The demon’s form was very similar to a person of magnificent size.
It moved on both feet and attacked with both arms.


Filina’s hands that held the sword began to tremble.
Both of her legs were being pressed down incessantly by the enormous power of the demon.
She could feel Leon standing behind.




The demon’s cries rang loudly in her ears.


Filina was troubled for a while.
It was impossible for her to face this huge demon on her own, with only one collection of tests. 


Probably the same reason why Henry didn’t go into the fight recklessly was the same reason she was thinking now. 


She could see the demon raising its other hand high in the air, ready to attack her.
Her eyes raised up sharply.


New students should not draw their blades unnecessarily.
That was the discipline of the Swordsmanship Academy.
But was it still that important in the current situation?


Filina gripped her sword tightly, staring dryly at the demon’s arm standing in the air, slicing through the strong wind and coming down.


At that moment, a large hand shot out from behind Filina, wrapping around the longsword she was holding.




Taking the sword from Filina’s hand, Leon attacked the demon in the blink of an eye.


A sharp sound of wind blew, and the silver blade cut the thick skin of the demon.


However, the demon did not fall.
It jumped at Leon and let out a hair-raising cry.


Why in the world would the academy have such a powerful demon with them?


She really couldn’t understand it.


Filina dropped her gaze and stared at her empty hands.


All she had left now was the empty sword case.


For the first time, the longsword went to its owner, but things were not looking good.


The demon attacked Leon with its sharp claws.
He escaped the demon by jumping straight up and swung his sword at it again, but the solid demon’s body was not easily broken.


 The huge arm pushed Leon away hard, and his body hit the wall by the magnificent force. 


It was incomparably stronger than the demon that Filina had met the last time she went hunting.


She couldn’t stand still any longer.


Filina turned around and found Henry behind her She wondered how long he had been staring at her, and her gaze immediately collided with his purple eyes.


Filina walked irritably towards him.


“How long are you going to stay like that?”


Her nervous voice caused Henry’s eyebrows to contort.
Filina shouted once more with a grave expression on her face. 


“Why are you even here if you’re not going to help me! Are you teasing me right now?”


With Henry’s skills, he would have killed at least one of those things quickly.
However, it was frustrating that he didn’t even think to draw his sword.


If he didn’t plan to help in the first place, he should have just run away like the other students.


Filina glared at Henry, who was silently staring at her, and tried to reach for the sword at his waist.


“If you won’t help me, lend me your sword.”


Leon alone was in danger.
As for her, she was without a weapon, so she decided to take Henry’s sword.


But Henry blocked her hand and spoke in a low voice.


“If I pulled out my sword, it would be against the rules.”


Her face crumpled at Henry’s words, and Filina chuckled and said.


“What does that have to do with the rules? If you make a mistake, someone could die.”


Henry, whose eyes turned sideways for a moment at Filina’s words, asked in a low voice, 


“Do you know that man?”


It was a calm voice.
Right behind them was a situation where a demon and Leon were facing off.


Filina didn’t feel it was worth answering.
The first thing she had to do was to save Leon.


As her hand stubbornly tried to snatch Henry’s sword, his large palm covered the back of Filina’s hand tightly.


She could feel his hot body heat.


‘’I’ll do it.”


Spitting out those words, Henry let go of Filina’s hand that was holding his sword and quickly pulled it out.




The sound of the sharp blade cut through the void and echoed deafeningly.


Henry rushed and attacked the demon as he passed Filina.


 He stomped on the demon’s foot, jumped high above it, and swiftly swung his huge long sword.


 The demon’s body split in half and blood spurted out in all directions.


It happened in the blink of an eye. 


Filina stared blankly at Henry’s figure with a look of bewilderment on her face.


How could he kill a demon so easily when Leon couldn’t easily block it…..


It was only after the demon was killed that the instructors who were evacuating the cadets approached to examine the situation.


Not far from her, she saw Hugh, who was leaning against the wall and carrying out the situation.


Filina’s face crumpled.




The entrance ceremony ended vaguely due to the demon fiasco, and the instructors called the new students together to briefly go over important information.


The members of the Order were determined according to the entrance results, and Filina and Bessie were assigned to the 2nd Order.


Deputy Knight Commander Lawrence Winston was their superior.


After the entrance ceremony, there was a schedule to visit the Swordsmanship Academy.
However, due to the demon riot, the tour was canceled and they were told to go to their respective dorms and rest.


The demons were kept for training purposes at the academy, and one of the instructors went to the breeding grounds to give them some food, and some of them broke the restraining gate, and escaped outside.


Since the new students were not allowed to use swords, the instructor asked them not to leave the dormitory unless there was a special situation.


But Filina was in a hurry to get somewhere; she had to leave the dormitory.


After the battle with the demon, Henry and Leon were summoned to the interrogation room on the grounds that they had drawn their swords. 


With Filina’s sword in his hand, Leon followed the instructor.
Filina was not questioned because Leon took her sword.


Henry stared at the two of them, then followed the instructor.


With the way things had turned out, she couldn’t just stay cooped up in the dormitory like a complete stranger.


If they didn’t draw their swords, what would happen then?


But, discipline was more important than human life at the academy.


Filina’s expression tightened as she quickened her pace.


As she passed the annex building, the laboratory where the doping tests were conducted could be seen, then walk a little further, a smaller building appeared.


Filina looked up, took a quick look at the outside of the building, and walked inside.
As she opened the door made of glass, one of the instructors walked up and stopped her.


“Except for the person concerned, access is prohibited.”


Filina said, frowning.


“I witnessed the accident in the annex building.
I’m here to talk to you about the students who were called into the investigation room earlier.”


The instructor opened his mouth with a stern face even as she said so.


You must return to your dormitory immediately.”


At the sound of his determined voice, Filina tried to somehow convince the instructor again.


Just then, a large shadow came from behind.
Before she could turn around, the instructor in front of her opened his mouth in a stiff posture.


“Commander Weaver!”


Filina turned and looked.
She didn’t notice from a distance earlier, but Weaver, with his large stature and overwhelming atmosphere, was looking at her.


A red star-shaped badge was attached to the chest of his uniform, where the muscles were well established from long training.


She stifled a gasp at the heavy atmosphere that was difficult to encounter.
Weaver, who had been looking at Filina with an expressionless face, turned his head and asked the instructor, 


“As far as I know, there are two freshmen who have been called to the interrogation room.”


“Yes, that’s right!”


The instructor replied loudly to Weaver’s words, and Weaver turned his gaze to Filina again.


“Then who is the person in front of me now?”


Weaver’s eyebrows furrowed.


Filina watched him silently.


It was strange that the Commander of the Kingsguard, who held the highest rank, would come directly to meet the new students who had been summoned to the investigation room.


It seemed that he had already been told through another instructor who the students were that had been called.


Seeing that he knew for a fact that the two students the instructor mentioned were not her, he seemed to remember Henry, who boasted excellent grades in the entrance exam, and Leon, who showed an order of magnitude difference in ability from the other students even though he was a commoner.


Due to the commotin, he came to see the two students in person. 

His eyes, on the other hand, were somehow cold as he looked at Filina.


He walked past her, reciting in a cold tone.


“I don’t know since when the academy became a playground for anyone who wanted to come in.”


It was only when Filina saw Weaver’s actions that she understood.


It was clear that  he knew who she was.
Filina reflexively thought of her father. 


“Wait a minute!”


The instructor shouted furiously as Filina grabbed Weaver’s sleeve.


“Show the Commander some respect!”


Weaver heard what he said and raised his hand, stopping the instructor.


“No need.”


Weaver shook off Filina’s hand and spat out coldly.


“I have no intention of recognizing this person as a cadet.
That’s why I don’t want to be treated with courtesy.”


As Weaver said this, he immediately tried to enter a small room inside the interrogation room.
Filina, who was watching his back, spoke in a calm voice.


“The Swordsmanship Academy is quite different from the rumors known to the outside world, isn’t it?”


Weaver’s hand, which was about to turn the doorknob, stopped.
Filina spoke again with a distant look on her face.


“I was looking forward to seeing how many wonderful people are here.”


Weaver turned his head at her rude manner of speaking.
His sharp eyes stared at Filina.


She tilted her head at an angle and snorted low.


“The Commander must feel a sense of responsibility, mustn’t he? They say that only when the water above is clear can the water below be clear.”


Filina said in a sarcastic voice, and the instructor in front of her yelled at her.
But Filina just glared at Weaver without changing expression and shouted.


“It happened because the military academy couldn’t manage the building properly! Do you think it’s normal to hold the new students accountable for pulling out a sword in that situation?”


For them, it may have been an ordinary accident scene, but for the new students at the scene, it was a very dangerous moment.


On top of that, they didn’t even have swords at their disposal, and the instructors were of no help at the scene.


Still, it wasn’t enough that he had to take the new students to the investigation room, just because they had to pull out their swords.


It was like saying, “Don’t draw your sword, and die.”


Filina’s gaze shone fiercely as she stared at Weaver.

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