His blunt expression clearly showed that he wasn’t in a very good mood.


“Wow, thanks to Sir Filina, I got a good grade.” 


At the sound of Bessie’s voice, Filina turned her gaze away from Carmen and looked at Bessie.


“Thank you for your hard work.”


Bessie turned to Filina and patted her shoulder.


With this, the score of each team, which received a negative score in the last archery class, was made up to some extent.


Also, Bessie and Leon were able to avoid supplementary classes by giving the fruit of hallucinations at a leisurely pace.


Filina turned her head and looked at the place where the 1st Order had gathered.
It wasn’t that difficult to find Henry among many freshmen.


Filina’s red iris staring at him went dry.


Ignoring her words to go to the infirmary immediately, Henry was stubborn and returned to his seat with a pale face.


He did not go to the hospital in his past life.
It was because of bad habits that were instilled in him at a young age.


Once a year, there was a day when Henry, who had always suffered from a bad cold, was ill for a longer time than usual.


So he canceled all training at the Imperial Palace and had to stay in his room all day.
The Duke of Argeny came to Henry’s room for the first time that day and checked on his condition.


Actually, as a father, finding his son wasn’t that big of a deal.


Moreover, the Duke of Argeny found out later than the other servants that Henry was ill.
He had come to Henry’s room to see if even it was an excuse not to receive training.
But Henry was quite happy to see his father’s face after two months.


Henry, who lost his mother at a young age and missed his parents very much, worked hard to get his father’s attention.


Not going to the hospital was purely a means to get his father’s attention.


It was foolish of Henry to think that his father might care about him even a little if he was more ill.
However, the Duke of Argeny did not knock on Henry’s door again after that day.


When he heard that Henry was ill through the servant, he just kicked his tongue out saying that Henry was weak.
As time passed and thoughts grew, Henry no longer wanted his father’s love.
Rather, he hated him for having killed his mother.


However, the personality of not visiting the infirmary since childhood seemed to have become a habit.


So, it wasn’t the first time in her second life that Filina forced Henry to go get treatment.
It wasn’t as difficult as she thought to instill faith in him.
Henry, who lacked affection, was easily moved by the tasteless porridge she had cooked.


At that moment, a medical instructor approached Lawrence.
It was to take the cadets who had been attacked by monsters.


The instructor put the cadet, who was unable to move alone, on a stretcher and checked the wounds.


Filina turned her head again and looked at Henry.
Even from a distance, his face was not in good condition.


As she watched the scene, Filina raised her hand high after thinking for a moment.




Everyone in the training room looked at her.


“What is going on, Sir Debussy?”


Carmen asked in a low voice, and Filina opened her mouth with a calm face.


“Sir Argeny was overworked during training.
The instructor came from the infirmary, so I thought it would be good if you could check on Sir Argeny’s condition as well.”


Henry didn’t want to go to the infirmary anyway.
So it was better to publicly announce his condition now.


Of course, this wasn’t because she was worried about Henry.
It was simply because she remembered the moment when he was almost in danger in the fight against the monster.


No one knew how the fight would have turned out if Filina had not taken the potion.


Henry’s condition got worse as time went on, and when she returned from the fight, even his breathing was erratic.


She hated him enough to want to kill him, but it would be futile if she took on him when he was sick.


At least, she wanted to break him with her own hands.


She wanted Henry to suffer because of her, not illness.


He would not dare to get sick or die at will.


“I will check it out.”


Lawrence walked to where the 1st Order were and looked for Henry.


After the instructor sent the cadet on the stretcher to the infirmary, he walked to where Henry was standing.


“Your fever is high.
You need to go to the infirmary right now.”


Lawrence, who touched Henry’s forehead, said with a serious expression.
The medical instructor also looked at his condition and nodded.


Henry frowned and looked at where Filina was standing.
She only met his purple eyes with an indifferent face.


“I will go on my own.”


Henry said politely, refusing the instructor’s hand to support him.
Then the instructor asked if it was okay for him to walk, Henry nodded instead of answering.


He took a step slowly.


It looked as if he was about to collapse at any moment, but Filina knew that Henry would walk well to the infirmary with a straight mind.


Like it had been so far.


He had never needed anyone else’s help.
To be precise, it was unfamiliar to him.


Since he was not in the hands of his parents from an early age, he had to learn how to do everything with his own hands.


Filina, who was quietly moving her gaze along the direction Henry was moving, collided with someone else’s gaze from a distance.


The jet-black pupil seen through the black mask was silently staring at Filina.


Leon found the messed up scene in the Wind Forest, and had a bewildered face.
Henry was drenched in cold sweat as if he was about to collapse, and Filina’s clothes and hair were a mess from fighting the monster.


Bessie was a bit surprised to find them too, but Leon, who always maintained his composure, had such an expression.


She did not dare to predict how distorted his face was hidden in the dark mask.


However, the eyes that were looking at Filina seemed to contain strange emotions, causing a strange illusion as if she had returned to her third life in an instant.


So, she had no choice but to catch Leon’s gaze blankly.


He was genuinely worried about Filina.


“Everyone, please focus.”


Carmen looked at the cadets and spoke in a reverent voice.


Lawrence left Henry with the medical instructor and returned to his place.


“All assignments were done with sincerity.
The fruit of hallucinations will be used in the next class, so please keep it safe.”


Filina looked at the blue fruit she was holding in her hand.
It was round in shape and had a mysterious color.
It was a fruit reminiscent of an indigo blue beach.


Bessie whispered softly into Filina’s ear.


“The color is pretty, but doesn’t it look like it won’t taste good?”


As she said, it looked beautiful on the outside, but it didn’t look very appetizing.


According to Carmen, in the next class, they will taste the fruits of hallucinations.


He omitted other explanations because he was nagging the cadets about this cooperative training.


After a while, the class ended.
Watching Lawrence organize his weapons, Bessie ran forward to help.


Looking at her back like that, Filina pondered for a while whether she should help too.
Then, someone approached Filina.


“Sir Debussy.”


Leon called out to Filina in a cautious voice.
The calmly still black hair was gently scattered by the wind.


He asked Filina in a low voice.


“Shouldn’t you go to the infirmary?”


“The infirmary?”


When she asked back with a puzzled face, Leon opened his mouth once more.


“Didn’t you fight the monster with Sir Argeny?”


Then Filina responded with a light smile as if she understood.


“Oh, don’t worry.
Sir Argeny wasn’t injured while fighting the monster, he was sick.”


She thought Leon was asking because he was concerned about Henry’s condition.
He was a person who cared about his colleagues.


But Leon gave a different answer.


“I ask because I am concerned about Sir Debussy.”


It was a really straightforward answer.


Filina, who was somehow embarrassed, opened her eyes wide and answered awkwardly.


“As you can see, I am fine.
Of course, my uniform and hair are a little messy, but not serious enough to go to the infirmary.”


Leon, who looked down at her quietly, furrowed his eyebrows slightly.
He stared intently at her face with his black eyes, then cautiously reached for Filina’s left ear.


“There’s a wound here.”


Leon’s large hand gently stroked her skin.
Filina flinched her shoulders and took a step back.
Then Leon’s eyes stared at her tenaciously.


“Are you sick?”


He seemed to think that he had touched the wound and that Filina had taken a step backwards because it was hurt.
She quickly shook her head and answered.


It doesn’t hurt.”


“Then why are you avoiding it?”


Leon took a step closer and gently grabbed Filina’s chin.
To accurately identify the injured area.


“It’s like a scratch by the monster’s claws.
The scratches are not deep, but if left unattended, they may become scarred.” 


Apparently, the wounded area ran from her ear to her cheek, so his voice could be heard too close.


Filina moved her eyes awkwardly to the side and opened her mouth.


“Hey, Sir Leon…..”


Instead of answering, Leon raised his gaze and quietly looked into her red eyes.


Filina said with a frown.


“The distance is too close.”


At her words, Leon’s eyes widened slightly as if surprised.
He hurried back and apologized.


“I’m sorry.”


It seemed like he was acting without even realizing it.


Filina let out a small sigh and parted her lips.


“There is no need to go to the infirmary with only a slight scratch.
There is an ointment in the dormitory anyway, so I’ll apply it and it will heal quickly.”


If she went to the infirmary with such a small wound, it was obvious that the instructors would also be annoyed.
Therefore, it was all right to solve it with the medicine Laura had given her for emergency use.


Leon, who had nodded his head slightly at her words, paused for a moment.


His face seemed to have more things he wanted to ask, but he couldn’t say it out easily.
Then, after a while, he asked in a cautious voice.


“Do you and Sir Argeny know each other?”

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