A freshman from the 1st Order was running from a distance with a pale face.


Birds of bizarre shape chased after him and hit his head as they passed.


He scrambled the bow he was holding in his hand over his head.


The large birds pulled back for a moment and then attacked the cadet with both legs.


He fell to the floor by the dizzy flapping of its wings.


Unfortunately, the direction he ran in was where Filina’s team was.


Leon, who had Filina tightly locked in his arms, stopped the bird from attacking him with the bow in his hand.


Then he loosened his arms around Filina and quickly hid her behind him.
He pulled out an arrow from the round barrel that he was wearing on his shoulder and pulled the bowstring sharply.


Leon’s arrow quickly flew through the air and landed right in the bird’s chest.
The creature with a strange appearance fell to the floor.


However, immediately another bird ran towards him.


Leon attacked the bird in the same way.
There was no gap in the figure of the bow string being pulled at regular intervals.


However, he had too many opponents to kill.


Filina was also standing behind Leon and smashing the birds that attacked her with a wooden sword.


So did Henry and Bessie, who were not far from her.


There was no bottom and there was no end.
They couldn’t understand where the hell did these bizarre birds come from.


“Ahhh, please save me!”


At that time, the cadet who ran in Filina’s direction was helpless with the bow in his hand being taken away by a bird.


The arrowheads were scattered randomly on the floor.


To prevent the birds from attacking, he covered his head with both hands and his whole body trembled.


Filina turned her gaze and called for Henry, who was closest to the cadet.


“Sir Argeny! Help him!”


However, Henry didn’t respond.
He just repelled the birds that attacked him.


Henry’s hand holding the wooden sword was very precise and quick.


If Filina only used the wooden sword to block the bird’s attack, he cut the bird’s body with a single gesture.


Because the wooden sword has a blunt tip, when attacking the opponent, there was a limit.
But he found the enemy’s weakness

and quickly killed the birds with strong force.


Also, the way the wooden sword moves was quite consistent, which made the situation seem relaxed.


Nevertheless, he did not seem to have any intention of saving a cadet who was in danger.


The face that clearly heard what Filina was saying but didn’t show any expression was very annoying.


She knew that if it was Henry’s skill, it would have been more than enough to save the cadet.


He would have known it himself.
However, Henry felt bothered to save others.


Filina felt disgusted with his exclusive attitude.
The twisted emotions accumulated for Henry leaked out.


“That wretched man.”


Leon turned and looked at Filina at her swear words.


But without even thinking of correcting her words, she glared at Henry, who was a distance away from her.
Then she shifted her gaze to the cadet who was sitting on the floor.


“It’s dangerous, Sir Debussy.”


Leon glanced at her and muttered in a low voice.


“Don’t fall away from me.”


Leon, noticing that Filina was estimating the distance between her and the cadet far away, whispered quietly.


His hands were still pulling the bowstring in quick motion.


Filina, who was quietly looking at Leon, shifted her gaze forward again and swung her wooden sword at the birds that were flying towards her.




A large bird fell to the floor.


Filina spat out in a calm voice.


“The person who is most at risk right now is not me, but the poor cadet over there without a weapon.”


It could have been a useless joke.
It was difficult to block the attack of the flocks of birds rushing right in front of her.


But she didn’t want to be the same person as Henry.


These d*mn birds weren’t wary of people.




The cadet’s arms wrapped around his head were covered in red blood.


Birds ripped the skin off his arms with their sharp hook-like paws.


Then they parked on a tree and swallowed the flesh of the cadet they just took off as if it were food.


Cannibal birds.


No, to be precise, they were monsters.


Where the hell did they come from?


Carmen and Lawrence did not mention the monsters separately.
So, this was supposed to be a forest at a level that would not be too difficult for even a freshman to train.


However, she couldn’t understand how such monsters appeared out of the blue.


Filina stopped the bird that was rushing in front of her with her wooden sword and ran to the cadet.


Then she felt Henry glance back at her.
Either way, Filina chased the birds attacking the cadet with her wooden sword.


“Are you okay?!”


She shouted at the cadet, but he was burying his face in his lap and swallowing a cry.


The birds had pulled out his hair, and his skin was exposed in several places.


“Calm down and tell me where these birds came from!”


Filina quickly slashed her wooden sword, striking the bird’s head.
The bird fell to the ground and flapped its wings.


The cadet wept and shook his head.


“I, I don’t know.
I was just looking for the berries, and these birds rushed in.” 


At his words, Filina reflexively recalled what Carmen had said.


“You must not touch the other fruits in the Wind Forest.”


She frowned and looked at the cadet.


“Are you sure you picked the right fruits?”


There was nothing in his hands.


Filina lowered her gaze further.
The pockets of his trousers were protruding roundly.


“… … Well, because it was so pretty.”


At the words that came out of the cadet’s mouth, Filina regretted coming to rescue him.


‘I should just leave him be.’


She opened her mouth with a dry face.


“The vice commander told us not to touch other fruits.
Did you forget?”


“Sorry, I’m sorry… .”


The cadet burst into tears and pulled something out of his pocket.


It was an oval-shaped fruit with rainbow colors.
It was definitely a pretty color enough to dazzle people.


However, that wasn’t the problem.


As soon as the fruit appeared in front of them, the birds began to attack violently.
Not only that, but the birds who were attacking Bessie, Leon, and Henry also flocked to Filina’s place.




The wooden sword in Filina’s hand was caught by the birds.
The sharp hooks that looked like the claws of an eagle had a huge grip.


She tried her best not to lose her wooden sword, but it was in vain.
A bird took Filina’s wooden sword and flew away.


“Sir Filina! Keep your head down!”


Bessie’s voice was heard.
Filina quickly bent down and an arrow flew over her head.


“Ahh! help me!”


The cadet bowed his head and chased the birds flying overhead with his hands.


Filina also stopped the birds that flew towards her, and looked at the fruit in his hand.


That was the problem.
The birds were looking for the fruit he had picked.
Now, she could feel the sweet scent of fruit juice flowing finely in the space tangled in the grass.


Just then, a large shadow passed over Filina’s head, and someone quickly grabbed her wrist.


A solid back appeared in front of Filina.


“If you don’t want to die, stay still.”


Henry swung his wooden sword with the other hand with a dry voice.
The birds that rushed at him flew backwards with a sharp wind.


Filina looked down at my wrist grabbed by Henry.


Several arrows were seen passing over her head.
She didn’t know it was Bessie and Leon’s.


Filina bit her lower lip softly.


She was in a situation where she was getting help from Henry.


Filina tried to force her wrist out, but he squeezed her hand tighter, as if he had no intention of letting go.


She quietly stared at Henry’s back, then turned her head to look at the situation around her.
Birds with a strange appearance kept flocking to the cadet, and the main target was the fruit in his hand.


‘Then, should I get rid of that?’


Filina looked carefully at the fruit the cadet had caught.


She needed to be careful.
The only way to get rid of the fruit was to burst it or cut it off with a wooden sword or bow.


So, will the birds retreat?


But if they were just rushing to eat the fruit, it might have been even more dangerous.
If the juice splashed, they could smell it, and they might run wild even more.


If so, she had no choice but to run away after putting the fruit in one place so that it did not burst.
When they lose sight of their target, they might leave.


Filina found a bow and an arrow barrel lying nearby.
It seemed to be the weapon of the cadet that had been taken away by the birds.


On the other hand, she did not know where her wooden sword had disappeared.


She pondered for a moment, then made up her mind and said to Henry.


“Let go of my hand.”


“Are you trying to act on your own again?”


He said, sharply slashing his wooden sword.
Then Filina replied with a twisted eyebrow.


“I’ll fight you, so let me go!”


At her words, Henry’s purple eyes glanced at her.


When his hands loosened, she quickly turned around and picked up the bow and arrow that had fallen on the floor.


Henry, looking at Filina like that, tilted his head at an angle and asked.


“I know you are not very good at archery, are you okay?”


She looked at him with an annoyed face.


Henry made eye contact with her with an expressionless face, then swung his wooden sword at the birds that flew towards him.




Birds burned with a roar.


Filina looked at the scene and wrinkled her nose.
Then she took an arrow from the barrel she was carrying on his shoulder and put it in her bow.


She said to Henry.


“At least, this would be less humiliating than getting help from Sir Argeny.”


Filina reached out and aimed at the target, then pulled the bowstring.
When she let go of her hand, a sharp arrow quickly hit the front and flew away.




There was a light breeze.


A bird rushing to attack Filina was hit by a sharp arrowhead and fell straight down.


She parted her lips with a puzzled expression.


“What… … … ? Why am I suddenly good at shooting?”

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