As Weaver stared into Filina’s red eyes, he reflexively thought of Gabriel.


‘Is she fearless because she resembles her father?’


Even so, it was certain that he would have borrowed someone’s hand to help his daughter to enter the school.
It was Gabriel, who even gave him (Weaver)  a bag of money to ask for a favor.


With that personality, he (Gabriel) would have approached someone else, not just him (Weaver). 


However, as Weaver looked into Filina’s angry eyes, I couldn’t help but feel strange.


She was truly angry at the Academy’s policies.


What was the reason? What could be the reason for a noblewoman to do such a cowardly thing and try to join the academy?


Weaver, who was staring at Filina silently, slowly opened his mouth.


“I don’t intend to hold the freshmen accountable.
It’s just a formal procedure.”


At his words, Filina still asked back with doubts.


“So, there is no special damage to the two people who have been called here?”


At Filina’s words, Weaver stared at her in silence for a moment.
His brow furrowed.


Weaver asked back in a low voice.


“Do you know the new students who drew their swords?”


“I only know them by face.”


“…And you came here to protest?”


He raised his lips in a low, snide grin.


“Lady Debussy, do you have a personality that is so interested in other people’s affairs? As far as I can tell, there wasn’t anyone in the Debussy family like that.”


Weaver openedly revealed he knew Filina.


Filina replied, her expression tightening.


“You know very well.
If it had been someone I didn’t know, I wouldn’t have gone this far.
But unfortunately, they’re acquainted with me, and I was the closest witness to the scene.”


If Henry, who was close to the person to the demon, attacked it early enough, she would not have interfered so much.


It was purely for Leon’s sake.
She didn’t care one bit about Henry.


Even if he had pulled the sword out by himself.


She didn’t want to be responsible.
It was just what people should do.


But Henry wasn’t one to follow a principle unless it was in his best interest to do so.


In the end, though, he listened to her.


Seeing Leon struggling with the demon but Henry killed it with only one strike of his sword made Filina feel even worse.



Filina spoke quietly as she looked at Weaver.


“Anyway, please keep your word that you will not hold the new students responsible.
Apart from the fact that the Commander doesn’t recognize me as a cadet, the commotion is not the fault of the new students.”


She then bowed her head politely.


“I’m sorry for being rude.”


While apologizing, Filina looked at Weaver with proud eyes.


Weaver stared at Filina as she turned away, then opened his mouth again just as she was about to open the door and walk out. 


“One moment.”


At the sound of his voice, Filina turned around with a suspicious look on her face.
Weaver spoke in a low voice. 


“Wait here.”


He quickly went into a small room inside the interrogation room.
Presumably that was  where Henry and Leon were being investigated for disturbance. 


Filina couldn’t understand Weaver’s true intentions when he suddenly told her to wait, but she didn’t think too deeply about it.


After closing the interrogation room, Filina went inside and sat down on the sofa on one side.
The instructor, who had initially forbidden her to enter the interrogation room, said nothing and returned to his seat. 




“Commander Weaver!”


As Weaver entered the small room inside the interrogation room, the two instructors who were in charge of Henry and Leon respectively stood up and greeted him. 


Weaver nodded at the familiar faces and strode over to the seat where Henry was sitting.
Weaver’s gaze, which was looking down lightly at the papers the instructors had been looking at, looked sharply at Henry. 


Beautiful eyelashes stood above purple eyes.
In contrast to his sharp face, the shape of his muscles that appeared firmly on his uniform caused a strange sense of oppression. 


There were various kinds of demons managed by the military school.
In general, the demons used by cadets in training were those with a variety of powers from upper to lower levels.


However, the demons that escaped the breeding grounds this time were not the ones that were saved for the training of the students.


There was only one reason why the instructors chose to evacuate the students as their top priority instead of dealing with the demons directly.


Even with their abilities, it would not have been easy for them to deal with the demons.


However, what the instructor could not do, the new student in front of him ended the entire situation with a single strike of his sword.


It was astonishing.


The intermediate level demon that had caused the ruckus this time was one that had been kept for research purposes and had been given a special drug for half a month straight.


It should have been an absolutely formidable opponent, even for an instructor who had graduated from the Academy with excellent grades.
Weaver shifted his gaze and flipped through the document file. 


There was a brief information about Henry and the situation where he confronted the demon was clearly stated in detail.


Below that followed a brief question about why he had drawn his sword.
Weaver took a quick look at the section where Henry’s response was written and frowned.


[I don’t have any.]


He thought there would be a formal answer why Henry drew his sword, but only a few letters were written that there was no reason.


Still, Henry seemed to have answered the other questions in good faith, but for some reason, this was the only part he was overly indifferent to.


Weaver quickly got to his feet and walked over to Leon, who was undergoing another investigation on the other side.


Immediately, the instructor handed him a stack of papers and he read it carefully.


Like Henry, the answers were for the most part polite, stopping at one part when Weaver’s eyes went down the papers methodically.
To the question asking why he had drawn his sword, Leon gave an odd answer.


[I drew the sword to prevent the demon from attacking me.]


So far, this was a formal answer.
Henry would have passed it without much thought if he wrote a normal response like this.


[The sword I used was mine.]


Weaver looked carefully at Leon’s final answer.
The instructors didn’t ask him about the sword, so it was questionable why Leon had given such an answer.


Of course, new students were not allowed to draw swords unnecessarily, so it was not common for them to wear longswords unless it was a wooden sword that the academy prepared for them, but that did not mean that it was not possible at all.


As such, the instructor didn’t seem to have any particular questions about the sword, but Leon mentioned it as if emphasizing that it was his sword but no one else.


Weaver raised his eyes.
Then the jet-black pupils immediately came into contact.
But Leon’s gaze naturally drifted downward, leaving only dark shadows in its wake. 


His face was half hidden by a dark mask.
Weaver asked in a low voice. 


“May I ask why you wear a mask?”


At his words, Leon’s dark eyes from deep space reappeared.
His tightly closed lips slowly opened.


“…I have a large scar on my face.”


“A scar?”




Weaver’s eyes penetrated deep into the mask and stared at Leon’s face.
Leon, who had been quietly facing Weaver’s gaze, kept his eyes downcast again and maintained his silence.


Weaver asked the instructor who was nearby.


“How do you plan to handle this incident?”


His question was immediately followed by the instructor’s answer.


“I have decided to give each new student who violates the discipline of the Academy a minus one point.”


It was the score for each team of knights they belonged to.


If a new student also gets a negative score from the start, they will be hated tremendously by their peers and seniors of the same affiliated team.


In fact, giving them a minus one point, despite the fact that they broke the discipline of the academy, was giving a lot of consideration to the students.


Originally, more points would have been deducted than that.


“So, there is no special damage to the two people who have been called here?”


Weaver reflexively remembered what Filina had said.


Actually, it was an accident for which there was no need to hold the new students responsible.


However, various talks would come from the outside if they didn’t give them even the minimum number of point deduction in the disciplinary violation.


It was a formal procedure.


Weaver looked at Leon.


He wanted to know what could possibly happen that would cause Lady Debussy to tangle with a commoner.


Most nobles insulted and ignored commoners and the lower classes.


Such proclivities manifested themselves more prominently in the Debussy family in particular.
Just looking into Gabriel’s eyes was enough for Weaver to tell how he viewed the people below him.


Now, how could she, the daughter of the Duke of Debussy, know a commoner? 


“Do you know the red-haired* freshman……?” (*Filina) 


At Weaver’s question, Leon’s dark eyes raised up.


Weaver had a vaguely interesting look on his face.


It was not only because of Leon, but also because of the other gaze that followed him like a magnet from behind.




Filina paused as she and Weaver walked into the office.
This was because as they entered the building, she saw familiar faces in front of two desks.


They stood up and greeted Weaver.
Then, they threw a glance at Filina.


The team leader of the 1st Knight Order, to which Leon belonged, was none other than the man who had supervised her during the entrance exam.
He was the one who had sent Filina and several other students to the laboratory.


Filina glanced at the name tag placed on the man’s desk.


On it, the name Carmen Geller was written in small letters.


Then she saw Lawrence standing with a decent posture next to him.


Their uniforms had a golden star-shaped badge on them.
Only the rank of Deputy Knight Commander was allowed to wear it.


The Swordsmanship Academy was conducted on a thorough merit basis.


From the 1st Knight Order to the 5th Knight Order, affiliation was determined according to the results of the entrance exam, and the 1-2nd Knight Order, which had the most outstanding ability, was handled by Lawrence and Carmen, who had the rank of Deputy Knight Commander.


The remaining 3-5 Knight Orders were in charge by instructors who were selected under strict criteria and facilitated the classes of the Academy.


At every event, the vice commander would combine the work of instructors and supervisors.


They were the only two who used the same building as the leader, which sometimes meant a distance from the other instructors.


Filina greeted them with a slight bow of her head and followed Weaver into the office.

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