The second practical exam was arranged randomly, not in the order of the examination numbers.
As Filina walked into the middle of the performance hall, the buzz of the candidates grew louder.


 “Examinee 131.
Are you ready?”


At the instructor’s words, Filina lightly swung the long sword in her hands.




The eyes of all the people were focused on her.
Every once in a while, she heard people talking about the sword that she was holding.


The sword she was holding was the one that Enoch had used.


At first, it was hard to bear the weight, but now that she had been trained, it didn’t feel so heavy.


One inconvenience, however, was the handle where the blade connected.
It was too thick for her small palm to comfortably wrap around it.


“Then we will begin the test.”


At the instructor’s voice, Filina braced herself, holding the sword pointed towards the front.


“If you give up, please shout abstention as soon as possible.”


She chuckled blankly at the instructor’s words that followed.
She couldn’t understand why he kept adding words that he didn’t say to the other students taking the test.


Filina clenched her teeth.


‘I will never run away.’


Even with the help of the potion ………she still had to pass this test.


Her life was too much at stake to question the right and wrong in this world.


What more can you hide when you don’t know when you will die right now?




Soon after, in a corner of the performance hall, a wild boar was seen running with excitement through the iron bars.


Its body was bigger than expected.
Its face had sharp fangs the size of a forearm, and bright red blood pooled over it.


Many candidates had already been injured by being stabbed by those fangs.There were many people whose lives were at stake in the third test.


One of the candidates who could not overcome the boar’s attack and bled profusely was eventually carried away on a stretcher.
She didn’t know where he went after that, dead or alive.
…… Also, she could not predict how many such people there would be.




A strange wailing sounded.
The boar stopped at a certain distance from Filina.


It seemed to be staring at her as if it was analyzing her.


It slammed the angry feet repeatedly on the ground with the momentum of rushing at any moment.


Filina calmed down and regulated her breathing, adding strength to the sword in her hands.


It would be better if she didn’t panic.


Since she took the potion, she could easily defeat the pig.


But she couldn’t hide her trembling fingers.


‘D*mn it!’


She got scared when she saw the boar running at her, letting out a loud cry.


As the boar got closer, she retreated without even realizing it.
But she couldn’t even look properly ahead and swung her sword ignorantly.


In a moment of weakness, the magnificent force pressing down on her caused her to fall backwards with a slam.
She looked truly awful, even if she thought to herself.




Strangely, however, there was a strange sense of desolation in the air.
It was of the wild boar that was about to pounce on Filina at any moment.


She didn’t know where it was going.


She lifted her head off the ground.


“…What the hell is this?”


She covered her mouth with her hand and coughed.
She couldn’t see straight ahead because of the swirling sand dust.


All the sand on the practice field was scattered in a jumbled mess.


She could hear the footsteps of the instructors hurrying around outside the bars.
The candidates who were watching were buzzing noisily.


“Examinee number 131! Answer if you’re still alive.”


She could hear the instructor talking loudly.
But they didn’t seem to be able to see Filina either.


She stood up and looked around, quietly examining the area.


“I’m alive, but…….”


‘What the hell is this?’


How could a single swing of the sword turn a performance hall upside down like this?


Filina was speechless with astonishment.
Perhaps the instructor did not hear her mumbling, he kept moving around outside.


At that moment, a huge gust of wind came from somewhere.


She covered her face with her arms and put all her strength into the legs that were supporting her, because of how fierce the wind was, she could have fallen if she was just a little bit careless.


Instead, the day after tomorrow that had disturbed the training ground was removed at once.


“Examinee 131, you passed the second practical test!


She heard someone shouting.


She slowly lowered the arm that was covering her face and looked ahead.


In the distance was a fallen boar, cut in half.


When she saw it, she automatically burst out laughing in vain.
Filina quietly looked down at her hand with a sword.
How strong was the potion?


The power was much greater than she expected.


“Now, let’s move to the third practical test.”


The instructor hurriedly proceeded with the next test.
The area was still in turmoil.


She saw three wild boars slowly walking out from a corner of the performance hall.


They were much larger than the one she saw earlier.


Their hard skin was bumpy.
Thier sharp fangs looked like brutal murder weapons.


Fortunately, they didn’t look any more agitated than the one earlier.


Instead, they brought a gloomy atmosphere.  She didn’t know when they were going to change, Filina was sweating profusely.


She held the sword in her hand up in front of her.


‘Please, let the test be over in a flash like before.’ She earnestly hoped.


The one in the middle of the three boars tapped the ground with its back foot.


It was a signal that it was about to pounce.


Filina kept her eyes peeled and glared at the boar from a distance.
She was definitely not going to bow down so easily this time.




Just as she’d expected, the one in the middle made a strange noise and immediately rushed at her.


Filina measured the boar’s distance, keeping a firm grip on the sword in her hand.
She looked to see in which direction it would move.


The one that looked like it was going to come right at her changed direction in the blink of an eye.
At the same time, the other two pounced quickly on Filina.


At first she panicked and couldn’t do anything, but when the boars finally came in front of her, she finally swung the sword diagonally.


With a strong wind, two wild boars were cut in half.
The remaining one then thrust its sharp fangs at Filina in an excited manner.


She quickly ducked and widened the distance from it.


A laugh broke out from between Filina’s lips.


She felt a little funny about her situation right now.


Struggling to stay alive against a mere boar….


Moreover, she came to the shadow of death by walking into it herself.


She died in even more horrible fear and pain than now, repeating her life five times in total.


In her first life, Ian Alvar had her sentenced to death.
(The Crown Prince)


Henry Argeny strangled her to death in her second life.


In her third life, she didn’t know who stabbed her in the back with a sword, but she had a general idea of who to expect.


There was only one person who had a sword grand enough to pierce through a person’s body at once, and at that time, the only person close to Filina was Henry Argeny.




Filina’s sharp blade swung through the wind.
She felt a tremendous force pressing down on her body, but she gritted her teeth and held on.


‘I won’t fall like I did before.’


‘I will never die easily in this life.’


Shewas going to survive persistently and get rewarded for her past life somehow, and she could taste the blood on her lips from how hard she had bitten them.
But she didn’t care, she wasn’t afraid of this.


All she wanted was to endure this moment.


The boar that had come at her disappeared without a trace with one quick swing from Filina’s sword.


Then a strong burning smell wafted into the vicinity.


“Examinee 131! You’ve passed the third practical test!”


With the instructor’s powerful voice, the test ended.




Filina breathed heavily and straightened her back.


The air around her was chilly and quiet.


She walked slowly, feeling the quietness of the atmosphere.


Her breathing was not consistent.


Her mind went blank and she couldn’t think of anything.


So she couldn’t even see the next examinee properly when he passed by her.


She felt a chill run through her, a chill that made her hair stand on end.


Filina’s steps came to a halt.


As she turned, she saw a man walking slowly into the testing area.


He was tall with broad shoulders, and soft silver hair that fluttered in the wind.
Filina’s hand naturally tightened.


Henry Argeny….


He was quietly waiting for his turn.
The atmosphere was naturally overpowering, even to the people watching him.


Her red eyes staring at him from afar.


Filina wanted to run to Henry right away and avenge Leon’s death.


His grave eyes were constantly reminding her of her past life.


She hated the way he looked at her after brutally killing Leon.


Her grip on the sword brought a faint tremble as her fingers twitched convulsively.


“The next examinee, number 078, will begin the second practical test.”


The instructor’s voice rang.


Henry’s eyes, which had been fixed on Filina, turned indifferently.


Filina forced her hardened feet to move.


“Wait a minute, sir! Instructor!”


At that moment, one of the candidates pointed at Filina and shouted.


“This is very strange! How can a woman kill three wild boars by herself? This doesn’t make sense!”


Her gaze shifted to the examinee protesting the instructor.
His face seemed very familiar.
He was a colleague of the man who had approached Filina during the physical exam.


“That’s right! I can’t believe that a woman would pass this test when men struggle and fight and fail it!”


“I agree with you! The woman should be investigated.”


Suddenly, everyone raised their hands and started protesting.


Filina stared at them with a stiff face.


“Everyone please be quiet.”


The low voice of the instructor could be heard.
The candidates who had been protesting loudly stopped talking.


“Candidate number 131, follow the instructor to the laboratory.”

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