The second practical test was held the next day at an outdoor performance hall.


It was the same place where the 1,000-meter race was held, but there were huge iron bars on all sides, which had not been seen before.


This was to prepare for any possible danger.


Only one student was allowed to enter the performance hall.
All the others had to wait outside the bars.


“The second practical test is a duel with a wild boar.”


The instructor’s voice made all the students look nervous.


“If you want to give up in the middle of the test, raise your hand and say so.
The instructor will go in and take action.”


Filina’s gaze was not on the instructor.
Her head was moving constantly as if searching for someone.


“What you need to know is that you are responsible for everything that happens in the exam room.
If you get injured or lose your life here, the Military Academy will not take any responsibility.”


The instructor’s words caused people to gulp down their spit.


Of all the events held so far, the exam in which the most number of candidates were injured or lost their lives was the one being held today.


” As soon as you successfully pass the second practical exam, the third and final exam will follow.” 


This was the reason why people got injured a lot.
Because they would have to take the third exam right away after the second test before they could recover their strength. 


“There will be a total of three wild boars in the last test.
The test takers are free to accept the duel in any way they like.
The use of weapons is fixed, so please feel free to perform the test to the extent allowed.”


The instructor then took questions from the candidates.
He answered people’s questions in a friendly manner, but chastised those who asked the same questions, “Why don’t you look like a tiger and concentrate?”


Filina stepped back a little more in a slightly relaxed atmosphere.
It was to find Leon.


She wondered if he would wear a mask again today.
His hair seemed to be a little shorter than before.


She wondered why he wore the mask. 


Filina’s legs were moved back more.


There were so many people that it was difficult to see every single face.


And since all the instructors were in a row, it was impossible to leave a certain distance.


She kept shifting her feet back and her heels hit someone’s shoes.


As she was falling back, a firm hand supported her shoulders.


Filina tried to apologize, but the man bowed down and whispered in his ear.


“Who are you looking for?”


Filina quickly shook off his hand and turned her head.


The corners of his eyes, curved into the shape of a half-moon, was the first thing she saw.


The red irises that resembled her own, the navy hair reminiscent of the night sea, and the smirking expression that followed underneath it all seemed to symbolize this man.


Filina asked, her face twisted.


“How long have you been behind my back?”


The man said with a calm face.


“Since the beginning?”


“Don’t lie to me.
I’m sure it was a different person.”


He only shrugged at the sound of Filina’s voice.


‘What exactly is this man’s true identity?’


 At first she thought he wasn’t very capable, but he was surprisingly fast on his feet.


And if it weren’t for Leon, this man would have proudly occupied the first place in the 1,000m race.


After all the physical fitness tests were over, a large poster was hung in front of the testing room with the rankings of the candidates.


When she saw the name written along with the test number, she was once again convinced.


The fact that Leon was really here.


But she couldn’t just smile like an idiot, because another name that stood proudly above Leon’s name made Filina uncomfortable was Henry Argeny, who had come in first in the physical fitness test that had taken over three hundred people.


As soon as she saw that name, she became angry as if it was a natural procedure.


The fact that she was in the same space as Henry Argeny gave her goosebumps.
She felt dirty.
And at a moderate distance, Filina’s name was written.
She was in 17th place.


“It’s you.”


The man with the red eyes took another step closer.


Filina silently looked at his face.


He was quite handsome looking at the close distance.


His tall height and wide shoulders maximized his masculinity, and solid muscles that could not be covered by the training suit were positioned nicely.


The man, who had been looking at her, bent his lips and said,


“It’s all showing.”




Filina frowned as she asked, and the man leaned closer.


“You used the potion, didn’t you?”


Filina’s pupils went wide.
But it was only for a brief moment.


She said with a brazen face.


“Why would I use such a thing?”


The man raised his lips in amusement.
The sleek face reflected in the sunlight broke into a thin smile, as was his custom.


“You know that the academy has a pact with the royal family.
If you use a potion here, you may be subject to a separate investigation by the Imperial Family.”


“…I told you I didn’t use it.”


“Furthermore, you are aware of the fact that some of the more expensive potions contain drugs that are forbidden by the imperial family, right?”


What he said made Filina silent for a moment .
She could feel the man’s hostile eyes quietly watching her for a reaction.


He said there was a drug that had been banned? She had never heard about that.


“I take it you had no idea at all.”


He chuckled and kept talking.


“Well, you said you didn’t take it, so it doesn’t matter.”


Filina opened her eyes wide and asked,


“Are you lying right now?”


He drew out a fresh smile as Filina spat out in a clear voice of disbelief.


“That’s right.
Actually, it’s a lie.”


…This guy.


Filina stared at the man and returned to her original position.


If she kept having conversations with him, she didn’t know what she would say. 


Filina spontaneously blended in with the people who were giddily moving when they heard the instructor’s voice.
The man didn’t even approach her anymore.




“As expected.”


Weaver, the head of the Academy, muttered as he flipped through the documents.


 Lawrence, who was standing in front of him, asked with a suspicious look.


“You mean Lord Argeny?”


His score in the physical test is much higher, so I’m sure he will do very well in the second practical test.
It’s been a long time since we’ve had one very good candidate.”


Henry was a man who had been commissioned for his excellent swordsmanship skills from an early age.


As long as he was properly educated, he could produce the best and strongest knight to ever graduate from the military academy.




An unfamiliar name came out of Weaver’s mouth as he was looking at the document.
Lawrence, who was staring at him, immediately added an explanation.


“This person who took second place in the first physical test.
He has very good grades for a commoner background.”


“A commoner?”


Weaver raised an eyebrow and looked over the papers again.


He was the one with a significant difference in scores from Henry, who came in first place, but that was only because Henry Argeny was overly competent.


He shouldn’t be compared to anyone else from the beginning.


If it weren’t for Henry,  Leon would have taken first place in the physical fitness test.
That was how good his score was. 


“There’s one more person.”


Weaver spoke in a heavy voice, but naturally lowered his gaze.
Looking at the name written next to the third place, his eyebrows wriggled.


“Fieldman? You mean this man is here at the academy now?”


Lawrence looked annoyed when Weaver made a fake laugh.


“I was also a little confused when I saw his name.
Why did he apply to our school…………?”


Weaver’s brow creased as he opened his mouth.


“He’s a mysterious human being.
Find out why you came to this school.”


“Yes, sir.”


Hugh Fieldman.


He always has a playful smile on his face.
He was not a serious person, but no one dared to treat him recklessly.


When Weaver was preparing to go to war with the imperial knights, he once crossed a deep mountain range to ask for Fieldman’s help.


From the beginning, it was rumored that it would be difficult to see him, but with the help of the imperial family, it was relatively easy to meet.


Normally, when dozens of knights came barging in at once, it was always a frightening experience.
But that man smiled wryly and spoke right away.


“How much are you going to give me?”


Weaver didn’t like that the man didn’t seem nervous at all.


He wondered what in the world was going through the man’s head.


He was a no-nonsense man.
But then, as if to piss Weaver off, the man applied to the Academy and came in third…It was absurd.


“A lot of crazy people are going to get mixed up this year.”


Weaver, who had been flipping through the papers, spat out in a heavy voice.


His eyes went down, searching for the name of the seventeenth-ranked Filina.
Weaver’s face, which had previously maintained a pious expression, hardened noticeably.


Not too long ago, the Duke of Debussy asked for a close meeting with him.


“My daughter is planning to apply to the Academy.”


The Duke said as he held out a large bag.


“I hope you can take good care of her.”


The bag was packed with money.


Even though the rumors about the Debussy family were not good, Weaver did not expect this much.


He didn’t know Duke Debussy would dare to bribe him.


His pride was hurt.


He had never been ashamed of his profession before, he felt humiliated for the first time.


The Duke of Debussy ran away quickly before Weaver could refuse.
Eventually, Weaver, who brought the money bag to his quarters, returned it back to the Duke of Debussy’s residence.


“She’s been lucky on the physical test, but the second test would not be underestimated.”


Weaver bit his lip and gave a small sneer.


“I hope she won’t cry in this exam.”


Lawrence, staring at him silently, lowered his gaze.


In the document that Weaver was looking at, the name of Filina, who was ranked 17th, was written.


In his opinion, Lady Debussy was not such an easy person.


At first glance, she seemed frail and frail like the other girls, but that was just his own wrong stereotype.


Perhaps Enoch had chosen someone who was similar to him.


The way she walked around with an unconcerned look on her face after setting such an amazing record was similar to Enoch.


She was definitely not an easy person, Lawrence thought.


Hearing a commotion outside the office, Lawrence turned and looked out the window.


Before he knew it, the second practical exam of the Military Academy was underway.


The instructor’s loud voice rang.


“Candidate number 131, please come forward.”


A small woman was seen walking into the large performance hall.
Her red hair that shook along her footsteps reflected in the sunlight and shone brightly.

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