Chapter 56


“Don’t you know that it is more uncomfortable for me that Your Highness stays here like this?”


Filina, who came to the infirmary with Ian, uttered impatiently.
Ian, who was looking down at her, distorted his face and said,


“Stop being so stubborn.
I asked you to go to the hospital and consult a specialist but you refused, and now I can’t even stay here?”


“I said it was just stress.”


There was no exact name for her symptoms in this day and age.


However, if it were South Korea, it would be called “panic disorder.” Filina had the same mental illness before she possessed the novel.


At least when she first possessed it, the symptoms of panic disorder were completely gone, but after four deaths, she naturally suffered from the disease again.


In fact, it was not surprising.


It was shocking to die, but she had gone through the same thing four times in a row, so how could she live in her right mind?


She was lucky she didn’t go crazy.


Filina looked at Ian standing in front of her and said dryly,


“Your Highness, please pay attention to your surroundings.
Your Highness won’t be the only one in trouble if any strange rumor spreads.”


Sitting on the bed in the infirmary, she sighed and lay down.
As Ian stared quietly at Filina, he spoke in a low voice.


“I’ll do what you say this time, so promise me one thing.
You’ll go to the hospital as soon as possible if you don’t feel well like earlier.”


She had to have the right to go to a hospital with a specialist.


However, a right to go out was only possible if Weaver’s final approval was obtained after applying for a “special outing” to the vice commander of the Order to which the cadet belonged.


There was no need to go to the hospital after going through this cumbersome stage.


“I understood.”


But Filina lied to Ian just to get over the situation quickly.


Ian’s face looked unhappy.
Perhaps he had noticed that Filina was lying.


However, he sighed as if there was nothing he could do, and carefully pulled the blanket to cover Filina.


“Cecilia talks a lot about you.”


Ian said as he raised his gaze and glanced at Filina.


Ian, who was looking at Filina, smiled quietly and continued:


“She said she missed you when you came into the military school without saying anything.”


Filina looked at Ian with a slightly confused face.


She never thought Cecilia would be disappointed.


Ian, having said that, stared at her silently for a moment, and then walked away.
The guard, who stood behind him, followed Ian.


The instructor in the medical room went out to see him off, and the space full of the smell of medicine fell silent.


Filina, staring blankly at the ceiling, raised her arm and covered her eyes.


Who the hell is it?


Who the hell killed me in my third life?


All she could remember was the crane pattern, so she was frustrated.


Was it related to the embroidery on Ian’s handkerchief?


The most suspicious person was Henry Argeny, who was closest to him.


He killed Leon, and it was no big deal if he stabbed another person.


Filina closed her eyes quietly, lowering her hand above her forehead.


Her head was a mess.
She just wanted to sleep like this.


Suddenly a faint breath was heard in a quiet space.
At the same time, her eyes flashed open.


There was another breathing sound except for Filina.
She turned her head and looked at the seat next to her.


She saw someone on the bed between the white curtains.
Filina’s hand moved sideways and slightly pulled back the closed curtain.


At the direction she was looking, she saw beautiful features of a person sleeping.


‘Why didn’t I think of it?’


Henry was also in the infirmary.


She had completely forgotten that she had called the instructor and sent him here.


Henry‘s eyes were closed, perhaps in a deep sleep, even though it must have been quite noisy when she was talking to Ian.


The sound of his even breathing spread clearly.
Perhaps he fell asleep after taking medicine and hardly woke up.


Filina looked at Henry indifferently.
She could see his face so clearly because he was lying down on his side.


The soft silvery hair fell sideways.
Perhaps there was still heat left, but the white skin was exceptionally pale.


Silver eyelashes, tightly placed over tightly closed eyelids, shook thinly.
She wondered if he was dreaming as his forehead was distorted.


There were two swords used by Henry in the original story.


One was a sword with a handle painted black, which he carried with him now.


Another was an expensive sword later given to Henry as a “Sword Master” in celebration at the Imperial Palace.


A beautiful long sword with two sharp horns.


At least the sword he had now had no crane pattern.
It was something she had known from her second life.


She remembered taking out Henry’s sword as a prank at the time.


Then the only sword that was in doubt was the one that Henry was about to receive at the Imperial Palace.


The air cooled the dry, sunken gaze of Filina.
The hand holding the curtain made a small fist.


At that moment, she heard a small knock on the door of the infirmary.
Filina lowered her hand holding the curtain and turned her face to the door.


Filina and Henry were all who were in the infirmary.


The instructor had not yet come in after he left to see Ian off.


Soon the white door opened softly and someone came in.


The red eyes, which were looking around the infirmary, met Filina’s eyes in mid-air.


And the thin, curving, naughty mouth…. 


“You’ve been here.”


Hugh closed the door to the infirmary, walked in and let out a laugh.


Lying on the bed, looking at him blankly, Filina asked with a suspicious look on her face.


“What brings you here?”


Wizards usually treated their own wounds.


Moreover, Hugh looked too normal to be visiting the infirmary.


Walking with wide strides to the bed where Filina was lying down, Hugh said with a smile on his lips.


“I came looking for you.”


Filina only frowned at his words and did not reply.


Then Hugh, who was staring at her, tilted his head and asked.


“Are you sick?”


Filina said with a disappointed look on her face.


“Then I suppose I came to the infirmary out of boredom.”


“Where does it hurt?”


She paused for a moment in response to Hugh’s question, wondering what to say.


Actually, the panic attack had stopped a long time ago, and she had a slight headache, but nothing to be concerned about.


It was not her intention to go to the infirmary in the first place.


“I just have a little headache.”


She looked at Hugh as she fumbled for words.


“How did you know I was here?”


Hugh answered Filina’s question with a slight shrug.


“The story of the Crown Prince taking you to the infirmary has spread throughout the military school.”


Filina’s eyes widened a little as she stared at Hugh.


“There were rumors?”


Hugh chuckled at Filina’s words and opened his mouth.


“That’s why I was able to find you so quickly.”


Filina sighed and sat up.
Hugh looked at her curiously and asked.


“Why do you get up when you say your head hurts? Rest more.”


Filina glared at him and said in a straight voice, 


“I can’t lie down because of you.”


‘”Why? Do I bother you?”


Hugh pushed his face close to Filina’s with a mischievous smile.
The strong scent of grass stung her nose.


Filina frowned and pushed his forehead away.


“Why did you find me? Did you get the potion ingredients?”


Shw thought of Hughes face, who had tried to teleport with her, was stiffened when the magic didn’t work so well.


But now he had a smirk on his face that she had never seen before.


Hugh said, raising his lips.


“Well, I had a hard time getting the Avarance flowers.”


“Why haven’t you found it before?”


“The forest wasn’t getting enough sunlight.
The flowers didn’t bloom.
I went over there and found one ugly tree monster covering the entire sky.”


“So you can make potions now?”


As she happened to use a potion in the Wind Forest, only one half remained.
So she couldn’t help but be pleased with Hugh’s words.


Potions were an important tool to protect her body.


“Yes, I can make potions, but ……… before I do, I have a question for you.”


“What is it?”


Hugh stared at Filina for a moment, then asked casually.


“How well have the potions you’ve used so far worked for you?”


Filina answered Hugh’s question without the slightest hesitation.


“It was amazing.
I could clearly see the effects of the potions in today’s practice.”


“Did you take the potion again today?”


“A demon jumped out while we were training.
I only took half a potion and it was powerful.
The effect took effect in less than 30 minutes.”


Hugh opened his mouth, his eyebrows furrowing at Filina’s words.


“The potion took effect in less than half an hour?”


“Yes, I could tell right away, perhaps because I only took half of it.”


Hugh remained silent as he stared at Filina, who was talking and laughing.


His gaze was strangely trying to see through people, and she glanced away.
It was a very burdensome gaze.


Hugh said with a small snicker.


“Just because the potion’s dosage is reduced doesn’t mean the time it takes to take effect is any different, Filina.”


At his words Filina looked at Hugh again.
Hugh spoke, looking at Filina with interest.


“And if you cut the potion’s dosage in half, of course, the effect should be reduced as well.”


Hugh’s red iris darkened even more.


“Most people are disappointed that they don’t experience the full effect they originally felt.
It’s different with you now.”


Filina looked at Hugh with a puzzled face.


It was because what she had experienced was distinctly different from the effect of the potion Hugh was now describing.


“Then what was the effect I had today?”

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