Chapter 57

Filina asked with a frown.
According to Hugh, the effects she experienced were exaggerated.


If she took only half of the potion, the effects should have appeared after 30 minutes as they were, and the effect should have been less than what she felt before.


However, she did not feel much difference from the first time she took the potion, as the effect went into effect within 10 minutes of taking it, so much so that she felt no need to finish the whole potion.


Hugh shrugged lightly and said. 


“That’s what I was wondering too.
Well, I have a general idea….”


He sighed abruptly and added.


“I thought it was compatible with you, but maybe it was the other way around.”


Filina wiggled her eyebrows and asked.


“What do you mean by that? Explain it to me.”


Hugh raised his lips smoothly.


“I need to check something out first, so let’s talk about it later.
At least after you’ve recovered.”


Filina parted her lips with an absurd look on her face.


“Why do you make people curious and then leave like that?”


“I have to leave you curious so you will think about me.”


Hugh turned around with a wink.
Filina watched him walk toward the door and laughed blankly, taken aback.


Hugh looked back at her for a moment before stepping outside.


“I’ll make you a potion later.
Try to hang on for now with what’s left.”


He waved his hand and left the infirmary without further ado.


Silence came again in the space where people had been talking.
A thin breeze was blowing through the window.


Filina, who had been looking at the place where Hugh had left, stared at the seat next to her.


The steady breathing that had been heard through the white curtains had changed finely.




The next day, the cadets gathered in the afternoon in the training hall.
Group training continued from yesterday.


This time, instead of Carmen, Lawrence conducted the class alone.


“Today we are going to train using the hallucinogenic fruit that you all brought.”


The cadets positioned in front of him were not with the team they belonged to, but with the team they wntered the Wind Forest with.


Filina, who had been quietly listening to Lawrence’s words, shifted her gaze and looked at Henry, who was sitting in front of her.


I thought he wouldn’t attend class, at least not until today.’


He diligently joined the training on time.
Still, he was in better shape than yesterday, and his pale skin was slowly regaining its original color.


Well, he was born with fair skin to begin with, so not much difference.


At least he didn’t look like a patient.


Henry felt her eyes on him and turned his head to look at Filina.
But she didn’t look at Henry any more and moved her gaze to the front.


“When you take hallucinogenic fruit, it brings out the most painful scenes in your memory.
But they are all false images.”


Lawrence, who was slowly looking around at the cadets sitting in the performance hall, continued in a low voice.


“Today’s training is a battle against yourself.
If you cannot awaken from your hallucinations, you will fall into a deep sleep for the rest of your lives.
You must overcome it.
When you awaken safely, you will see a more mature version of yourselves.”


His voice spread piously.
Filina looked at Lawrence, then turned her gaze away again to look at Henry.


He was still staring at her.


With a natural facing gaze she looked at Henry’s beautiful face silently.


‘…… Did he hear about the conversation I had with Hugh yesterday?’


If so, he knew she took the potion.


She thought he slept pretty soundly in the infirmary, but she could be wrong.


“This training will only pass if all your team members come out of their hallucinations.
Therefore, the person who wakes up first must help your team member to come out of their hallucination.”


Lawrence opened his mouth again with a blank look on his face.


“The team that wakes up the latest is going to take a supplemental class.
Please be advised that we will try to increase the dose of each hallucinogenic fruit by one at that time.”


At his words, the cadets all looked at each other restlessly.


There were many stories that eating just one fruit of hallucination was already painful.
To be exact, it was hard to come to their senses with just one.


Sometimes stories about hallucinogenic fruit appeared in the newspaper.


The story was about a person lost in the deep mountains who picked up some hallucinogenic fruit, ate it, and lived in a painful past for the rest of his life.


Many of the stories were about the difficulty of distinguishing the hallucinations spreading before their eyes from reality.
But, how could they increase the amount of the fruit?


Everyone looked at the blue fruit in front of them with frightened faces.


“I’m worried.
The more you fall into a particular memory, the less easily you wake up.”


Bessie opened her mouth with a small sigh.


“The longer you experience hallucinations, it will be harder to come to your senses.”


Leon said in a calm voice.
Then Bessie, who had been looking at the fruit, nodded and parted her lips.


“In the end, the person who wakes up first will also help their colleagues who are by their side, right?”


Filina, who was listening quietly to their conversation, said .


“I think you should think about what kind of hallucinations you’re going to have before you eat.”


Her gaze moved slowly and looked at Henry and Leon.


Somehow she had an idea what kind of scene their hallucination would be.


Bessie was a strong person so she didn’t worry too much, but would Henry and Leon be able to endure it?


Suddenly a small laugh escaped from between her lips.


Who would be worried about whom now? 


Maybe she would be harder to wake up than them.


Filina’s numb gaze gazed at the round blue fruit.


At that moment Lawrence made a gesture that the training would begin.
One by one, the cadets reached out and bit the hallucinogenic fruit.


Filina also got a piece of the blue fruit that was placed in front of her.
It was dotted with clear droplets of water because it was washed before coming to the training hall.


The sweet and sour scent of the fruit hit her nose.


She raised her head for a moment and looked at her team members.


“I don’t know anything else, but do remember this: all the painful memories are in the past.
The only time we have to live in now is solely in the present.”


Filina’s red eyes met Henry’s gaze.
The unknown gaze was staring silently at her.


Filina locked eyes with him and took a bite of the hallucinogenic fruit.
The juice burst forth and a refreshing aroma spread through her lips.


Leon and Bessie also took a mouthful of the fruit.
Henry swallowed the last of the fruit.


Filina, who had been following his slow movements with her eyes, felt her vision gradually darken.


Lady Filina has been plotting things with Lord Argeny.>



At the time of Filina’s first possession of the original novel of “Cecilia’s Flower,” there was a day when she thought everything would flow smoothly if she did not connect with the mastermind.


A letter arrived at the mansion promising to meet her.
As usual, the Lady Cecilia left the mansion happily and has not returned since.>


From the beginning, Filina had never sent any letters.


If a letter had arrived in her name, as the maid said, it must have been from someone else.


After all, the words could only mean that they had planned from the beginning with the possibility of Cecilia’s abduction in mind, even the possibility that it would fail.


Filina was merely a sacrifice.


The servant girl continued her story with tears in her eyes.


My heart is still pounding.
I wonder what would have happened if His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince had not saved My Lady…..I can’t even imagine.>


Staring at her sad face, Filina finally realized.


She didn’t have the ability to avoid this.


The same words as in the original story tightened Filina’s grip.
A terrible smell of death enveloped her.


Memories blurred into cloudy dust and vanished.
A thick fog surrounded her, narrowing her vision.



She began her second life, a little brighter.


On her own two feet, Filina cheerfully visited the mastermind, and firmly vowed that she would try to change the ending somehow, and asked to be Henry’s friend.


In terms of age, he was actually one year younger than she was, but that had nothing to do with it.


She wanted to get to know Henry.
She intended to persuade him somehow not to kidnap Cecilia.



But Henry turned down at once the proposal she had exclaimed so loudly.
And that too without any formal consideration or hesitation.


Filina asked with a perplexed look on her face.





She asked Henry with a look of sincere incomprehension on her face.


According to the original story, Filina was set to join hands with Henry to trick Cecilia.


Therefore, she thought it would not be too difficult to become friends with Henry beforehand.






Henry looked at her with an absurd expression at Filina’s mumble.


But Filina only looked him up and down with a displeased expression.


At first, she hesitated to approach Henry because he was the mastermind.


When she first saw him in her first life, she felt an eerie energy from his appearance, which was rumored to be beautiful, when he was the Sword Master.


Was it because of his purple eyes that didn’t feel any emotion?


But Henry, back when she met him in her childhood, she did not feel the slightest hint of being horrified.


In fact, it was almost depressing to see him defending himself so that  he wouldn’t get hurt.


If she could change him before he became a Sword Master, it would change her fate.


It was a futile hope.
She was too innocent at that time.
That must be why she made such a foolish choice.

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