Chapter 75

“Princess Philina!”

Cecilia smiled broadly as she watched Philina walk out the front door.

Next to her stood Bruno and Amy holding a cake.
Ariel didn’t look like she had entered the room.

Philina asked, looking at Cecilia with a puzzled face.

“Why is Miss Cecilia here…”

At her words, Cecilia wept with sadness.

“Have you forgotten already? Yesterday the princess told me that she was inviting me to be the Duchess of Debussy.”

Alas, that’s what I said.

However, he never expected Cecilia to come to him so early in the morning.

Philina asked, glancing at Amy and Bruno.

“But why are you coming in with me?”

“Oh, I met you right in front of you.”

Cecilia replied with a smile, and Filina nodded.

In one of Bruno’s hands was a box of cakes.

“Didn’t Hailey get a proper education in etiquette?”

Amy, who had been looking disgruntled for a long time, blurted out.

“Visiting someone else’s house early in the morning.”

At her words, Cecilia opened her mouth with a startled face.

“Oh, I’m sorry.
I wanted to see Princess Philina sooner rather than later, so I excused myself without realizing it.”

“Hailey wants to see my daughter so much, but how does the family feel? I wonder if you have any thoughts .

Amy kicked the tip of her tongue with a pathetic face.
Then Cecilia looked at him with a distraught face.

Filina, on the other hand, burst out laughing at the title “family” that came out of Amy’s mouth.

“Mother, when did we say we’ve been so close? Just do it as you normally would.”

At what she said, Amy looked at Filina with delight.

But Filina turned her head and said to the maid:

“Take Miss Cecilia to the drawing-room.”

She pursed her lips this time at Cecilia.

“I’m just going to say goodbye to my father for a moment.
Please wait a little while in the parlor.”

At Philina’s words, Cecilia glanced at Amy and nodded.

She walked slowly with the maid into the drawing-room.

Amy looked at Philina and blurted out nervously.

“Do you really have to say that in front of Haley? Are you going to leave the house and fight with your mother to the end?”

“Miss Cecilia is my guest.
Mother should do it in moderation.”

“Philina! You’re really all the way to the end……!”

“I don’t want to fight either.
I want to be at least as relaxed as I am on vacation.”

Philina walked past Amy and into Gabriel’s study.

Bruno stared silently at Filina as she walked past him.

Her eyes drifted to the study, scanning the farthmost room in the center of the hall for a moment.

Ariel stood alone in the front of the room, staring alternately at Filina, Amy, and Bruno.

Philina’s dry gaze went back to the front.

I wanted to ask her.
How ecstatic it was to have the love of the family that I so desired.

Philina’s lips twisted up.

The family in name only brought her no more expectations.

“Father, I’m Filina.”

As she spoke, she heard Gabriel’s voice coming in from inside the study.

Philina cautiously opened the door to her study and saw Gabriel reading the newspaper on her desk with glasses.

She closed the door and stepped into the study.

Gabriel asked, glancing at Philina through his glasses.

“When did you arrive?”

“It’s been a while.
I just put my things in my room, and I’m right there.”

Of course, there was a waste of time on Cecilia’s unexpected visit.

Gabriel put his glasses down on the desk and looked at Philina

“Did you run out of potions?”

There’s only one left of the half.
But it doesn’t look like it’s going to be used anymore.”

Philina replied sullenly, and he laughed softly.

“You never know.”

Gabrielle didn’t know that she didn’t have potions.
Filina didn’t bother to tell him.

It was not a force that could be freely used in the first place.
In such a situation, it would be difficult to prove that the divine power was known to others.

“Your vacation is until the day after tomorrow?”

At his words, Filina nodded and replied.

“That’s right.”

“Is it officially recognized as a knight?”

Gabriel seemed to be familiar with the system of the swordsmanship academy.
Filina said with a light shrug.

“I passed the test, but it wasn’t an accreditation.
I haven’t been ordained a knight yet.”

In order to become a canonical knight, he had to attend an ordination ceremony conducted by a priest in the church.
Only those who completed the ceremony there were ordained as canonical knights.

“You passed the test anyway.”

Gabriel said with a low smile.

“Of course, I don’t think you made it through purely on your own merits.”

At his sarcastic voice, Filina blurted out, as if she hadn’t expected it.

“Think as you please.”

She replied in an insincere voice, and Gabriel furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Filina.

She was staring indifferently at Gabrielle without much expression.

He asked in a reverent voice.

“What are you going to do now?”

She was looking at Gabriel and smiled slightly.

“…… Somehow.”

Philina’s calm voice drifted into the quiet study.

“Now that I’ve got a sword, I’m going to have to learn swordsmanship in earnest.”

“Do you mean to be a knight for the rest of your life? Unlike men, women have a lot of risks in being knights.”

“If a man can do it, a woman can do it.”

Philina leaned her upper body forward, palms resting on the desk Gabriel was working on.

“I’ll show you.”

Her lips curled up gently.

“How far a woman is capable of.”

With that, Philina immediately turned and walked out of the study.

Heading to the drawing room, her expression looked boredom.

The mansion I visited for the first time in a long time was tiring.
I would rather spend much more time training at the swordsmanship academy.

When Filina opened the parlor door and entered, she was greeted by beautiful green pupils.

“Princess, I’m afraid I’ve been visiting you since morning and making you in trouble.”

Philina walked over to the other side of the couch where Cecilia was sitting, and said plainly:

“I was a little surprised at first, but I wasn’t in trouble.
Forget what my mother said earlier.
He doesn’t even think about the other person, he just says what comes out.”

“No, I don’t.
I was greedy to see her as soon as possible.”

Cecilia said with a fresh smile.

Soon after, a maid brought chamomile tea and cake into the drawing-room.

“Bruno told me to bring it to you.”

A whipped cream cake with fresh fruit was served on a plate in a good size to eat.

Apparently it was a cake that he and Amy had bought when they went outside.

“I think I bought it to give to Princess Philina or the Princess, can I eat it?”

Cecilia asked, puzzled.
Then Philina handed him a fork and said lightly:

“Bruno brought it to me to eat.
Don’t feel pressured, eat deliciously, Miss Cecilia.”

At Philina’s words, Cecilia took a bite of the cake with a relieved face.

She said in an admiring voice, her eyes widening.

“Wow, I’ve never eaten such a delicious cake.
The cream is just as smooth as milk!”

Filina also took a bite of the cake with a fork with a calm face.

True to Cecilia’s words, the whipped cream sued.
The bread in it was sweet and soft with strawberry jam in it.

“Are you okay on the inside?”

At Philina’s words, Cecilia’s shoulders shook as she took a bite of the cake.

Filina added with a laugh.

“I think you drank a lot of champagne yesterday .

“Oh, no! I’ve only had two drinks.”

Cecilia was two years younger than Filina.

Even the younger subject was fearlessly mouthing the first drink she had ever drunk in her life.

“At first, I drank it non-alcoholic, but it was surprisingly delicious and I wanted to try other champagnes.”

Cecilia explained yesterday’s situation to her, as if to make an excuse.

At the entrance to the banquet hall, there were tables on either side, with non-alcoholic champagne on one side and alcoholic champagne on the other.

For some reason, Filina looked at the other person’s eyes, imagining Cecilia secretly swallowing an alcoholic bottle of champagne.

“Still, it’s not good to drink at a young age.
In the next two years, Miss Cecilia will have her coming-of-age ceremony.
I’ll just put up with it until then, and then I’ll drink it later.”

At Philina’s words, Cecilia nodded sullenly.

“yes…, I’m reflecting too.”

She muttered in a low voice.
Then, with a twinkle in his eye, as if something had come to mind, he asked Filina.

“Princess, if you have no other appointments in the afternoon, will you not go hunting with me?”

Philina, who was taking a sip of the tea on the table, looked at Cecilia with a puzzled face.


She nodded shyly and opened her mouth.

“Actually, I’ve been practicing since I hunted with the princess.”

Filina was quite surprised by Cecilia’s words, which she had never thought of.

I guess he kept practicing hunting to share his hobby with me.

However, in the original film, Cecilia was never shown shooting.

Not only that, but hunting didn’t fit her image at all.

“Am I taking up too much of your time? I’ll have to spend it with my family as well, but if you’re in trouble, you can refuse!”

Cecilia’s face was full of regret.

Philina opened her mouth, smiling lightly.

“You saw Miss Cecilia earlier.
I don’t know what the atmosphere is like in my family…”

“Oh .

At her words, Cecilia looked embarrassed.

It was a story that anyone else would have wanted to hide.
Moreover, in aristocratic societies, revealing complex family affairs could be a vulnerability.

But Filina said with a light face, as if she didn’t care about such things.

“I didn’t want to stay at home, but it worked out.
It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to go far.”

But it wasn’t long before she regretted her answer.

I hadn’t expected Cecilia, who was smiling brightly in front of me, to bring someone else with me.

T/N: So, I decided to pick up this story as I was getting some requests.
So, to be fair, I’m telling you that your prejudice against this story is a bit wrong.
The previous translator dropped the story because Henry is the Ml and she felt it boring.

Many people dropped this story cause despite him killing her in previous life, she ended up with him.
But I’ll tell you a shocking revelation that Henry never killed Fl.
And later you’ll see their development.
Fl really wants to go back to her real world.
So don’t drop it as you’ll understand more of it in future.

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