uctor’s job?”


Filina spat out with an annoyed face.


When someone tried to harass her during the physical exam, the instructor just watched the situation peacefully.


“We’ll get in trouble if we fight the wrong ones.”


Bessie shrugged and continued.


“You know Sir Filina.
All the people who argued with me were children of nobles.
So, unless there is solid evidence, the instructors will not be able to act freely.”


“That’s why it’s so frustrating.”


Filina bit her lower lip gently.
If that was the reason, she was embarrassed to open her mouth in front of Bessie anymore.


Because she was also a noble.


Perhaps, she did not know that she was receiving the benefits of the military academy without realizing it. 


“Sir Bessie, if this happens again, be sure to tell me.”


Filina looked back at Bessie and said.


“There are only two women here.
If something happens to Sir Bessie, it will be very difficult for me too.
The reason I’m adjusting to this place quickly is because I have Sir Bessie.
You know what I mean?”


Bessie, who had a surprised expression on her face as if she didn’t know that Filina would say that, nodded her head slightly.


“Thank you.
I’ll tell you if anything happens in the future.”


The two walked to the dormitory and shared more small talk.
Then in front of the dormitory, she saw someone standing there.


Filina passed by and glanced at him.
It was Leon.
She tried to pass him by without much expression, but….


Leon approached and called her carefully.




Filina turned her head.
Filina looked at the two and said.


“I’ll go in first.”


Bessie took a step forward, and Filina looked at Leon as if asking what was going on.


Somehow he couldn’t open his lips right away with a hesitant face.

Then, as if thinking of something, he asked her.


“Did you get scolded a lot by the instructor?”




Somehow Filina had forgotten that the archery class was with the 1st Order.


She felt a rush of shame.


It seemed that all the cadets had watched her fight.


“Oh, I didn’t get scolded much.”


She answered with an awkward smile.
She looked at Leon with a face asking if that was all.


It was embarrassing.
So, she tried to get out of this place as quickly as possible.
But Leon still had more to ask.
Then, very carefully, he parted his lips.


“Well, come to think of it, I didn’t tell you my name.”


“Your name?”


When Filina looked at him with a puzzled expression, Leon nodded and made eye contact with her.


“I’m Leon.
If you don’t mind, may I ask your name?”


Filina responded with a small smile at his polite voice.


“I’m Filina.
Filina Debussy.”


Leon silently repeated her name.
It was an action to remember Filina’s name.


She looked at him quietly, and asked if she could leave, and Leon nodded.
Only then did Filina pass him by.


As she walked into the dormitory, she suddenly stopped and looked back.


Leon had already left the building and was walking towards the training room.


“……name should be okay, right?” 


Filina muttered softly and took off her steps again.




After dinner at the dining room, after a while, Filina wet to the training room.


The training room was open 24 hours a day so that cadets could practice freely at any time, but there were more senior knights who were preparing for promotion exams than freshmen.


And she saw a familiar face….


Tak- Tak-!


Henry was the only one hitting the wooden sword in the corner of the training room.


His condition seemed to have improved, but his skin was still pale.


‘He probably didn’t go to the infirmary.’


He was like that in his previous life.
At least once a year, he was seriously ill but never went to the clinic.


After staring at Henry for a moment, she turned her head indifferently.


She walked to an empty corner in the training room, put on her gloves, and put on weight bands on her wrists.




As she swung her wooden sword into the air, a sharp wind blew.
Filina gripped the handle of the sword more tightly and repeatedly struck down the wooden post.


She kept her posture straight and moved only with the muscles in her arms.


The focused eyes glowed red.
Precise hand gestures drew straight lines at regular intervals.


As time went on, as the weight became more familiar, Filina increased the number of weight bands.


What was most disadvantageous to her was her strength.
It took more effort and practice because her muscles didn’t build as easily as men.


However, Filina scored a more accurate target than others.
The location where the wooden sword was hitting was always the same, and the interval and speed were constant.


As time passed, the cadets began to leave one by one.


Normally, Filina would practice until midnight and then go back to her dorm.


However, Henry was still there, so she couldn’t leave the training room because of a strange feeling.


After a while, only Filina and Henry remained in the training room.
The time passed one o’clock in the morning.
Filina put down her wooden sword for a moment and picked up a water bottle.
Cool water flowed down her throat.


tuck – tuck


In the meantime, the sound of wooden swords clashing constantly echoed from one side.


Her eyes looked at Henry standing in the corner.
It was the same as she first saw it, it was a posture without the slightest disturbance.


He continued to focus on training so much that she wondered when he was going to take a break.

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