Chapter 81

At the sound of his voice, Amy slurred her words with a puzzled face.

“No, when did you say I was bragging? I just talked about it all day, and I got a little tired of it.”

As she made excuses in a blunt voice, Bruno made eye contact with Filina with a smile on his lips.

Philina, who had been exchanging glances with him with a blank expression, turned her head to look at Ariel.

She had been silent since earlier, just silent.
If it was normal, I would have greeted him with a smile with an innocent face.

But now, he stared into the air with an expressionless face, and then he turned his head to look at her, wondering if he had felt Philina’s gaze.

It was chilly when I ran into it right away.
Amy and Bruno were right next to her, but she didn’t take care of her facial expressions.

“Philina, you have to leave now, so it’s not too late.”

Then I heard Enoch speak in a low voice.
Philina nodded and looked away for a moment, making eye contact with Amy.

“I’ll be there then, mother.”

When she greeted her, Amy somehow frowned at the corners of her eyes and couldn’t answer easily.

Philina, who looked at her silently, immediately tried to turn around.

“…… Don’t get hurt.”

Amy muttered, turning her head to the other side.
Filina stared at her with wide-open eyes.

“Be sure to write a letter, okay?”

Amy said, moving her gaze again to look at Philina.
Philina, who had been staring at her blankly, nodded slowly.

“…… Got it.”

With that, she left the mansion immediately.
As she stepped to the carriage, she paused for a moment and looked back at the tightly closed door.

If Amy’s eyes looked at her and looked like she was worried for some reason, she was mistaken.

She retraced her steps and approached the carriage that was waiting in front of the mansion.

Taking Enoch’s hand, she was about to climb into the carriage when she turned her head for a moment to look at Laura and Enoch.

“Miss, why are you doing that?”

Laura looked at her puzzled face, and Filina said, her lips pulled up gently.

“Just see me off here today, you don’t have to come along.”

At her words, Laura opened her mouth in surprise.

“What do you mean by that, Miss! Of course, you’ll have to go with us to the academy! What if anything happens along the way!”

“Don’t worry, nothing happened.
And have I forgotten that I’m a knight if I just do my ordination properly?”


Laura looked at Philina with a worried expression.
Enoch, who was holding her hand, also had a face that was no different from Laura’s.

Pilina, who was looking at the two of them, let out a small sigh and opened her lips.

“The other day, when you drove me to the front of the military academy, I was depressed.”

“What? Why are you depressed?”

Laura asked with a puzzled face, and Filina said with a smile.

“Why? Because you have been trampled in the snow.
I don’t want to break up either.”

At her words, Laura wept with a touched face.
He looked like he was about to burst into tears.

Before she could cry, Philina quickly climbed into the carriage and waved to Enoch and Laura.

“I’ll be there.
Don’t worry, I’m doing well.”

The door of the carriage was completely closed, and Enoch bowed his head.
Laura finally greeted Filina by wiping the corners of her eyes with the back of her hand to see if the tears she had been holding back had burst.

The carriage began to creak and move slowly.
Seeing Enoch and Laura walking away from the window, Filina smiled softly.

I can say that I feel quite different now than when I first left home to go to the military academy.

Enoch and Laura were gone, shadowy beside him, but he felt no longer lonely or lonely.

My heart was not heavy.
The weight of emotions weighing on my mind seemed to be lightened just a little.

-ˏˋ ━━━━━━ ʚɞ ━━━━━━ˊˎ-

As soon as she got back to school, she headed straight to Huey’s room.

In fact, all I had to do was get back to my dorm by four o’clock in the afternoon for three days and two nights.

Tomorrow was going to be the ordination ceremony, and when I changed my affiliation to the 1st Order, I would have a lot more to learn in the future than before.

What’s more, most of the other cadets now have not returned from leave.

So now was the right time to do something bad.

I was going to meet Huey and get an active part of what he was doing.

I didn’t know what the hell was going on, but I had to meet someone who had mastered the principles of the world that he had talked about.

It’s a slim possibility, but you might even know something about yourself.

He also needed to find out why he had suddenly gained the power of divine power.

She went to her dorm room, where Huey had told her beforehand, and knocked on the door.


However, there was only a quiet silence that greeted her.

Huey had told me where his room was and told me to come to visit him early on the last day of his vacation.

“What, really?”

Philina tapped Huey’s door once more with a frown.
But this time there was no reaction in the room.

In the end, she sighed and decided to wait for Huey for a while.

As I leaned back in front of the door, I was passing the time in a daze, when suddenly I saw another visit in front of me.

It was the room directly across from where Huey was staying.


It was none other than Henry who opened the tightly closed door and came out.

He reflexively frowned at Philina’s face as soon as he opened the door.
It was the same with her when she found Henry.

“Why Sir Debussy……”

He muttered in a low voice, then shifted his gaze to look at the door where Filina was leaning.
The nameplate would have Huey’s name on it.

Henry’s face could be seen hardening cold.
His purple eyes stared at Philina.

“What are you doing there?”

Henry’s dry voice flowed.

Filina, who never thought she would see him in front of Huey’s room, rolled her eyes in embarrassment.

“No, Sir Argeny, why did you come back to school so quickly? I don’t even enjoy my vacation time.”

Henry frowned at her question.

“That’s a question I should ask, but…”

He twisted his gaze to look at Huey’s visit once more, then continued in a low voice.

“Sir Debussy must have had a more important appointment than enjoying the whole holiday.”

At Henry’s question, Philina’s eyes widened as if she had been stabbed in the face, and then looked away awkwardly.

“No, not until it’s a very important appointment .

“You didn’t agree to meet with Lord Fieldman.”

“…… That’s true.”

Philina readily acknowledged, and Henry let out a small sigh.
Then he lowered his gaze and asked in a quiet voice:

“You’re dating Lord Fieldman.”

The words that came out of his mouth made Filina gasp.

“What do you say?”

She gave Henry a brief look, as if she had heard all the stars.
His face was full of displeasure.

Then he looked up and stared at Philina.
The mood, which had been chilly a moment before, seemed to have softened even more.

Then the sound of leisurely footsteps rang out from one side of the corridor.


It was Huey walking by, calling her name clearly.

Naturally, he thought he would come by magic and moved through space, but his uniform was slightly disheveled, whether he had used the stairs to climb it himself.

“You’re late.”

Philina blurted out with annoyance, and Huey apologized roughly, looking no sorry at all.

“Were you having an affair with another guy while I was gone?”

Huey looked at Henry and asked playfully.
Then Filina frowned.

“Please don’t say anything that might be misunderstood by others?”

“Is there anything that could be called a misunderstanding?”

Huey put his arm around Philina’s shoulder and looked at Henry.
At that, Henry’s face sank cold.

His purple eyes scanned the back of Huey’s hand dryly as it rested on Philina’s shoulder.

“…… Didn’t you say you weren’t dating?”

At Henry’s words, Huey grinned and replied instead.

“We’re not dating.”


“But it’s good enough to fit alone in a confined space.”

Huey smiled brightly, his eyes narrowing.

“Stop messing around, let’s go.”

Filina said, staring out the window at the wall of the dorm building.
I had to meet the man Huey had spoken to before it got dark.


Huey nodded and led Filina to open my door.
I could feel Henry’s eyes staring at the two of them from behind.

Huey opened the door and looked back at Henry for a moment before stepping inside.

“Well, Sir Argeni, I’m going on a date with Filina, so watch me here.”

Huey blurted out the words and locked the door.

Filina glanced at Huey like she was looking at a madman.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you determined to ruin my face?”

“No, Sir Argeny looks at you so cutely.”

He wept and spat out, then suddenly turned to Filina and asked:

“But why do you enter the men’s room without fear?”

He asked, genuinely curious.

“What if I do something bad to you?”

Filina replied with a clear smile.

“Then I’ll kill him.”

“yes, I won’t do anything wrong.”

Huey nodded and walked away, pulling bottled water out of the fridge and drinking it.

Filina looked curiously at the room in a different structure from the one she was staying in, and then asked Huey.

“But why did you ask me to see you here? You said you could meet whoever you were looking for through the door in the kennel.”

At her question, Huey walked up to Philina and said,

“First of all, I think I need to give you a basic explanation.”

He leaned back against the wall and looked at Pilina.

“You wonder why I joined the swordsmanship academy? I’ll explain that to you, too.”

“Can you tell me?”

Filina asked with a puzzled face, and he answered with a light shrug.

“I’ll have to let you know anyway, because if you don’t, you might be surprised.”

At Huey’s words, Filina looked at him with a frown, and then nodded.

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