eceive the money Duke Debussy offered.”


Filina burst into a faint laugh at his answer.


“No ypu didn’t.
I’m very sorry.
Since it came to this anyway, I think it would have been better if you took it.”


“…I don’t understand what the hell you’re talking about.”


As Weaver spoke in a low voice with a firm expression, Filina, who had straightened her upper body, tilted her head.


“At the very least, the Commander should have given my father back his bag of money right then and there.
Without the slightest bit of slip.”




“The place you two were in was a busy place, with lots of people watching, and I’m sure the Commander checked the bag that my father offered.”


Weaver’s eyes opened wide at her words.
Then Filina shrugged lightly as she added.


“I meant that it’s useless for the Commander to send the bag of money to our residence later.”


“You can’t be………are you accusing me of being an accomplice?”


 Blue veins protruded from his forehead.
Filina, who was staring at it, said leisurely, folding her eyes in half.


“I heard that the Commander really cares about the Swordsmanship Academy.”


Her elaborate voice flowed through the desolate space.


“You don’t want to quit the academy you love so much, do you?”


“Are you threatening me now!”


Weaver shouted, slamming the desk hard with his fists.
But Filina opened her lips without changing expression.


“The decision is yours, Commander.”


She turned and left the office without hesitation.
Weaver’s eyes looking at Filina’s back were severely distorted.


His clenched fists on the desk trembled.




The next day, the new students started their classes in earnest.
Filina started by getting up at dawn and running around the spacious training ground.


The seniors had already gone for breakfast after running around the playground.
Lawrence purposely placed Filina and Bessie in the middle of the gathering of students. 


Whenever their speed slowed down even a little, the pressure blowing from behind them forced them to move their feet.
It was no mean feat to match the man’s speed.
But she gritted her teeth and ran. 


There was sweat on her forehead, but she didn’t care.
It was because of the words Weaver had spoken yesterday, and for no reason, she was stubborn.
After the run was over, they all headed to the cafeteria.
Filina also tried to walk with Bessie. 


“Sir Debussy.”


She heard a voice calling her from behind.
Turning her head, she saw Lawrence standing in the distance and beckoning her to come.
The Swordmaster’s Academy gave the designation “Sir” to all students unless there was a separate rank.


Also, the writer of the original ‘Cecilia’s Flower’ gave a great deal of meaning to the appellation.
Such a setting had also begun at the Sword Academy.
Filina told Bessie to go to the cafeteria first and then approached Lawrence. 


“You wanted to see me, Vice-Commander?”


At her question, Lawrence said in a calm voice.


“I called for you because I was curious about something.”


Lawrence’s blue hair and light blue eyes shone beautifully in the sunlight.
For some reason, he scratched his forehead with a troubled face and slowly opened his lips.


 “What did you talk to the Commander about yesterday?” 


“The Commander?”


Lawrence nodded as Filina stared at him.


“The Commander has been looking unwell since Sir Debussy dropped by his office yesterday.”




“He has never been a person who laughs a lot, but he always keeps his composure, but somehow yesterday he looked terribly angry.”


Lawrence asked her with a strange look on his face.


“Did something happen yesterday?”


Filina, who was listening to him with a casual face, shrugged her shoulders and replied.


“I don’t know.
I’m not sure.”


Somehow, Lawrence was convinced without a doubt.


Suddenly, Filina found herself walking to the cafeteria with him.


“Didn’t you have a hard time practicing this morning? Sir Bessie and Sir Debussy seem to have a harder time with physical training than the rest of the cadets.”


Lawrence sometimes worried about Filina and Bessie during practice.


He didn’t want to exclude them from training simply because they were women, but he was aware of their condition and told them if they had a hard time they could tell him at any time.


“Yes, it was fine.”


Lawrence smiled faintly at her answer.


“I’m glad.
Let me know if there are any inconveniences in the practice.
I pay attention, but there may be something I miss.”


“Yes, I understand.”


“But that doesn’t mean you should give up without trying properly. 

Try to keep up with your practice as much as you can, and if you feel like dying, then call me.”


Instead of answering, Filina turned her head and looked at Lawrence.
His hair, calm and subdued, was flying in the wind. 


He seemed to favor her somehow.




She tried to think of a reason, but nothing in particular came to her mind.


The last time she saw Lawrence Winston was only the third lifetime, when she took Cecilia hostage.


The reason his favors had not been pleasant was due to the memory of that day.


Of course, before, whenever Lawrence looked at her, he gave her a nasty look like she was this wicked woman who bothered his lord.


She didn’t care because she didn’t have much to do with him.


There were plenty of people who looked at her that way anyway.


Perhaps, she was caught like a fool because he was not wary of him in her third lifetime.


It was purely because of Lawrence’s quiet approach from behind when she let Cecilia, her hostage, go.
Filina’s dry eyes looked  straight ahead.
She could feel Lawrence’s eyes staring at her from the side.

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