Chapter 80

After finishing her tea time with Hestia at the Imperial Palace, Filina walked with Cecilia to the carriage.

But at some point, Cecilia seemed to be less talkative.

Even as she walked with Philina now, she had no intention of opening her mouth.
His expression was also quite dark, and his lips were slightly protruding.

Philina spoke to her with a puzzled face.

“Miss Cecilia, is there anything wrong?”

Cecilia shook her head helplessly at her question.

“…… No, nothing happened.”

Cecilia replied in a gloomy-looking voice, and Filina frowned.

“But why are you so silent? You don’t seem to have any energy, but you’re fine, right?”

At Philina’s question, Cecilia stopped in place.
Philina stopped with her and looked at Cecilia.

Her green eyes stared at Philina, then purred her lips with a firm face.


“Yes, Miss Cecilia.”

Filina replied with a leisurely smile, and Cecilia also relaxed her expression and opened her mouth.

“I really like Princess Philina.”


At her abrupt confession, Filina looked at Cecilia in bewilderment.

Cecilia’s eyes looked very serious when she looked at Filina.

“I like Miss Cecilia, too.”

Philina said with a smile, and Cecilia beamed and grabbed both of her wrists.

“Really? Can I ask you this much?”

At Cecilia’s words, Filina asked in a puzzled voice.

“What do you want?”

At her question, Cecilia closed her lips as if she was worried for a moment.

Then, with a serious expression, he met Philina’s gaze.

“The princess’s name.”

Cecilia’s calm voice blew through the air, softly.

“I want you to give me a name.”

At what she said, Filina tilted her head as if to ask what she meant.

Then Cecilia opened her mouth with a slightly contorted expression, as if she remembered something.

“I’m telling you because I’m afraid that the day will come when Princess Hestia will call you by her name in a friendly way.”

At the sound of her voice, Filina said with a face that she didn’t understand.

“Now the princess doesn’t call me by name.”

“I know.
However, in today’s mood, I am anxious that sooner or later the Empress will be able to call Princess Philina by her name.”

Cecilia stubbornly waited for Philina’s answer.

Looking at her, Filina quietly pondered what Cecilia had said, and then frowned.

“Don’t you want me to be close to Princess Hestia?”

It was an overly straightforward question.

Cecilia lowered her gaze and couldn’t give an easy answer.
On the contrary, it was Philina who was confused when she saw her.

Of course, I thought I would hear the answer no…….

Filina opened her mouth with a look of bewilderment.

“Miss Cecilia, we don’t have a tea time like this once or twice, and why don’t we do that?”

“I wasn’t very close to Princess Philina before.”

Cecilia’s green eyes, resembling emerald jewels, looked at Philina inquiringly.

“But it’s different now.
I’ve gotten a lot closer to the princess.
In fact, I still feel that I am lacking a lot, but……”

“What’s missing?”

“Of course, I’m talking about my relationship with the princess.
I want to get to know Princess Philina more.
So much so that no one else can compare it.”

There was a faint obsession in Cecilia’s eyes.
Looking at her, Filina couldn’t hide her embarrassment.

I couldn’t understand what the hell Cecilia was talking about.

No, maybe I didn’t want to understand.

The relentless gaze on me was very burdensome.

In the original story, Cecilia was very uncomfortable with Filina.
That’s because Filina hated Cecilia every time.

She was more faithful to the role of the villain than anyone else, and Cecilia, as the heroine, had to endure all the wounds alone.

However, the original story was twisted when another person was possessed by Philina’s body, and Cecilia didn’t feel uncomfortable with her either.

Or rather, I’ve come to like Filina more.
Because I tried to die trying to get to know Cecilia to avoid a death ending.

But that was for later.

The story hadn’t really started now, and crucially, Filina hadn’t made any effort to get close to her right now.

So Cecilia’s reaction was very embarrassing to Philina.

He didn’t know what to say to Cecilia, whose eyes lit up as she said she wanted to get to know him more.

Cecilia, who had noticed such an expression on Philina’s face, let out a small sigh and opened her mouth.

“Did I put pressure on you?”

Her delicate voice drifted lazily in the wind.

“I’m just afraid that this relationship is going to break up right now.
As you know, I don’t have many people to open up to.
So I’m just trying to be a little bit more committed to the relationship that I’m in.”


“But I didn’t mean to put pressure on her.”

Cecilia bowed her head, muttering sadly.
A lonely, lonely emotion reflected in her green eyes.

Seeing her, a little sympathy flowed from my heart.

“…… I know Miss Cecilia’s heart.”

Philina smiled slightly, speaking softly.

“I also want to get to know Miss Cecilia better.”

At her words, Cecilia looked at Philina with a brightened expression.

“But Miss Cecilia knows how important connections are to an aristocrat like us.”

However, Cecilia’s expression hardened slightly at her subsequent words.
Filina spoke again in a serious voice.

“The more rushed you are, the harder it is to maintain a good relationship.
So let’s take our time and get to know each other slowly.
Over time, my desire to get to know Miss Cecilia will remain the same.”

At Philina’s words, Cecilia’s expression relaxed.

After all, she was the heroine of the original.
No matter how much the story changed, the fact remained the same.

So I shouldn’t have lost Cecilia and Chuck.
On the contrary, the closer we get, the better it will be for me.

I appreciated her desire to be close to me, but she didn’t have to really open up to this fictional world.

It’s just a relationship built on purpose.

The dry wind on his skin caused an empty feeling.

-ˏˋ ━━━━━━ ʚɞ ━━━━━━ˊˎ-

The next morning, Filina had dinner with her family.
Afterwards, I returned to my bedroom and briefly packed my things to go back to the military academy.

“Miss, is that really enough? Even if you only have one closet in your dorm, you’d better pack enough extra clothes.”

Laura said with a worried look, and Filina shook her head and opened her mouth.

“You said you left some extra clothes in the dorm.
I wear a lot of uniforms anyway, so I don’t need them anymore.”

“Then grab some more emergency medicine.
I thought you were a young lady and put it all in by type, so why did you take it all out?”

“How many times do you say that the military academy also has an infirmary? There are a lot of these drugs out there.”

It took me quite a while to unzip one of the bags.

Laura kept looking disgruntled and trying to put something in.
Then Philina would take it out again, and the pattern would repeat itself a few times.

“I can’t take any more, Laura.
I know you’re doing this because you’re worried about me, but please do it in moderation, because of the luggage you packed, I didn’t even have a place to sit in the dorm.”

Then Laura nodded as if she couldn’t help it.
Filina stood up with a small smile.

One of the attendants approached and brought her luggage to the wagon.
When Pilana stepped out of the bedroom, Enoch and Laura naturally followed her.

As she stepped to the front door, Amy, Bruno, and Ariel stood side by side, waiting for her.

Filina walked up to Amy’s place for a moment and pointed in the direction of Gabriel’s office.

“I’ll come and say hello to my father.”

Then Amy shook her hand in the air and opened her mouth.

“You don’t have to.
My dad just left because of an outside schedule.”

“Is that so?”

At Amy’s words, Filina replied with a sullen face and walked away.

When she returns to the academy, we won’t see her for the next few months, and Gabriel walks out without saying goodbye.

I was stunned by this and couldn’t help but laugh.

Even at the meal, he didn’t say much to her.
It was just a formality that passed the time.

“By the way, the uniform is pretty good to look at, isn’t it? I didn’t think it would suit women if they wore it, but surprisingly it’s okay.”

Amy scanned Philina’s figure and murmured quietly.

She didn’t like the color of her dull uniform, but the overall sleek design of her clothes was enough to give her a sense of belonging.

However, Amy quickly sighed with a disgruntled face and opened her lips.

“The other girls are busy preparing for marriage, but you are going to a swordsmanship school for men at this critical time, so you may not be able to get married for the rest of your life.”

Amy blurted out anxiously and looked at Filina.

“Now His Highness the Crown Prince seems to have completely ceased his interest……”

At her muttered words, Filina sneered.

Amy seemed to think that after she left for the military academy, the prince had gone with her, and her interest in Philina had disappeared.

If Ian heard that he had confessed to Philina in the Rose Garden, he knew how Amy would react.

“Anyway, I can’t hold my head up because of you or Phil.
Wouldn’t it have been nice if you just went to the poetry collection like everyone else? I’m just saying that I’m learning swordsmanship all of a sudden…”

Amy blurted out in a pathetic voice, and Bruno, who was next to her, opened his mouth with a small smile.

“Still, the Duchess of Farrior told me a while ago that she had a wonderful daughter and she boasted about it.”

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