Chapter 76

The wind blew through the grass lined with large trees.
Long blades of grass and wildflowers rippled freshly.

The clouds in the sky were moving sideways with the wind.

Arriving at the place where she had made an appointment with Cecilia, Filina stopped all action for a moment at the sight of her face as soon as she dismounted from her horse.

Cecilia was not alone.
Standing guard by her side was none other than Henry Argeny.

“…… Miss Cecilia?”

At the sound of Philina’s voice, Cecilia turned around and approached with a fresh smile.

Henry, too, quietly turned his head to look at Philina.

“Princess, are you here?”

Philina asked, still staring at Henry.

“Why is Lord Argeny here?”

Cecilia replied with a smile on her face.

“I called! I think it would be more fun if Count joined us!”

Philina said, forcibly pulling her lips up.

“Did Lord Argeny accept Miss Cecilia’s offer, knowing that I was coming here?”

“Absolutely! On the contrary, you had another appointment, and since you said that you were going to meet the princess, did you deliberately cancel the appointment?”

At Cecilia’s words, Filina looked at Henry in amazement.

He averted his gaze from Philina, puzzled as to whether Cecilia had even uttered such a sound.

“…… Why such a stupid choice.”

She muttered in bewilderment and moved to the hunting area.

Cecilia squealed, following closely behind Philina.

“If you look at the skill of Prince Argeni, you will be amazed.
He’s also very good at catching birds flying in the sky.”

“Oh my gosh, that could be amazing.”

Filina blurted out dryly, not surprised at all.

Then she stood beside a large tree and pointed upwards in the direction of the hunting rifle she was holding.

There was a moment of silence, and then Philina, who had been focusing her gaze on her target, pulled the trigger toward the sky.


One bird, which was flying freely high in the sky, was hit by a bullet from Philina and crashed to the ground.

Cecilia, who had been watching her from behind, let out an exclamation with a startled face.

Philina slung her hunting rifle over her shoulder and looked at Henry haughty.

He was staring at her with a blank face somehow.

When Henry didn’t get the response she wanted, Filina pursed her lips in disbelief.

“I don’t think there’s anything you can’t do! It’s so cool!”

Cecilia grabbed one of Philina’s arms, making eye contact with her helplessly.
The reaction was more passionate than expected, and Filina couldn’t overcome her embarrassment and turned her horse away.

“Shall we have a game?”

Cecilia asked with a puzzled look at her words.

“A match?”

“Compete to see who can hit the most animals with a gun for a certain amount of time.”

At Philina’s words, Cecilia muttered sullenly.

“But I’m not as good at hunting as Princess Philina and Prince Henry.”

“Then Miss Cecilia will count as two for every catch of one.
How’s that?”

At Philina’s words, Cecilia seemed troubled.

“It’s just a game anyway.
The person who matches the least will grant the wish of the person who matches the most.
I think it’s going to be a lot of fun…”

Philina moved her gaze to look at Henry.

“What about Lord Argeny?”

At her question, Henry glanced at Cecilia for a moment, then opened his mouth.

“I heard that Haley had just learned to hunt.
That would put you at a disadvantage in the game, so why don’t you just have the two of us competing?”

At his words, Filina frowned.

Isn’t it a subtle rejection of Cecilia? It might sound sad to her.

But Cecilia opened her mouth with a nonchalant look that overshadowed Philina’s concern.

“Oh, I don’t care.
As Prince Henry said, I have only just learned to hunt, and it might interfere with your match.”


Filina looked at her with a look that seemed to concern her.
Then Cecilia smiled as if it was okay.

“I’ll be cheering you on! Instead, I’ll have to join the game in the future! I’ll be practicing hard in the meantime!”

At her words, Filina smiled a little and nodded.
Henry took the first step and settled down through the grass.

Philina, who had been staring at him intently, found a suitable spot for the hunt and sat down with one knee on the floor.

“Let’s keep it short to one minute.”

At Henry’s words, Philina stared at him with a frown contorted.

One minute was too short.

No one knows when the target will pop out, and the idea of ending the game in just one minute was to decide whether or not one would come out and win.

…… No, wait.
Is that really what he meant?

Philina looked at Henry in bewilderment.

He wasn’t just competing to see who could catch more game.

If they had one minute to spare, there would be only one target at most, and they would compete to see who would shoot it first.

Philina straightened the gun in her hand and blurted out.

“Seeing that Lord Argeni is serious about this mischievous game .

She turned her head to look at Henry.

“Do you have a wish for me?”

His eyes stared at Philina plainly.

The corners of her mouth curled up and she spat out another word.

“But what? I guess I should use that wish for Lord Argeni.”

She pointed the muzzle of her gun forward, her gaze fixed on the front again.
Henry, who had been staring at Pilina silently, said to Cecilia, who was behind him.

“Can you let lady Haley time it for you?”

Cecilia nodded at the sophisticated voice and pulled out a pocket watch from her pocket.

Seeing this, Philina raised her lips pursed.

I wondered how he knew and the pocket watch popped out of his pocket.

Soon Cecilia looked at the second hand and pursed her lips.


With her cheerful voice, Philina’s red pupils scanned sharply across the grass.

The leaves rustled in the light breeze.
The fragrant scent of cedar stung the tip of my nose.

I could see the tail of a speckled squirrel running quickly through the blades of grass.
Such a small animal could not be prey.
Filina waited for the wind to die.

Her rosy hair flutters in the air.
Suddenly, he felt Henry’s eyes staring at Philina from the side.
I didn’t know that the gaze that had passed without me noticing it would fall easily.

Eventually, when the waves of the wind stopped all movement, she raised her eyes.

Henry, too, focused all his attention on the grass.
Cecilia, who had been watching them from behind, looked at their muzzles with more nervousness.

In the silence, feeling as if even the sound of her breathing was going to be annoying, Cecilia covered her lips with her hand.

There was an empty silence.
There was a faint rustling through the grass, where there was not the slightest movement, as if the world had stopped.

In the distance, I saw a deer passing by a thorn tree.
At the same time, Filina’s bullet ricocheted forward.

It traveled at a speed similar to Henry’s bullet next to him.

The cries of animals spread through the trees that stretched high into the sky.
The deer she was targeting was hit by a bullet and fell to the ground.

“Who hit it first?”

Philina asked, turning to Cecilia.
Henry also turned his head to look at her.

Cecilia, who had received their gaze at once, rolled her eyes with a puzzled face.

“Oh, I’m sorry.
It was so fast that I couldn’t see it.”

At the sound of her voice spitting out tears, Philina turned her head to look at Enoch, my escort.

He bowed his head slightly and spoke in a low voice.

“Both bullets were of similar speed.
You’ll have to check the game for yourself and see the depth of the bullet.”

At Enoch’s words, Henry’s escort driver, Philip, nodded.

“I’ll go check it out.”

Henry stood up and spoke, and Philina pulled herself up as if she had been waiting.

“Come with me.”

Henry looked back at her, and Philina shrugged lightly.

“You never know.
Sir Argeny will manipulate it behind the scenes without anyone noticing.”

“…… That would be Sir Debussy.”

He replied stiffly and strode forward.
Filina turned her head for a moment, looked at Cecilia and my escort, and said:

“I’ll be here soon, so I’m waiting for you here.”

Enoch wanted to follow, but Philina immediately turned his back on him and prevented him from going any further.

Her red hair, tied together, swayed with Philina’s movements.

Henry, who had arrived a step ahead of her, sat down with one knee on the floor to check on the deer’s condition.

Philina quickly sat down beside him and scanned the depth of the deer’s bullets.

The bullet that struck while the body was alive was shallower than the bullet that struck when the body was completely dead because of the hard muscles created by writhing in pain.

The types of bullets used by Philina and Henry were different, so they were able to distinguish them sufficiently.

There were two bullets that pierced the deer’s torso.
And one of them had disappeared somewhere, with a bullet that had completely pierced his torso.

So, if you check the remaining bullets, you will naturally know the winner of this match.

Henry pulled the bullet out of the deer’s body with his hand without difficulty.
The tip of the silver bullet was surrounded by a blue band.

“That’s ridiculous.”

Philina grunted in annoyance and snatched the bullet Henry was holding.

Her bullet had a red band at the end.
And now it was Henry’s bullet that he carried.

“I think I won, Sir Debussy.”

The corners of his mouth turned up softly to look at Filina.
She glared at Henry, as if she didn’t want to admit it.

Henry stood up, smiling leisurely.

“Then let’s take your wishes slowly.”

As he did so, he turned, and Philina quickly stood up and grabbed Henry.

“Write it now.”

He turned his head to meet Philina’s.
She shouted to Henry once more in a clear voice.

“Use it now.
Lord Argeny’s wishes.”

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