Ian’s face was terribly distorted at the words Filina spat out with a stern voice.

“…… Are you asking for the position of commander Weaver now?”

He laughed as if it was ridiculous.

“Other positions are too much for you, but you dare want to hold the position of commander.”

Ian continued talking as if he had heard an absurd sound.

“You don’t know your position.”

Filina said with a light smile.

“As expected, such a position is impossible.”

It was a tone she hadn’t expected.

A sarcastic tone rang out in a subtle way, as if she had not believed in Ian’s ability.

Ian frowned and muttered.

“It’s impossible not because of my ability, it’s your skill, Filina.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Weaver’s seat is not a place where anyone can sit.
His natural talent, numerous experiences, and the recognition of people have created that seat.”

Filina, quietly listening to his reverent voice, looked tired.

“Your Highness.”

Her soft voice spread softly in the office.

“It doesn’t really matter how difficult the position is for me.”

At Filina’s calm voice, Ian stared at her with his mouth shut for a moment.

“Isn’t it a place where Your Highness works especially hard?”

Filina’s red eyes narrowed.

“It means more to me.
How far you can go for me.”

What will happen if he gives her the academy? Will he be rumored to be a mad Crown Prince? It was clear that there was going to be an interesting sight.
The status he has managed so far may plummet in an instant.

 If that happens, the credibility of Alvar’s people will be broken, and people will be sensitive to even his smallest actions.

Of course, Filina knew Ian wouldn’t do something like that.

Wasn’t he the male protagonist of this novel?

From the beginning, she had no power to lead the story at will.

Because she was just an actor doing her best for the screenplay role.

On the other hand, she couldn’t understand why Ian kept being greedy for her.

What kind of emotion the tenacious gaze that followed her showed, she could easily recognize it by looking at his beautiful eyes.

Intense longing for her.

Stupid possessiveness that never gives up.





The gaze that blended all these desires always wandered around Filina.

What if she had received such attention in her first life?

At that time, she didn’t hate Ian as much as she does now, so what would happen if she happily accepted it?

Then could her death have been avoided?

Filina’s iris sunk dry.

If she could have avoided the story, she would have avoided it sooner.

The story goes on somehow.
No matter how much she destroys the original content, the ending comes to her.

There was no need for a formal method.
It didn’t matter how Filina reached the ending.
It was just death.
That was the only end of her life.

So Ian’s feelings were of no use to her.
Because she couldn’t avoid the ending of death even if he loved her.

“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing you can do for me, Your Highness.”

“…I’d rather you asked me to build another academy.
I can make dozens of more schools like this.
Now, there are many eyes of the imperial people… at least after I get married to Cecilia properly……… .”

“Why doesn’t Your Highness give any consideration to my dignity?”

Ian stopped talking at Filina’s soft voice.

“Even if Your Highness may act in the wrong direction, no one will dare to insult the Crown Prince of the Alvar Empire.”


“But, what about me? I couldn’t even refuse Your Highness’s order, so I was forced to meet you.
Now, do I have to fully accept people’s gaze?”

At Filina’s words, Ian bit his lower lip and lowered his gaze.

“…Really, it leaves me speechless.”

Ian let out in a low voice and ruffled his golden hair roughly.

“I know better than anyone that you are being forced to meet me, so you don’t need to stress it.”

Filina answered Ian dryly.

“If you know, why don’t we stop meeting like this?”

Ian had been talking to Weaver to have regular meetings with Filina.

Even if Ian couldn’t visit the military academy due to a different schedule, his message was delivered to Filina through Weaver, Lawrence, and Carmen.

Already among the cadets, there were many suspicious eyes of their relationship from the moment Ian took Filina to the infirmary.

But since he was the Crown Prince, people couldn’t talk recklessly.

If it goes on like this, rumors will spread outside the military academy.

Such development was unacceptable.
She didn’t even know that maybe it would lead to a disaster where the story flowed just like the original.
The death penalty was terrible.

The first death she met became a trauma and stayed in her head.

How wasted time spent in prison waiting for the day to die.

She didn’t want the ending to be the same as the original.
The way to do that was to keep as far away as possible from the male protagonist, Ian.

“…… … Soon, a coming-of-age ball will be held at the Imperial Palace.”

Ian opened his mouth, looking at the teacup that had been placed on the table.

“There will always be a boring dance party.
Then I’ll have to smile like a gentleman and dance with girls I don’t know well.”

He furrowed his eyebrows with a tired look on his face just thinking about it.

In the Alvar Empire, a coming-of-age ceremony was held for both men and women when they reached a certain age.

This year, Crown Prince Ian also turned 19 years old, so to celebrate his coming of age at the Imperial Palace, each family will be invited to the party.

And the swordsmanship academy was going to be invited to the imperial palace to celebrate the crown prince’s coming-of-age ceremony.

Among them, 19-year-olds were specially allowed to go out to the salons, so they could be the protagonists of the coming-of-age ceremony.

Coincidentally, the next day after the promotion exam was over was the coming-of-age ceremony.

As a result , those who were promoted could not use the night out immediately.
Many cadets complained about this.

This year, Filina also turned 19.

According to the original story, in order to get Ian’s attention, she would have squeezed into her corset as hard as she could with Laura’s bustling hands.

But now, instead of Laura’s helping hands, she was going to get help from the salon allowed by the military academy.

In fact, this coming-of-age ceremony was the day Cecilia was first caught by Ian while running away to escape her engagement to him.

In other words, it could be said that it was a day of progress in their relationship.

Although Cecilia was not avoiding Ian right now.

“After the first song of the dance party.”

Ian recited in a precise voice.

“Meet me in the rose garden, Filina.”

At Ian’s words, Filina’s expression was distorted.
She opened her lips right away as if trying to refuse.

“Why …”

Ian cut off Filina’s words and opened his mouth once more with a serious face.

“On that day, I will decide.”


“Will I force you to continue meeting me like this, or…”

 He paused for a moment, then exhaled a soft breath and opened his mouth with difficulty. 

“Should we end this relationship little by little?” 

Ian’s golden eyes gleamed sadly.


Filina left the office and walked over to the training hall.

The promotion test had started again, and in the center of the auditorium, a cadet and a monster were fighting.

Filina found where Betsy was and sat down.
She didn’t see Leon, who should have been sitting next to her.

“After I left, did Sir Leon go somewhere else?”

She asked Bessie about Leon’s whereabouts, but Bessie didn’t seem to know.

Filina stared at Leon’s empty seat, then turned her head to watch the match.

The sun was hot.
The heat made her feel sluggish.
She felt like she was about to fall asleep.

As she watched the match repeatedly, she quickly became bored.
The others, on the other hand, looked excited about what was still so much fun.

In the end, Filina stared blankly at the auditorium and yawned.
Bessie said with a small smile.

“You should go wash your face.
It’s a long way to the end of the exam anyway.”

Today, they had to watch the seniors’ games all day.
She wanted to go to the dormitory right away and sleep, but the instructors purposely blocked the building.

They said that this was also a form of education.

The freshmen also analyzed the senior’s games and prepared for the exam tomorrow, and to the seniors, the freshmen acted as a kind of cheering squad.

“Then I’ll go wash my face.”

Filina yawned once more and got up from her seat.
There was a tap not far from where she was anyway.

On the road leading to the Wind Forest past the dormitory building, there was a water tap frequently used by cadets.

When she rolled up both sleeves and washed her face with cool water, the drowsiness disappeared at once.

When she entered the military academy, she never wore makeup.
It was because her face was soaked in sweat as soon as she finished training.

When she was living as a noble lady, she had to wear makeup even though she was sick of it.
She would apply a thicker powder to her face.

Even in midsummer, she was sweating profusely, but she never thought she would wash her face like this by the tap.

Wearing no makeup, she felt liberated.

She always got up early in the morning, got her hair done, wore a heavy dress, and put on elaborate makeup.

On the day of the party, she moved even busier.
No matter how early she got up and prepared, the time to get to the ballroom was always short.

That was everyday.
She thought it was her destiny to live like that.

However, while living at the swordsmanship academy, the daily life she had been living up until now was changed in an instant.

And she felt like she finally realized how to live like a human being.

Who would have thought that living without makeup would be so comfortable? How lucky she was to be able to open her eyes late in the morning.

Filina turned around and took her steps to where the training hall was.
When she reached the place where the cadets were gathered, the office building to the left of her came into view.

She wiggled her eyebrows.

Leon and Carmen were seen talking to each other.


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