Chapter 77

Henry, who had turned completely at Philina’s words, looked down at her with an indifferent gaze.

There was a brief silence for a very short time.

He opened his mouth with a pale smile.

“I don’t like it.”

Filina said with a smirk.

“Why? Is it a wish that should be made in a place with a lot of people? Do you want to embarrass me?”

She crossed her arms and continued in a blunt voice.

“But guess what? The outcome of the match is here, so wishes are only valid here.”

This was why he told Enoch and Cecilia not to follow.
Just in case.

Of course, if Henry had lost the match, it would have been a different story.

His iris stared at Philina silently.
She lifted her chin with a broken and confident face.
He said he would never bend down.

Henry bowed his head slightly, raising his lips softly.
Her silver hair reflected in the sunlight drifted softly.

“Don’t you know that a wish to use in a place where there are only two of you is more dangerous?”

He raised his gaze to face Philina’s red eye.

“I know what I wish to Lord Debussy…, fearlessly.”

Henry’s slow-opening eyes gave off an air of danger.

The sexy atmosphere is excessively sensual, as if a person is determined and trying to seduce the opposite sex.

If it weren’t for that pretty face in the first place, I would have snorted and blown it away as if it were the same.

Unluckily handsome…….

Philina bit her bottom lip and glared at him, then turned away.

Behind Philina, who was walking forward, Henry was slowly pulling away.

The lush grass swayed along the spot she passed.
Henry, who had been quietly following the figure with his eyes, looked at the back of Philina.

As he walked forward with a light gesture, he exhaled the air characteristic of Philina.

A different appearance from what I saw in the banquet hall of the imperial palace attracted my attention.

Her hair, which resembled a red rose, was bathed in brilliant light, and every movement gave off a variety of colors.

Henry, who had been staring at her back, lowered his gaze down again to look among the lush blades of grass.

It’s been hard to take my eyes off her lately.
As if drawn by a magnet, he naturally followed the figure of Pilina.

I realized myself in hindsight, and I had to force myself to lower my eyes.

Otherwise, I would be frantically chasing Philina forever.

‘…… Wish.’

If it had been a different spirit, he would have acted a little more gentlemanly.

For example, even in a game where you can win enough, it naturally creates a flow for the opponent to win.

But the opponent was Philina.

Her normally well-maintained composure was easily shattered when she stood in front of her.

What’s more, it was the root of my interest in the word “wish” that Philina uttered.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been so desperate to win this playful match.

His gaze looked at Philina again.

There was a light breeze and the smell of fragrant flowers.


Cecilia spotted Philina, and approached her with a twinkle in her green eye.

“Who won?”

Cecilia asked, glancing at Henry, who was walking slowly behind Philina.

The look on her face was as if she was looking forward to hearing the answer that Filina had won.

Philina was about to answer with an awkward smile when she heard Henry’s voice behind her.

“Sir Debussy won.”

At his answer, Philina frowned and looked back at Henry.

But Cecilia grabbed her hands and forced her to look forward again.

“After all, the princess has won! For some reason, I had a premonition that Princess Philina was going to win, but it was true!”

She looked at Filina with a thrilled face.

He didn’t know why Cecilia was so happy.

Fearing that telling the truth would disappoint her, Filina couldn’t help but nod.

On the other hand, Enoch, who was standing in the distance, noticed Philina’s awkward reaction, and drew a small smile with regret on his face.

Of course, I knew that the person who would be the most disappointed in the match was Philina, and I quickly changed my expression.

“There’s really nothing you can’t do.”

The three of them sat under the shade of a large tree and talked for a while.

“Well…, because you’re so good at it, you must have been accepted into the swordsmanship academy, which even men don’t get into!”

Cecilia was staring at Philina, her eyes still shining with admiration.

Henry was sitting with his back against a wooden pole, draining bullets from his hunting rifle.

“How do you handle the sword? It looks heavy just by looking at it.”

Cecilia opened her mouth, staring at Henry’s sword.

He had put his sword down on the floor for a moment before he sat down.
Apparently, the long sword had hit the ground, making it difficult for him to sit down.

On the other hand, instead of bringing her hunting rifle with her, Philina left the sword Enoch had given her in the mansion for a while.

“Prince Henry! Can I just grab a sword?”

Cecilia, who had been staring at his sword, asked in a cautious voice.
Then Henry raised his gaze and looked at her.

“My sword must be quite heavy for Young-ae.”

Cecilia replied with a smile in his voice.

“It’s okay.
I’m just curious to see what it would feel like.”

She approached Henry and looked at his sword curiously.
Henry hesitated, unable to answer easily.

Then Cecilia said with a somber look.

“Do you feel uncomfortable with me touching your sword? I’ve been hunting for a while, so I haven’t had dirt or anything on my hands.”

“That’s not why.”

“If not, does the sword have any special meaning? Then I won’t be stubborn either.”

In the end, it also meant that if it didn’t have any special meaning, I’d let you catch it.

She had a knack for subtly rolling her opponents to her liking.

“…… It’s dangerous and you have to handle it with care.”

Henry let out a small sigh and held out his sword to Cecilia.
Then she took Henry’s sword with a face full of expectation.

Filina watched with interest.

The original author of “Cecilia’s Flower” portrayed the heroine in a very clear and pure image.

Accordingly, Cecilia’s appearance was very far from swordsmanship or shooting.

So the appearance of Cecilia hunting had a sense of separation.

“Wow, that’s really heavy.”

Cecilia opened her round eyes in admiration.

“What about me? Am I as good with a sword as Prince Argeni?”

She smiled pretty as she grasped Henry’s sword with one hand.
Then, as if dancing, he spun around in place and pretended to slam his sword into the air.

“Haley Young-ae, it’s dangerous.”

Henry looked at her and relented, and Cecilia burst out laughing.

“Prince Henry, aren’t you too worried about it? I didn’t pull out the sword, but there’s something dangerous.”

She pretended to thrust her sword forward once more.

He swung his sword with free gestures as if painting a picture.
Her golden hair flowed through the air and rippled beautifully.

It was a virtuous gesture, as if a maiden had come down from heaven to dance.

Cecilia asked Filina, smiling broadly.

“How does the princess look? Can I learn to sword?”

His mischievous voice was clear.
The green eye glistened through the green blades of grass.

Filina couldn’t make any reply, just staring blankly at Cecilia.

It was weird.

Whether she was riding a horse or when she had succeeded in hunting, she felt a strange sense of separation that was hard to admit, but now Cecilia’s appearance felt more natural than anyone else’s.

…… Why? Was there a scene in the original film where the heroine performed swordsmanship?

No, there was no such thing.

The female protagonist of “Cecilia’s Flower” had a strong passive character, and it was the male protagonist who saved her when she was in danger.

So it could never have happened that Cecilia would take up the sword.

…… So why does she look so natural now?

Filina couldn’t help but wrinkle her brow at the strange texture.

Clouds hung low in the sky, obscuring the sunlight and bringing dark shadows.

Filina couldn’t figure out the meaning of the goosebumps sprouting on her forearm.

-ˏˋ ━━━━━━ ʚɞ ━━━━━━ˊˎ-

The next morning, when morning came, Philina went with Enoch to the weapons store.

I asked the master to choose the most expensive sword and armor, and he didn’t think to leave the warehouse for a long time, so he brought me a golden long sword and a square box the size of a palm.

“These are the most expensive swords and armor we sell in our store.”

At the master’s words, she first put the golden long sword in her hand.

The model of the handle was similar in shape to the one used by Philina now, and the weight was heavier than the sword given to him by the master, with only a slight difference.

When the sword was raised upwards, the sound of a sharp blade rang out.
Presently she drew the blade into the empty space and swung it lightly.


With a clear ring, the silver blade gently sliced through the air.

“Enoch, what do you think it looks like?”

Enoch, who had been quietly watching her from behind, spoke up.

“It’s like a great sword.
The blade is a hard but sharp model, so it looks very practical.
It’s also very stylish.”

“Is that so?”

Philina nodded, threading the blade back into the sheath.

Next, he pulled out the armor in the brown box.
It was made of transparent glass balls, and its sturdy appearance stood out.

“Can you feel the magic in the palm of your hand? It’s a very expensive piece of armor.”

The master boasted, but unfortunately there was no energy that passed through Philina’s hands.

I didn’t even feel the usual warmth.

Those who use divine powers cannot absorb magic, so this was inevitable.

She said with a regretful face.

“Armor doesn’t work until you use it, so you’ll have to trust your master.
It’s definitely the best armor here, isn’t it?”

Normally, it would be as effective as it was expensive.

At Philina’s words, the master shook his head and began to explain the effectiveness of the armor.

Philina, who had been listening quietly, turned her head to look at Enoch.

“How do you look? Do you think it’s usable?”

At her words, Enoch, who glanced at the armor in the form of a transparent glass ball, bowed his head and replied:

“I’m not a big armor user, so it’s hard to judge.”

“I’ll try, though.
You’re going to use it.”

At Philina’s plain voice, Enoch looked at her with a puzzled face.
Then Philina shrugged her shoulders lightly and added:

“It’s a gift from me.
This armor and a long sword.”

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