It was a day when the dark night sky hung full.


The only light in the grassy space was from the full moon and countless starlights floating in the sky.


Somewhere in the corner, there was an old house.


The sound of sharp blades and the smell of blood came from within, making one raise an eyebrow.


“If you take one more step.”


Filina, who grabbed Cecilia’s golden wave hair, growled in a harsh voice.


“I’ll kill her.”


A sharp blade grazed Cecilia’s neck.
Her fingers began to shake.


Ian Albaar, who was gritting his teeth at the sight of them, had no choice but to call off all the actions of the Knights who had overpowered the rebels.




The voice did not come from far away.
Transparent tears trickled down the back of the hand that held the dagger.


They were the tears of Cecilia, whom Filina had taken hostage.


“Why did you betray me?”


Cecilia asked in a sad voice.


“…We were friends.”


Filina’s eyes touched Cecilia’s for a moment.
It was a very instantaneous moment.


She turned her gaze again, wary of the person who might jump on her at any moment.


Filina smiled briefly with twitching lips.




The knife she had placed on Cecilia’s neck added strength.


“Don’t make me laugh.”


Cecilia’s fragile skin tore, red blood dripping down.


Ian, who was watching the scene in front of him, glanced at Lawrence, who was quietly approaching behind Filina.


“Ha, but we’ve shared so much……”


Cecilia tearfully grasped Filina’s left arm in her hand.


Her face was already covered in tears.


“Then ……the stories you’ve told me so far.




“Were they all lies?”


It was as if the fact that Filina had betrayed her was more terrifying than the fear that she might die.
Cecilia’s voice was filled with grief, yet she didn’t want to accept the reality.


Filina, who had been looking down at Cecilia with an expressionless face, opened her mouth in a cold voice.


“Did you just realize that now?”


Filina examined Cecilia again, not expressing any deep emotion.


“We can never be friends.”


It was a fate that had been decided from the beginning.


The evil woman will easily betray the female protagonist and she will be effortlessly saved by the male protagonist.


This was why they could never be close.


“Filina, behind you….!”


At that time, Leon, who was lying in the distance, screamed loudly.
At the same time, someone struck Filina on the back.


Her face turned white as she choked, and she lost her balance.


After subduing her with a single blow, Lawrence forced Filina to kneel on the floor.




Ian quickly snatched Cecilia away from Filina.


The way he warmly embraced Cecilia as she cried sadly, it must have been the scene that the reader eagerly wanted to see.


“How shall we handle this, Crown Prince?”


Ian, who was holding Cecilia, turned at Lawrence’s question.


He stared silently at Filina, who was staring at him with her eyes filled with evil.


Filina had kidnapped the Crown Prince’s fiancée.
But that wasn’t enough, she had taken Cecilia as a hostage right in front of him.


This was a humiliation to the imperial family.
It was right that the rebellious Filina had to be removed from this place right now.
Even if she was lucky enough to get out alive now, she was a death sentence prisoner.


“Your Highness.”


Lawrence called Ian again.


Lawrence, who thought an order to kill Filina would be heard immediately, looked curious.
He couldn’t understand why the Crown Prince delayed the order.


Lawrence lowered his gaze and looked at Filina.


Even though he didn’t know when Filina’s head would fly away, the way she stared at him with a stern look was like a fierce beast that had jumped out of the wild.


A blue streak of blood protruding from the side of her pure white forehead was clear.


She was the eldest daughter of the notorious Debussy family, a woman who carried all the bad rumors.


Recently, there had been talk of her being close to Cecilia, but no one could ever imagined that she was planning such a kidnapping behind the scenes.


‘She must have been blinded by jealousy out of love for the Crown Prince.’


As he quietly gathered his thoughts that had unconsciously popped up, Lawrence suddenly lifted his eyes to Filina’s.


The look in her eyes was incredibly sharp.


‘Is that really the way she looks at someone she loves.’


It was just a fearful look filled with fire.


It was as if she was confronting an enemy.


Perhaps Ian must have felt her gaze as well.
His eyes, staring at Filina, were persistent, as if he was trying to find out what she was really thinking.




Ian lowered his head, gazing at the woman cradled against his chest.


Before long, the crying face was gone, and only the poor girl, stricken with great betrayal and despair, remained.


“You tell me…”




“What would you like me to do with Filina?”


Lawrence, who had been listening attentively to Ian, frowned reflexively.


Asking Cecilia meant that he had no intention of killing Filina right now, after all.


Because he knew better than anyone else the fact that Cecilia would never choose to kill.


“I, I…”


Cecilia was about to slowly parted her trembling lips, she saw a man who ran fearlessly at them.


Despite the fact that he was already bleeding badly from one of his arms that had been cut off, he rushed in to help only one person, Filina.


It was as if his life was meaningless.


“Oh, no…”


The moment Filina’s gaze shifted to him, a man with a black cloak around him swung a huge long sword at Leon.


The sound of the blade cutting through the wind blew.




In the end, he collapsed on the spot before he could get close to Filina.


All he could hear was Filina’s crying and screaming.


She wanted to run to him immediately, but a hand grabbed her tightly from behind, preventing her from moving.


“No……Leon! Please, please, please! You can’t die!!!! Ah…”


Leon fell to the ground and showed no movement.


A huge pool of blood had formed around the area where he had fallen.


“I won’t let you go!!! I’ll never…I’m not going to let you go!!!”


Filina shouted in a voice filled with rage.


The man in the black cloak, who was staring down at Leon, slowly turned around.


“Henry Argeny! I’m going to kill you! I’ll make sure I kill you!!!!”


Eventually, their gazes met.


He was the one who had cut off one of Leon’s arm, and the driving force behind Filina taking Cecilia hostage.


His numb eyes were staring at Filina.


Meanwhile, she shifted her gaze.
She stared only at Leon, who was killed because of her.


As Filina struggled violently, Lawrence, who was holding her from behind, became more and more perplexed.


Eventually, she bit his arm that was blocking her body.


Lawrence could not help but loosen his grip on Filina, who had bit him badly.


Seizing the moment, Filina rushed to Leon.


“……Leon, please, please, open your eyes, please.”


Filina sobbed, trying to block the blood that was running down Leon’s chest with her small hands.


But Leon didn’t move.


She placed a finger under his nose, but she couldn’t feel even the faintest breath.


Filina began to cry, shaking her head in disbelief.


Right behind her stood Henry.


In his right hand was a giant sword that killed Leon.


Henry stared at Filina, who was crying defenselessly in front of him.
Her nerves were focused solely on Leon.


She seemed to have forgotten that he was right behind her.


“I’m sorry, Leon.
I shouldn’t have dragged you here.
It’s all my fault……..”


It was a miserable sight, falling on his chest and shedding nothing but tears.
Filina’s tearful voice was laced with screeching.
If there was an angel in hell, it was probably her.




Leon’s blood seeped into her clothes, creating a red kindred spirit.


It was very similar to Filina’s red hair and ruby jewel-like eyes. 


Suddenly, the chill receded.
The chilly air swept through her body.

The sound of a sharp blade grazed her ears.
Filina stopped crying and slowly lowered her head.




Blood poured out of her mouth.


She felt suffocated.


The blade that pierced her stomach confused her dizzy mind.
Her body began to shiver as the cool cold air hit her.
Someone had stabbed Filina in the back.
It went through her stomach and brought the sharp silver light in front of her.


It was an image of a small crane engraved on the edge of the blade.


It was all she could see.


Before she could confirm who it was that had sent her to her death, Filina collapsed straight onto Leon’s body.


Everything faded away and was sucked into the darkness.


And so it ended her third life.






Filina’s eyes, which had been sleeping in a cold sweat, lit up at the sound of Laura’s voice.


“Are you alright?”


Her worried face was the first thing that came to mind.


Filina searched where she lay, her eyes moving silently.


“Did you have another nightmare?”


Laura’s warm hand touched her shoulder.


Carefully raising her upper body, Filina let out a small sigh as she realized for the first time that this was her bedroom.


Her head began to throb with pain.


It was a dream that had repeated itself so many times that she lost count of it.


“Laura, can I have some water?”


She said, and Laura poured some water into a clear glass and brought it to Filina.


“You don’t seem to be sleeping well lately, why don’t you see a doctor?”


Filina smiled at Laura’s concerned voice.


“I’m not going to die from this.
Don’t worry about it.”


“Young Lady, you haven’t eaten well for the past few days.
You’ve lost a lot of weight and there aren’t many dresses that fit.”


Laura took the cup that Filina gave out and began to nag.


She started by saying that Filina had to eat all her food today, without leaving any leftovers, and that she would go for a walk in the afternoon.


Saying that Filina was having nightmares because she didn’t get much sunlight.


“Laura, it’s noisy.”


Filina, who slowly got out of bed, murmured away.


She washed her face and wiped the water off with a white towel. 


“Where is my father now?”


“Master is in the study.”


Nodding at Laura’s words, Filina told her to make her dress as neat as possible. 


She didn’t want to offend him, and she didn’t want him to make any unnecessary accusations.
Because she was going to ask her father an important favor today.


An interesting request that could be a small stem of light in her weary life.

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