“You woke up?”


Filina asked with a smile, and Leon nodded and looked around.
Indeed, they were the only ones who woke up.


“We’re number one now.”


As she spoke with a laugh, Leon turned his gaze again to face Filina.


“To be precise, Sir Debussy is number one.”


At his words, Filina shrugged lightly.


“Is the individual important? Isn’t this a cooperative training?”


She moved her head and looked at Bessie.
Bessie’s expression was much better than before.


Leon was also trying to wake up Henry, who was by his side.


Henry’s forehead was full of cold sweat as if he was having bad hallucinations.
The hands on his knees had a thin tremor.


Filina, who had been glancing at Henry’s figure, turned her eyes again and concentrated on waking Bessie.


Before long, the other cadets began to wake up one by one.
Then they helped the rest of their team members to wake up.


Bessie also woke up slowly, her brown eyebrows moving a few times.


Filina asked, tilting her head.


“How does it feel to experience hallucinations?”


Staring at her intently, Bessie’s lips raised up as she answered.


“It’s the worst…….
I never want to experience it again.”


She smiled beautifully as she said this and held Filina’s hand.


“Even in my hallucination I could hear Sir Filina’s voice.
That’s how I finally came to my senses.”


“I’m glad I could help.”


Facing Bessie, Filina raised her lips and moved her head to look at Henry.


He didn’t wake up easily, despite Leon’s efforts to wake him.


Looking around, everyone seemed to have come to their senses, leaving one person in each group.


It was a quick start, but they soon caught up with them.


Bessie kept calling Henry to wake him up.
However, he remained the same.


Bessie said that even in her hallucination she could hear Filina’s voice, but she didn’t think that was simply the only thing that woke her up.


Many people were still noisily trying to wake the team members, but most of them woke up easier than Henry.


Perhaps they needed to be stimulated enough to hear the other’s voice even in their hallucinated state.


Of course, in Filina’s position, she knew very well what kind of stimulation Henry was sensitive to.
Perhaps the painful memories he was experiencing now.


Because the trauma that Henry had was all about his father.


That said, she couldn’t mention the Duke of Argeny’s name recklessly in a crowded place.


“My whole team woke up!”


Someone behind them raised his hand and shouted to Lawrence.
From this as a starting point, voices could be heard from all over the place calling the practice to a close.


Before long, there were five teams left.


“What on earth could Lord Argeny be hallucinating that makes him so hard to wake up? It’s even harder for me to watch.”


Bessie recited softly as she looked at Henry, who was dripping with cold sweat.
Then she took a handkerchief from her uniform and carefully wiped his forehead.


“Our team is all up too!”


The cadet’s voice spread once more from the front.
Now there were 4 remaining teams.


“I think we have to take a supplement class….”


Bessie sighed as if there was no choice.
Leon stopped waving to wake Henry and looked back at Filina.


He spoke and was silent for a moment.


“By any chance….”




Filina asked with a suspicious look on her face, and Leon opened his mouth again with an unwilling expression.


“Do you know what Lord Argeny is mainly interested in?”


Hearing his question, it seemed that Leon was aware of the fact that Henry could not be awakened simply by voice.


The reason why he dared to ask Filina about Henry’s interest was probably because he remembered Filina said that she and Henry was acquainted.


For no reason, Filina opened her eyes and was annoyed.


I’ve heard that the Argeny family has a very strict internal policy, so there weren’t any rumors.
At best, they talk about the young master of Argeny’s beautiful appearance.”


Her words had a hidden agenda.
Aristocrats generally do not directly express their disadvantages.
This was their own courtesy and rule.


“….I’m sure Sir Argeny was under a lot of restrictions because of the strict policy.”


Leon was witty.
Filina looked at Henry again, nodding at his words.


“Sir Argeny, you need to pull yourself together.
You must not be trapped in a hallucination.
You must boldly break the rules of the house.”


Bessie spoke to Henry.


“Sir Argeny! Wake up! Get out of the confines of the family already and go free!”


Henry had a painful look on his face as Henry did not respond to their voices.


Filina stared at Henry silently.
His silver hair, bathed in sunlight, was wet with sweat and disheveled.


At that moment, another team member, who was right next to Filina’s team, hurriedly raised his hand.


“All of our team members woke up!”


There were only three teams left.


Filina didn’t want to repeat the class.


She did not want to draw out any more memories from the past.
She wanted to bury all her memories deep in the ground, turned away from them until they rotted away.


“What? Our team all woke up too!”


One of the remaining teams hurriedly exclaimed.


Now there were two teams left.


Filina stood up and looked at Henry.
She could see his furrowed brow.
The deeply indented wrinkles were also depressing.


That said, she didn’t want to say nice things to him like Leon and Bessie.


She would not support him.


She wanted Henry to feel more pain than she did.


But if it wasn’t a wound caused by me, it didn’t help.


Filina forcibly grabbed his uniform and pulled him close.


“Sir Argeny.”


Leon and Bessie looked at her with surprised faces.


But Filina just looked at Henry in her hands.


She said with a small laugh.


“Just live in your hallucination for the rest of your life.”


Bessie looked at Filina with a stunned face.
He doubted her ears if she had heard it wrong.


“Wasn’t Sir Argeny a puppet of the house?”


But Filina continued speaking again with a low chuckle, and Bessie had not misheard her.


“Don’t go against the Duke’s word too much.”


She suddenly wanted to try it out.


How dangerous it would be to really offend him.


When she died in her second life, was Henry’s reason for losing his reason merely a flow?


What did his murky eyes mean as he tightened her neck as if he were possessed by something?


And was the image of Henry weeping sadly in the hallucination real or imaginary?


Filina looked at him coldly.
His expression, even more distorted than before, meant that her words had worked to some extent.


Filina smiled faintly and said.


“Sir Argeny looks a lot like your father….!”


She could not finish her words.
At the same time, Filina’s shoulders turned violently back.


She immediately came across red, bloodshot eyes.
The hand that touched her shoulder gripped tightly.


Henry was staring fiercely at Filina.


She thought that perhaps he might lose his reason and try to kill her, as he had in the past.


But the reason her thoughts and actions moved separately was because she did not feel the sense of dread  that she always felt every time she died.


Henry would not kill her this time.


She didn’t know how she had suddenly become so sure.


“Now, calm down! Sir Argeny!”


At that moment, Bessie, who was next to him, approached with a panicked look and stopped him.


Fillia stared at Henry with an expressionless face.
As she did so, she spat out in a muffled voice, lifting her mouth in a twitch.


“It’s a shame.
I thought you would stay in your hallucination and wouldn’t wake up forever.”




Henry looked down at her, his lips finally parting.


“Why does Sir Debussy always say such mean things to me?”


Filina felt sorry for his red, bloodshot eyes, like a child forced to swallow his cry.


His face was still haunted by hallucinations.


Filina, who was staring at Henry like that, smiled nonchalantly.


“Isn’t it easy to see why?”


Her firm voice rang out in the quiet atmosphere.


“Because I don’t like Sir Argeny.”


Filina’s voice caused a commotion in the air around her.
Everyone in the performance hall was looking at the two.


She had said it publicly and proudly that she hated the young master of Argeny.


Henry stared at her without any expression on his face.
His cold, sunken eyes gave off a stolid atmosphere.


But it was short-lived.


He dropped his gaze with a slow movement and murmured with a pitiful look on his face.


“…… I don’t really like Sir Debussy either.”


It was a childish reply.


Henry, too, was aware of this and frowned.
Then he raised himself, glancing at Filina.


As the huge shadow disappeared, the dazzling sunlight pierced Filina’s eyes.


Henry reached out to her with a hesitant motion, but Filina ignored him and raised herself up.


“Everyone, pay attention.
The training is all over.”


At the sound of Lawrence’s voice, all the cadets who had been watching Henry and Filina turned their heads forward.


“The groups that have not yet awakened should stay behind to receive supplemental class.”


Filina’s team was fortunately not the last.
So they avoided the supplemental classes.


The cadet who was still not awake from the hallucination shortly after Lawrence’s words, was given digestive medicine.


Hilariously, the moment the fruit was digested, the hallucinatory reaction disappeared.
Of course, the cadet woke up immediately.


Anyway, it was the same feeling of emptiness.


“You have to prepare for the examinations for your promotion.
You must make up for your deficiencies and develop your physical strength sufficiently.”


At Lawrence’s words, the cadets all looked at each other with nervous faces.


If they failed to advance to the rank of common knight, they would receive a warning.
The second warning would be eviction.


They would not know what assignments would be given for the advancement exams.
Bessie said that every year there would be a new pattern of exams.


The class ended in such a hectic atmosphere that the day passed quickly.


That night, a small commotion occurred.


The story was that someone had broken down the door to the breeding ground and killed one of the high level demons.

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