Henry who moved with her, but now wasn’t the time to calculate.


Filina looked up at the sky.
The yellow bird that Carmen had sent was nowhere to be seen.


If it was watching, it should have already reported to Carmen and Lawrence right away about Filina’s team.


Filina turned her head and looked at the spot where she had passed the swordsmanship academy.


A quiet stillness lingered among the tangled bushes.


There was no call.
Had they known their situation now, the instructors would have rang the bell sooner to signal to the cadets to return.


Filina hurried her steps with a cold face.
Then, suddenly, she asked with a puzzled face. 


“So, who took that freshman?”


It was a late question.
Filina, who was dragged away by Henry, suddenly remembered the freshman who was left behind.


“Do you not know who made us suffer right now?”


She frowned and replied.


“Who am I to blame? In the end, it was our luck that we got involved in something like this.”


“We were lucky enough to avoid it.
If you had ignored the freshman in the first place….”


Filina laughed at his cold voice and asked.


“Did you know that that person was a member of the 1st Order? It will also affect the scores of each team.”


“It doesn’t matter.”


It was a dry answer.
Filina looked at Henry with a slightly distorted expression.


Yes, that’s right.


Henry wouldn’t need to go out anyway.


It would be more hell for him to go home.


Filina looked back for nothing, hoping that the freshman who was left alone had escaped safely in the other direction. 


Where else is there a vain dog death, as much as being bitten to death by birds?


As someone who has already experienced such a dog death, she sincerely worried about the freshman.


When Filina turned her head back to the front, she hit her forehead against Henry’s broad back.


It was because Henry, who was walking forward, suddenly stopped in the middle.


She asked with a frown.


“Why did you stop all of a sudden?”


At the same time as she asked that question, a small echo was heard from the floor.
Then, suddenly, the ground shook violently, like an earthquake.


Filina unknowingly grabbed the hem of Henry’s robe while trying to keep her balance, and he naturally grabbed her waist.


Henry wrapped his arm around her waist tightly to protect Filina from falling.


Then, as if at some point, the earth rumble stopped.


When Filina felt Henry’s hand tightly wrapped around her waist, Filina groaned and tried to remove his hand.


As she was about to forcibly shake off Henry’s hand that was much larger than her own, goosebumps suddenly appeared on her forearm.
The cold air passed.
She trembled in a chill of unknown meaning.


Filina turned her head forward only later.
As time passed slowly, there was only a quiet sound of breathing.


Henry was already silently staring at something in front of him.


“… what is it?”


Filina’s eyes widened in disbelief.


Through the dark grass, a huge bird covered in black was looking at them.
The cool air washed over them.


Fortunately, the location of the bird was somewhat far from where they were standing.


However, with one big flap of its wings, it seemed to be able to catch up with this distance very quickly.


The trees that stretched out thickly and the bird, which was comparable in size, had a tremendous sense of pressure that could not be compared with those they had fought earlier.


Perhaps, those birds earlier disappeared because of this giant bird’s existence.


Her heart was pounding like crazy.
A feeling of extreme fear came over her.


“Sir Debussy.”


Henry’s low voice was heard.
She couldn’t even think of answering, just staring at the monster in front of her.


Then Henry parted his lips once more.


“What are you going to do?”


Then Filina turned her head and looked at him.




As she asked what he meant, Henry asked Filina quietly, looking into her eyes.


“I’m asking if you want to run away or fight back.”


“… fight? Against that monster?”


Filina pointed at the monster with her hand and asked with a blank face.
Then Henry, who was looking at her quietly, suddenly said something completely different.


“I have never seen such an expression before, Sir Debussy.”




“Now, are you afraid of that monster?”


Henry looked at Filina with curious eyes.
Filina’s face, looking at Henry, was distorted as if she had heard an absurd sound. 


‘Do you call that a question? There is a monster that looks like an intermediate level or higher right in front of you, isn’t it more strange to have a rather casual face?’


Moreover, Henry was holding her tightly, the distance between them was so close that they could even feel each other’s breath.


When Filina turned her head forward again, the monster that had barely moved in front suddenly spread its wings wide.


At the same time, a strong wind blew.


Filina took a deep breath and stepped back.


The monster flapped its wings as if it was about to take off.
The strong wind moved the grass and dust around it.


Henry released the hand that had wrapped around Filina’s waist, and immediately grabbed her hand.


A warm feeling passed through her skin.


“… … First, let’s run away.”


Henry exhaled in a soft voice and started running in the opposite direction with Filina.
The monster flew up to the sky in an instant, knocking down all the tall trees.


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