leone chase Henry? I hated that.
Even the sight of the two of them together was unbearable.

She asked Henry with a dry face.

“So you agreed? Did you decide to go get Leone?”

At the cold voice of her, Henry frowned, and then said with a calm face:

“Your Highness the Prince is not someone I can refuse.”

“I know that, but…, but I didn’t even say it.”

Philina sighed, pouting wryly.

But she knew it too.

It would be impossible to say no to the crown prince, who must be very sensitive now.

Filina bowed her head for a moment, pondering.

Should we let Henry go get Leone like this…….

It wouldn’t matter if Leone escaped unharmed, but that wasn’t guaranteed.

Henry, who had been staring at Philina intently, spoke quietly.

“Sir Debussy doesn’t look very surprised.”

Philina looked up at Henry.

He said, staring straight into Philina’s eyes.

“Did you know what happened yesterday?”

Henry’s words made her brow furnished.

“I saw him yesterday on the way back to his dorm after training.
Sir Leon and Deputy Carmen fighting.”

After all, Henry would have heard all about what happened yesterday from Ian.

The fact that she had witnessed it was already known to Carmen and the Imperial Knights who were present, so she did not bother to hide it.

Henry said, furrowing his eyebrows slightly.

“Did you train until late yesterday? I remember it rained a lot.”

“What does the weather have to do with training? I’m not like Sir Argeni, so I don’t take a break from training just because it’s raining.”

Filina crossed her arms and blurted out.
Henry, who was looking at her, smiled slightly and asked.

“Have you been waiting for me?”

At his question, Philina looked at Henry in bewilderment.

“Why am I waiting for Lord Argeny? Don’t tell me what you want to do.
Rather, it was like my world, because there was no one there.”

At her words, Henry furrowed his brow.

“Was there anybody? Isn’t that dangerous? Of course, it’s dangerous to have other cadets .
but I’d rather have gone to training with Sir Bessie.”

At his words, Philina looked at Henry in bewilderment.

“Why are you unusual? Nagging things that even my mother doesn’t do .

She looked at Henry disapprovingly and then turned away.

Henry, who had been staring blankly at the back of Philina, quietly closed his mouth with an embarrassed face.

As soon as she left the training room, she headed straight to the lab.

It seemed that Ian had already returned to the imperial palace, and Carmen was still nowhere to be seen.

She went into the lab and immediately knocked on Lawrence’s door.

“Come in.”

From inside the door, his pleasant beauty spread.

It was only yesterday that Carmen was attacked by the cadets, and Lawrence didn’t seem too alarmed.

So you don’t even check on the other person, and you tell them to come in easily.

“Sir Debussy, what is the matter?”

Philina went inside to greet him, and he asked casually.

It was the first time Lawrence had seen him since he and Huey messed up the kennel.

Of course, we often met in class, but it wasn’t like the two of us talked face to face like this.

“I have a favor for you, Mr.

At the sound of Philina’s firm voice, Lawrence looked up and looked at her.

“What do you want?”

He asked in a calm voice.
Filina kept her mouth shut for a moment, made eye contact with Lawrence, and then slowly pulled her lips away.

“I’d like to join you in getting Sir Leone.”


Lawrence’s eyebrows furrowed at the words she uttered.
He looked like he hadn’t thought about it.
Looking at him, Filina added again.

“I heard that Lord Argeny has agreed to join the Imperial Knights.”

Lawrence, who had been staring at her intently, let out a small sigh and said:

“I heard that Sir Debussy witnessed the scene yesterday right in front of him.
But it’s dangerous to be with the Imperial Knights.
I still don’t know what kind of person Sir Leon is…”

“His Highness the Crown Prince asked if any of the 1st Knights were close to Lord Leone.”

At Philina’s words, Lawrence closed his mouth and looked at her silently.
Philina continued, with a neat face.

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“I was part of the 2nd Order, so it was hard to answer.
But in the Order of the 1st Order, after three months with Lord Leone, no one raised his hand at the word of His Highness.”

“…… So what?”

“I can’t say I’m very close to Sir Leon, but I think I’ve had the most conversation I’ve ever had with anyone here.
It probably helps.
At least it’s an Argeny alert.”

Lawrence asked, his brow wrinkled slightly at her words.

“How can Sir Debussy help? Do you have any plans to capture Lord Leone?”

“Lord Leone’s swordsmanship skills are formidable.
So even in the Imperial Knights, catching Lord Leone is probably not an easy task.
So I think we need to come up with other strategies as well.”

“…… What kind of strategy are you talking about?”

Philina replied, lips curling up.

“I’ll try to convince Lord Leon.
There must be a reason for the sudden attack on Deputy Carmen.
I’m going to get Sir Leone to come back to the academy.
He’s more open-minded than I thought, and he’ll be easily persuaded by me.”

At Philina’s words, Lawrence smiled in disbelief.

“Heartbroken? Lord Leone?”

She said, tilting her head at an angle.

“Look, you don’t even know the assistant manager.
Sir Leon is a man who is easily swayed by emotions, contrary to what he may seem.”

She continued, smiling leisurely.

“You probably don’t understand the Imperial Knights, let alone Lord Argeni.
They don’t know how to convince people.
It’s also the weakest part of the chivalry spirit.
That’s why I’m going to go along.
I’m sure it will help.”

She smiled softly, spitting out in a clear voice.
Lawrence, who had been staring at Pilina in silence, lifted his lips.

“Why does Lord Debussy want to go get Sir Leone? Judging from what I said earlier, it seems that we have been friends until now…….
You don’t know that when Sir Leon returns to the Academy, he will be punished as he deserves.”

It was a funny question.

Does he think he doesn’t know anything and is going to capture Leone in order to pretend to be a hero?

Are you afraid that if Leone gets caught, you’ll feel guilty?

Filina raised one lip and smiled nobly.

“Vice President, I’m not stupid.
I just feel responsible because I witnessed it.
Lord Leon hurt people, didn’t he? So I think he deserves the punishment he deserves.”

Filina gave him what she considered to be the most just answer.

Lawrence stared indifferently at her face.
He closed his mouth for a moment, as if he was troubled, and then after a while he spoke.

Let’s talk to the general manager.
Once a word is spit out, it cannot be undone.
So be responsible, be prepared.
We will gather at the Imperial Palace this afternoon and depart.”

At the end of his words, Filina said goodbye and walked out.
As she walked past the hall, Filina’s expression was heavy.

Everyone was turning against Leone as an enemy.
It was no different than before.
Leone runs away from people without fail, and the imperial palace pursues him.

I remembered the look in Leone’s eyes that looked back at me before he ran out of the window.

The black pupils of lonely loneliness could not be erased from my mind.

It wasn’t right for me to just hope that I had escaped well.

He intended to somehow prevent the Imperial Knights from capturing Leone.

Henry couldn’t let Leone draw his sword again.

Time flew by quickly.

Late in the evening, Philina left the dormitory with the sword Enoch had given her.

Using the outing ticket that Lawrence had given him in advance, he walked out of the swordsmanship academy and into the imperial palace.

Standing in it stood the Imperial Knights, Carmen Geller, who had confronted Leone, and Henry, who had been called by Ian.

Henry asked, his expression contorted when he spotted Philina.

“Why is Sir Debussy here?”

Philina, who had glanced at him indifferently, replied, lifting her chin.

“Why? Of course, I’m here to get Sir Leone.”

Henry’s brow hardened at her words, as if he didn’t understand.

As he was about to lift his lips from Philina once more, Ian Alvar stepped in front of the Imperial Knights and stood in the center.

“I see His Royal Highness the Prince!”

The loud voices of the imperial knights rang out.
Ian, who had been staring at them silently, spoke reverently.

“The guy we have to catch is a guy named ‘Leone.’ Not long ago, he may have been one of the guild members who attacked the people of the imperial palace for no reason, and he was the ‘chieftain.'”

His languid voice wafted through the still air.

“It is said that after escaping from the Swordsmanship Academy, he fled to the Forest of the Winds, and as a result of being followed by some of the Templars, he hid himself in the Black Rock Mountain next to it.
They can be dangerous, so make sure you are all ready and moving.”

His eyes flashed in the moonlight.

“If there is a lot of resistance, you can kill him on the spot.”

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