Next was the promotion test of the 2nd Order.
The assessment was going smoothly.
However, it was inevitable to be compared to the 1st Order who took the test earlier. 

Since the members of the Order were initially assigned according to their abilities, it was a natural result that the evaluations came out poorly.

Even so, the 2nd Order were performing well as they belonged to the top ranks. 

But that didn’t last long either.

From the moment the twelfth promotion test of the 2nd Order was in progress, it started creaking.

Normally, if one person didn’t pass the test, the next cadet had to deal with the same monster.

Occasionally, if the third person did not pass the test, the fourth cadet also had to defeat that same monster.

In other words, there was not a single case of a fifth consecutive against the same monster in all of the members of the 1st Order.

But now, after the 12th promotion test of the 2nd Order, the same monster has repeated 8 times.

In other words, seven cadets were rejected in a row.

This destroyed the pride of the 2nd Order.

Around them, the knights belonging to the lower ranks were watching with fiery eyes.

Unsurprisingly, sarcastic voices were heard towards the 2nd Order from among the cadets waiting for the test.

“What, why do you all keep dealing with the same monster? Your skills are so different from the 1st Order.”

“That’s what I mean.
They don’t seem to have much of a difference in skill level, but what 2nd Order are these guys? Without being able to face even a single beginner level monster.
How many times is this already?”

As the 2nd Order failed the promotion tests one after another, the people who watched it were slowly getting tired.

Now, when other cadets left the performance hall to take their exams, the reaction was not too promising.

And Filina, who was feeling that atmosphere with her whole body, was choosing a weapon with a careful face.

It was because she was the batter of this test.

What Filina chose was a sword and a strengthening agent.
This was met with a small murmur from the crowd. 

Until now, only three had chosen a strengthening agent against beginner monsters.

When it was decided that the number of monsters locked in the cage would increase or the time to take the test would increase, people chose the strengthening agent.

However, there was only one monster that Filina had to deal with, and the test was over in a relatively short time.

That was the problem.

The other cadets only killed one too quickly.
That meant that the monster was too weak.

·· They shouldn’t have killed the monster.
If they kill the monster, the test fails.
The promotion test task given to cadets was conducted in various ways.
This time it was more of a brain problem. 

There was a small bell hanging from the monster’s neck.
The cadet had to bring it safely to pass the examination.
However, there was a caveat that the monster should not be killed.
When asked what was so difficult to bring a bell against a weak monster, the answer was enough.
The reason why many cadets have failed the test so far was because they killed the monster. 

The monster, who was as tall as an elementary school student, was a fish-shaped monster with two hands and two feet like a human.
It was very sensitive and weak, so it died suddenly at every opportunity.
Furthermore, it even died in shock when it saw the cadets rushing at him.

So the enhancer that Filina had chosen was useless.
It was foolish to raise one’s strength against such a weak monster.

The cadets, who were watching her, thought it would be impossible for her to pass the exam again this time.
Then a cadet mumbled with a puzzled face. 

“Then why doesn’t she drink the enhancer, and keep holding it in her hand?”

At his words, everyone’s eyes looked at the enhancer that Filina was holding.
Another cadet laughed at her and said:

“At first, she picked up the enhancer because she was afraid of the monster, but now she must have realized it.
It doesn’t need physical strength to deal with such a weak monster.”

At the voice, those watching Filina burst into laughter.
It’s obvious they looked down on her.

However, the cadet who first asked the question was still puzzled.

Filina was never frightened in the first place.
Not only now, but also when choosing the tools needed for the game as the test begins.

 With a relaxed face, Filina lightly tossed the enhancer in her hand into the air and caught it.
In an instant, she threw it right into the place where the monster was.

This happened when the monster looked down for a very short time.
The small glass bottle she threw hit the monster’s body and shattered.

Everyone who watched it was amazed.

They never thought of using the tools given at the Swordsmanship Academy against monsters.
Moreover, expensive drugs such as strength enhancers.

Filina looked at the state of the monster with a tenacious gaze.

Even with a small emotional change, this monster quickly lost consciousness.
When the shattering sound of the glass bottle was heard, it fainted.

Fortunately, the enhancer permeated the monster’s body before the monster fainted completely, and its body became stronger.

No matter how fragile its spirit was, it didn’t die.

The curiosity of the cadets, who had been curious as they looked at the scene, was now resolved.

From the very beginning, Filina chose to use the enhancer for this purpose.

To prevent the monster from dying easily.

So that the exam could last longer.

Filina said as she extended her blade toward the monster.

“Give me the bell on your neck.”

She smirked proudly with a twisted expression.

“Before I kill you.”

It was a threat.

When she threatened with a bright smile, the people watching Filina were astonished.

Perhaps they imagined a more narrow-minded scene.

Like, for example, a common story in the normal books they read.

When the good heroine meets the ugly monster, she doesn’t fear him and treats him kindly.

Then the heroine falls in love with the monster, giving a kiss, breaking the monster’s curse.
It turns out that the hideous monster was the prince of a country, and they have a happy ever after ending.

This scene was the story of the placenta in the Alvar Empire.
It also caused their narrow image of women.

So they naturally overlaid such a scene on Filina as well.

Even those who knew that she was the daughter of the noble family were quite surprised.

It was because they focused more on being a ‘woman’ than the title ‘eldest daughter of the Duke of Debussy’ for Filina.

Who was the Duke of Debussy? He was a man who did not hesitate to do evil things for his own benefit.

His stern face and harsh personality made it even worse.

It was Filina who inherited the blood of such a person.

She was a person who took threats as a hobby in the first place, but the cadets did not know for a moment that they had drawn a picture of the gentle Filina.

Of course, people who knew her well would tell the difference of how she could blackmail her partner with a scary smile than kind.

The monster clenched its little mouth.
Then bubbles started to form there.

It had a pattern of attacks that they had never seen before because its kind died so easily.

The monster, standing on its two feet like a human, started running towards Filina with its short legs.
The foam it had in its mouth rose into the air and attacked her.

Filina hurried away and ran to the other side.
The foam that fell to the floor melted all the grains of sand in the stadium.

The monster changed direction and followed her.
Filina couldn’t wield her sword recklessly.
It was because she could have killed the demon if she made a mistake.

Filina looked at the monster that was chasing her.
Tears welled up in its round eyes.

It was the first time she saw a monster cry.

It seemed that it had a weak heart.
Still, Filina couldn’t figure out why it didn’t give out the bell.

Filina, who was running away from the monster, suddenly raised her eyes.

She turned her head again and looked at the monster that was chasing her.

Maybe it wasn’t chasing after her to kill her.
Perhaps it didn’t even want to attack her.

When its fear reaches its peak, it may want to die rather than kill.

That’s what Filina knew best.
Because it was her last feeling in her fourth life.

Filina stopped her steps in place.
At the same time, the monster that was chasing her also stopped its feet.

And then foam started to come out of the monster’s mouth.
In an instant, the body of the monster was covered with pure white foam.

“Damn it!”

Filina chewed her teeth and started running to the place where the monster was standing.

It was a suicide.

It was about to die by melting itself with hot foam.

If it dies, Filina will fail the exam.
At the very least, she had to take the bell before the monster died.

At that moment, she reached out her hand to the front of the monster.
A shimmering metallic bubble could be seen through the white foam.

The bubbles flowing out of the monster’s mouth stopped.
Filina had an ominous feeling.
Her fingers pulled the golden bell.
At the same time, she could feel the warmth.

The bubble that covered the monster’s body began to slowly lift, centered around the bell Filina was holding. 

The monster’s body fell backwards as it was.

The bell Filina held was separated, and the monster on the floor looked at Filina with bewilderment.

“Filina Debussy, you have passed the promotion exam.
Congratulations on becoming an official knight.”

The cheers of the cadets were heard along with the instructor’s voice.

Filina stared at the monster lying on the floor with her blank face and the bell she was holding in her hand.

For a brief moment the warmth she had felt was gone.
The benevolent power that was transmitted from her fingertips was unfamiliar.

Now she could clearly tell the difference.
The power she felt was evident of her divine power.

The monster had reached the threshold of death so that it could no longer create bubbles.
And unexpectedly, it was healed by Filina’s divine power.

Hugh was right.
She really had divine power in her body.

A ridiculous laugh escaped her mouth.

On the other hand, Hugh, who was watching Filina from afar, spat out with an astonished face.

“What’s this? Of course, I didn’t think her healing powers could be used.”

He looked at Filina, distorting his impression.

Just as magic was separated into black magic and white magic, divine power was also separated into two powers.

The divine power of healing and the divine power of destruction infused with dark power.

Most priests were good at healing and defending.
The power of destruction was not a very common divine power.

Moreover, he had never heard of anyone with healing and destructive powers at the same time.
It was a story that would come out of history. 

Hugh frowned and looked at Filina.
She was still staring at him with a blank expression on her face. 

He muttered, leaning his back against the wall. 

“What the hell is your identity? Filina.”


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