Leon, who was looking at Filina quietly, lowered his eyes and slowly opened his mouth.

“……I don’t know.”

Then he raised his eyes and looked at Filina.

“Is being lonely a thought that you have enough time to spare?”

Leon’s eyes were dry.

“When you’re exhausted, you don’t feel any loneliness, so you don’t even recognize that you’re devastated.”

At his words, Filina tilted her head and opened her mouth.


The corners of her eyes looking at Leon were slightly curved.

“Are you sure you don’t feel lonely?”

She smiled softly.

“I guess you just want to ignore it and want solitude.”


“Because I don’t think anyone can afford it.”

Her red eyes looked straight at Leon.

“Perhaps you desperately want to feel it.”

His face hardened visibly.

He embraced the hard air as if his inner self had been discovered.
The rigid atmosphere exposed outside the mask created a cool breeze.

But Filina was looking straight at Leon’s face without wavering.

In the end, it was Leon who avoided their gaze first.

“…I do not agree with Sir Debussy.
Such a banal feeling…”

He bit his lower lip softly, blurring the end of his words.

A brief silence passed.

Leon sighed, then bowed his head towards Filina.

“Excuse me.”

He immediately turned and walked away.
Filina gazed at his distant back, thinking her words must have offended Leon.

Perhaps the idea of maintaining a certain distance expanded and he vowed to stay away from her.

But that didn’t matter.

Filina just hoped he would not dream of revenge.
She didn’t want his life to be wasted.

Leon’s revenge would not be successful.

The person he had to deal with would be Prince Ian of the Alvar Empire, and a mere supporting actor could never beat the male protagonist.

That was the law of this world.

Filina turned her head to the smell of grass from outside.
To some extent she seemed to have broken her drunkenness.

It was funny that she was drunk on only a few glasses of champagne, but fortunately she seemed to sober up quickly.

Filina walked back to the banquet hall.
She then saw from a distance Henry and Cecilia were talking.

Cecilia’s cheeks were still red.
Perhaps she felt happy to see Henry after a long time, but she smiled brightly and put her hand on his arm.

She didn’t do it with any intention, but because she was in a good mood.

But when people saw Cecilia like that, they started talking as if they had been waiting.

“How can His Highness’s fiancée touch any man like that?”

“That’s right.
It’s really inappropriate.
But she might have made his heart flutter with that kind of behavior, too.”

It was as if they were reading a clichéd novel.

The innocent and pitiful heroine, who monopolized the attention of the wonderful male protagonist, and the female supporting characters were jealous of her.

How common was this cliché?

It was then that Filina realized that there was another story hidden in this scene.

It was the role of the villain, Filina, who led the people to agitate even more with Cecilia’s insignificant actions.

And the prince riding a white horse who came to rescue the female protagonist in trouble was, of course, the male lead.

Filina looked around nonchalantly, and then she looked again at Cecilia and Henry.

Cecilia was looking uncomfortable unlike before, perhaps because she heard the voices of people talking.

Henry, who looked down at her indifferently, scanned the banquet hall dryly, then he met Filina’s gaze far away.

Fabien opened her fan and approached Filina.

“What do you think, Lady Debussy?”

Filina asked, turning her head to look at Fabien.


“What! Of course it’s about Lady Haley! She is seducing Lord Henry while the Crown Prince is away! Isn’t that disgusting?”

You’re seducing Confucius Argeny while you’re away! Isn’t that really disgusting?”

Fabienne’s voice was slightly raised in tone as if she had intentionally wanted to reach Cecilia.

People looked at Cecilia and clicked their tongues.

Cecilia looked at Filina with Fabien and had a very depressed expression on her face.
Her shrunken shoulders were pitiful.

On the other hand, Henry, who was standing in front of Cecilia, was still staring at Filina with an expressionless face.

In contrast to the beautiful face with the eyes resembling the magic crystal, he looked gloomy.

Filina met Henry’s gaze and she opened her mouth quietly.

“It is not Miss Cecilia who should be called an abomination, but Lord Argeny.”

Fabien tilted her head with a puzzled expression.

“Lord Argeny?”

Filina parted her lips.

“He knows that Miss Cecilia is the Crown Prince’s fiancée, but he doesn’t shy away from her.”

Henry’s expression was strangely distorted.
Seeing him like that, Filina raised her eyebrows as if having fun.

“Besides, standing in front of a woman who already has a fiancé with such a pretty appearance.
Isn’t that a felony by itself?”

At her words, Fabien turned her head to look at Henry.

As if appreciating a beautiful painting, Fabien, who was staring blankly at him, muttered softly.

“…well, looking at that handsome face who wouldn’t want to seduce him?”

Hearing her, Henry looked at Fabien with a frown on his face.
Then she shrugged her shoulders and smiled shyly.

Henry’s gaze turned to Filina again.

All the unpleasant glances towards Cecilia disappeared at Filina’s words.
Instead, everyone looked at Henry’s face and nodded in agreement.

As much as Filina took the initiative in this scene, her influence was great in turning the attention of the people.

Ian could be seen entering the banquet hall late, but he had no role to play in this situation.

Filina was quite satisfied with the result.

It was a pity that Cecilia’s relationship with Ian didn’t make any progress, but it was annoying that Ian took all the good credits because he was the main character.

Henry, who had always received the attention of people, had to receive more and more burdensome glances due to Filina’s words, but she pretended not to know.

She thought she would feel delighted looking at his troubled face, but she was struggling somehow.

As time passed, the party to celebrate the coming of age ran towards the end.


At the Swordsmanship Academy, a special vacation period was given to each cadet only after the coming-of-age ceremony.

Bessie, who had been busy packing since morning, also left the dormitory faster than the others.

Filina came out slowly and she got into the carriage, which was waiting in front of the academy, and headed to her residence.

“Miss! How have you been? Are you well?”

Upon entering the Debussy mansion, each employee who had worked there for a long time opened their mouths in surprise.

It was a reaction she didn’t usually see, so Filina paused and looked around.

The faces of the maids, servants, and the butler were smiling.
They were welcoming Filina with heartfelt joy.

Filina nodded her head awkwardly and resumed her paused steps.


Ariel, standing in front of the front door, greeted Filina with a pretty smile.

She had an angelic face and a white smile, and her appearance did not change over this period of time.

“What about mother?”

Asked by Filina, Ariel answered with a soft voice.

“She went out to buy cakes with brother Bruno.”

“Do useless things…”

Filina frowned and muttered as Ariel followed her from behind.

She stopped her steps and looked back.

“Why are you following me?”

Ariel’s room was on the first floor, and Filina’s bedroom was on the second floor.
And now she was about to climb the stairs to her bedroom.

Seeing Ariel blatantly following her from behind, Filina asked with an expressionless face.
Then Ariel took a step behind her and mumbled.

“I’m just trying to help sister organize her luggage…”

Filina answered coldly.

“There is nothing for you to help.”

Because the maids would help with the luggage anyway.

She didn’t even need Ariel’s help.
She didn’t even want to talk to her in the first place.

Ariel screamed vehemently as Filina turned her back again and climbed the steps.

“Why sister Filina… !”


“Do you hate me?”

Filina looked back at her.
There were many employees around Ariel who had not yet left.

They had shown a welcome expression for Filina a little while ago, but now they were looking at Ariel with a pitiful expression.

Filina answered with a dry expression.

“Do you need a reason?”


“When people hate people, there must be a grand reason.”

Ariel’s expression distorted slightly.
Seeing her like her, Filina let out a cool breath.

“There is no reason.”

After exhaling, Filina turned around without any hesitation.

She didn’t care about the eyes around her anymore.
She didn’t want to be weak and wished for attention like in her previous life.

Ariel was left alone with a coldly distorted face.

Filina returned to her bedroom with Laura, and after refreshing herself briefly, she had to come again.

Because she hadn’t greeted Gabriel yet.

As she walked down the stairs, there was a commotion outside.
She saw the maids gathered in front of the front door.
Apparently, Bruno and Amy had returned to the mansion.

Filina went down all the stairs and walked across the hall.

And she couldn’t hide her bewilderment at the presence she saw suddenly.

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