“Why are you taking it so seriously? To be honest, it’s a bit disappointing that your power is not magic, but divine power, but just accept it.
That power is absolutely not bad for humans.”


Hugh got out of bed with a relaxed gesture and continued.


“Sacred power is a very divine and benevolent power.
It is a power that transcends time and space that ordinary people can never surpass.”


He moved closer to Filina, bent his back, and met her eye level.


Filina looked at his red iris, which was gently curved into a crescent moon.


Hugh opened his mouth in a low voice.


“So, you just have to take that power completely.
Then the divine power that was hidden inside you will reveal itself.”


Hugh straightened his back and said softly.


“If you don’t accept it, no power will ever reveal itself.
The same goes for magic.
All wizards trust their power more than anyone else.
The more you do, the more your subconscious mind reacts to it.”


A still air flowed into the infirmary.
His calm voice continued to spread unfamiliar.


“It’s the same reason that when you take the potion, power is generated.
At least for that time, it was revealed because you fully accepted your latent power.”


Hugh’s eyes gleamed softly as he looked down at her quietly.


“In general, those who have divine power are noble and clean and they use it to heal people.
But you… you seem to be a little out of that range.”


His eyes went dry.
Not knowing the meaning, Filina just frowned.


But Hugh patted Filina on the shoulder with a smile as if nothing happened.


“Anyway, study hard about your power.
And if you want to use your divine power, come to me.”


She asked, grimacing at Hugh’s words.


“Why should I look for you? No matter how similar power and magic are, in the end they are conflicting forces.”


At Filina’s words, Hugh gently raised his lips in response.


“Of course I can’t do anything for you, but I can introduce you to a very good person.”


As she quietly chewed on Hugh’s words, she suddenly distorted her expression and asked.


“Is that someone related to you breaking down the ground breeding door? Did you ask him for help?”


“Oh, you’re also quick-witted.”


As he spoke with a playful face, Filina looked at Hugh with an expression of uncertainty.


Then he wept and said as if he was falsely accused.


“Do I look like someone who does bad things?”


“..don’t you think it’s a little shameless to ask such a question when you’re the one who slept peacefully here after killing a high-level monster raised at the military academy?”


“I said I had no choice.
Because there was a door leading to the outside.
Only through there can I see the person I wanted to meet.”


“Who’s the person you wanted to meet?”


At Filina’s question, he smiled softly and nodded his head.


“Yeah, that person has divine power just like you.
It’s a very strong divine power that cannot be compared with others.”


He tilted his head at an angle and added his words.


“So, it will definitely help you too.
Maybe he’s someone who has mastered all the principles of the world.”


“Mastered the principles of the world?”


Hugh muttered with a serious expression on his face when Filina asked with wide open eyes.


“Because he’s been living for a long time that we can’t even imagine…”


Filina’s iris created a sharp light.


If so, would that person know she was possessed in the book? The fact that she has already repeated several lives?


Then perhaps he would know how she could go back to where she used to live…?


She wanted to grab Hugh’s collar and ask him right away.


But knowing how stupid it was, she clenched her teeth and resisted the urge.
That’s all she had learned in her five lives.
Even if unfair and upsetting things happen right away, swallowed alone.


It must have been really stupid.


Hugh told her to come see him whenever she changed her mind, and left the infirmary.
She didn’t even know how to find him when he was already kicked out of the dormitory….


Now she understood why he asked her for help in the first place.


Hugh said that the only non-magical person was a person with divine power, so she didn’t even know that the person she was going to meet was a pretty troublesome person for Hugh.


It must have been difficult for him, who hated religion, to take another priest.
In the first place, they wouldn’t even want to meet a rascal like Hugh.


Fortunately, the person who was easy was Filina.
She didn’t know what the hell he was trying to do…


A person who has mastered all the principles of the world.


What kind of person is he?


Does he know who she is?


Her brain was in a mess.
The divine power that was given to her right away didn’t feel right.




After leaving the infirmary, Hugh went straight to the office where Weaver was.


When he returned to the swordsmanship academy, two instructors, who were waiting in the dormitory, took Hugh to the investigation room.


They were trying to determine the authenticity of the disturbance in the breeding ground.


He probably thought that the prime suspect was Hugh.


There were records of Hugh not participating properly in class, voices from those around him saying they saw suspicious movements, as well as the day of the incident, and there were also records of disappearing for a few days after that.


But oddly enough, the instructors concluded that once they started talking to Hugh, there was no evidence against him.
The most likely suspect, the presumed culprit, was right in front of them, but they stupidly failed to catch him.


Eventually, he even went to Weaver’s office for the interrogation, but the result was the same.


At least Weaver belatedly realized that he was under a spell.


He asked the instructors not to let Hugh go out until the investigation was over, and he left for a while.


He seemed to be bringing tools to control Hugh’s magic.
However, despite Weaver’s order, Hugh got out while the instructors looked away for a moment.


He looked around the swordsmanship academy leisurely.


Despite the hustle and bustle of the incident, he seemed overly relaxed as if nothing had happened.


It was funny how they didn’t take any action in contrast to the way they were suspecting Hugh.


The military academy was the one who was wary of the Imperial Palace more than anyone else, and Hugh was not easily touched even in the Imperial Palace.


Therefore, the academy was cautious about accusing him of his wrongdoing too hastily.


Moreover, Hugh’s personality was too much to handle.


He had no intention of leaving the academy anyway.
Perhaps Weaver had largely realized that fact.


There was no way he was going to leave this place he had entered on his own two feet without any income.


Hugh entered the office building and greeted Carmen, who faced him head on.
Lawrence was out of the office.


“Pleased to meet you, Deputy Commander.
Is Commander Weaver in the office?”


Carmen, stiffened by Hugh’s playful voice, turned back for a moment and looked at the room where Weaver was.


Then he hurried over to Hugh and whispered in a firm voice,


“Don’t you have an idea? What would I do if you caused an accident like this without telling me?”


Hugh replied to his words with a smile.


“I’m sorry.
I was in such a hurry that I couldn’t keep up with Deputy Commander Carmen’s slow steps.”


“I must have made it clear.
Your purpose is achieved after I successfully took over the Academy.
The reason I told you where the door to the outside was just to prove that I wasn’t lying!”


“Oh, was that so?”


Hugh gave a formal answer with a bothered face.


Then he looked at Carmen, who had his face close to him, and made an unpleasant expression.


“I’m sorry, but I don’t have much of a taste for men.
So could you please talk at a distance?”


“Sir Fieldman!”


Carmen shouted in a hushed voice.


But Hugh, who had not looked at Carmen, opened his mouth, glancing at Weaver’s office.


“You are the one who should watch your mouth.
So Weaver won’t know what you’re up to.”


Carmen frowned at Hugh’s words and closed his mouth with a small sigh.


Seeing this, Hugh sneered at him as if they were not the same, and Carmen spat out to Hugh, gritting his teeth.


“As long as you don’t betray me.
You understand? We’re already in the same boat.
The moment you betray me, it will be all of us who will be ruined.”


With that, Carmen returned to his seat.


Hugh even hummed with a nonchalant expression on his face and knocked on Weaver’s office door.


Ignoring Carmen, who was scowling him to death from behind, Hugh turned the doorknob.




Huey looked into the Oval Office and found Weaver.


Weaver was sitting with his back leaning against the sofa on the opposite side of the room, not in front of the desk in the office where he usually sat, and his hand was raised above his forehead.


He looked quite tired.


Knowing that the cause of this was him, Hugh moved his feet without a care in the world.


“Er, what is it? I thought the Commander was going to turn the academy upside down trying to find me.
Have you given up already?”


He sat down on the other side of Weaver and crossed his legs arrogantly.
Weaver lowered the hand he had on his forehead and looked at Hugh.


“Hugh Fieldman.”


Weaver recited his name in a low voice.
Then he asked Hugh, who looked at him coldly, only his eyebrows furrowed, with a grave expression on his face.


“I’m going to ask you straightforwardly.”




“What is your reason for joining our swordsmanship academy?”


Hugh, his red eyes narrowed and crooked at Weaver’s words, answered in a clear voice.

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