Chapter 86

At the same time as Philina’s words, the monster began to inflate its huge body.
Then he drew all the energy into his mouth.

The black light gradually increased in volume in a round shape like a ball.

Seeing this, Huey let out a small curse and reached for the demon.

“You have to stop that attack at all costs, it’s very dangerous.
Last time, I managed to kill him before he was attacked, but I thought it wouldn’t be easy if I came back to life.
I’m sure all the chains in the kennel will be broken.”

Huey blurted out, and immediately unleashed an offensive spell that whirled red flames.


White smoke rose with a loud bang.
The floor shook like crazy as if there was an earthquake.

Filina covered her face with her left hand and coughed.
I couldn’t open my eyes properly because of the acrid smoke.

Huey, on the other hand, looked at the monster with a casual face and continued to attack.
Above his hand stretched forward was a red magic circle.

Philina raised her gaze to examine the situation.
Behind the haze of smoke, there was no sign of the demon.
However, the black light was constantly being pulled into the smoke.

The monster is not dead.
He was concentrating on gathering energy while being attacked by Huey naked.


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Huey chewed on the expletives and grabbed her hand beside him.
Then he began to run blindly to the place where the monster was.

No, to be precise, towards the indigo door located at the bottom of the demon.

In the meantime, Huey’s magic team continued to attack the demons.

“It’s a pity, but I think the operation you mentioned is going to be tough.
If I stop attacking here for a second, he’ll shoot runaway magic at us right away.”

Huey, who had been rushing forward with Philina, groaned calmly.

“Now he’s trying to unleash all of his energy out, and then pull it back together and attack it with runaway force.
When all of its power is drained, the demon’s body becomes in an emergency state, and the immunity increases.
At the end of the day, it’s just a matter of increasing your stamina.”

Hughie gritted his teeth and continued to check the location of the monster.

“And it sends all the energy out, and the power that has lost its owner becomes a runaway.
I’m bringing it back.
Then, the monster’s health will increase even more, and the energy will be activated in a runaway state.
Then it’s going to be a huge blow.”

I could see transparent beads of sweat running down Huey’s forehead.
After using the magic in a row, I felt more exhausted than usual.

As time passed, Huey’s offensive magic was absorbed into the demon’s body, and the feeling of hitting diminished.

According to Huey, the runaway magic that the demon was about to use now didn’t seem to be available while he was under attack.

However, as time passed, there would come a moment when Huey’s attack would not be eaten, and then he had no choice but to be attacked by the demons.

Even if Philina were to attack on Huey’s behalf, it wouldn’t work unless her power was stronger than Huey’s magic.

There was only one way.
While Huey’s magic was maintained, he had to hurry out of here.

Keeping the monster alive might put the academy in danger, but he didn’t have time to worry about that right away.

When Huey walked into the kennel, he cast a spell on the door so that it would automatically revert to its original state, but he didn’t know what would happen.

Before he knew it, Huey approached the indigo door and stopped.
Philina, too, paused and looked ahead.
Around the door, a blue light was drawn in circles.

“…… That’s where the problem lies.”

Huey let out a small sigh and looked at the blue light in front of the door.
Then he turned his head to examine the condition of the demon.

“…… Damn.”

The monster, who had almost exhausted Huey’s magic, was ready to activate the runaway magic in no time.

With an annoyed face, he let Filina into the cage first.

“You go in first.”

At Huey’s sudden action, Filina closed her eyes in surprise.

Those who do not allow access to others will unleash offensive magic on those who enter uncontrollably.

Strangely, however, nothing happened to Philina.
She said with a puzzled look.

“Why isn’t anything happening?”

“It’s not the magic of the military academy.”

At his words, Filina lowered her gaze to the blue light.
I thought I knew now.
It was a divine force rather than a simple decision.

Perhaps it was the result of the existence of the material Huey was looking for.
The power of the divine force was no blow to Filina.

But it might be a problem for Huey.

“What happens when you come in here?”

Filina asked urgently.

Huey was pushing his attack magic harder against the demon.
Maybe if it had been another wizard, he might have fallen.
He was using too much horsepower.

He said, turning to Philina.

“In fact, it’s the most similar space to the Forest of Illusions, because it’s very full of divine power.
A power similar in size to magic doesn’t affect me much, but if a wizard jumps into a space full of divine powers like this one, it’s easy to faint.”

At his words, Filina asked, looking surprised.

“Fainting? So how did you get through the hallucinatory forest by yourself until now?”

“If you have a little bit of physical support, you can get by with your mental strength.
So at least you can go into the hallucinatory forest and pass out.
I’ll be awake in an hour or so anyway.”

Huey added with a sigh.

“But if I were in my current state, I’d lose my mind just stepping on the ropes.”

He looked at Philina and said with a pitiful face:

“Please, if I die here, tell the apprentices in the tower not to be so sad.”

She said, grabbing Huey’s forearm.

“First of all, come inside the tube, I’ll see if I pass out.”

Huey stared at Filina in bewilderment.

“If I pass out here, the monster bastard will run away right away.
Then you’re going to watch me pass out and then you’re going to the goal.”

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As he stood firm and spoke, Filina frowned.

“Until now, when I was gone, I went through the forest of hallucinations as if I were eating, but now why am I so weak? Aren’t you being more harsh because you’re here?”

“Oops, did you notice?”

At her words, Huey smirked, stopped the spell he was casting on the demon, and walked straight into the conjuncture.

At the same time, the demon cast runaway magic.
With an insidious aura, the kennel building was filled with dark light.

The emergency bell set up at the military academy began to ring noisily.

Filina frantically ran through the door, led by Huey’s hand.

A light breeze blew.
The forest road, through which the desolate air flowed, was filled with a murky mist.

The parched ground cracked, creating a faint brush.
In the faint wind, the rolling stones were crumbling helplessly.

“…… Is this a forest of hallucinations?”

Filina said, looking around with a blank face.
I couldn’t see where the indigo door I had crossed from the kennel had disappeared.

“How can you cross a door, and it’s such a different world?”

She blurted out in a low voice.
But when asked by Philina, Huey didn’t respond.

Filina looked to the side, puzzled.

Then I saw Huey lying on the floor, his eyes closed.

Filina looked at him in bewilderment.

“…… What, did you really faint?”

She squatted on the floor and slapped Huey on both cheeks, but he showed no sign of getting up.

‘If a wizard jumps into a space full of divine powers like he does now, he is likely to faint.’

Suddenly, I remembered the words he had uttered with a serious face.

Huey always made no distinction between jokes and sincerity.
So I didn’t listen to the word fainting this time … I guess it was true.

Eventually, Filina gave up on waking him up, stood up, and looked around.

It was weird.
The ground was too dry for a space full of divine power.
It wasn’t even winter, but there were no leaves on the trees, and the sand on the floor was dry.

I felt like I was hearing the cry of an animal coming from somewhere.
The wind blew through the silence and made the sound of a small flute.

As she looked around, she suddenly felt a chill and shrugged.
A terrible chill seemed to be pouring out of somewhere.
I felt goosebumps sprout up on my forearm.

Feeling weird, she turned to where Huey was.
Once he woke up, it seemed safer to move.

Then I felt a gaze from somewhere.
Filina reflexively stopped and struggled for a moment.

…… Shall we look back? But for some reason, when I look back, I feel like I’m going to regret it.

She swallowed and moved her head.

Dry, tree-slapped trees stretched sloppily over the polluted land where the desolate air was soaking.

Someone was hiding behind the thickest wooden beam, staring at Philina.

“…… You’re a child, aren’t you?”

She rubbed her eyes with her hands, unable to tell if what she was looking at was real or not.

The blurred vision quickly brightened, but there was still a boy hiding behind a wooden beam, staring at Pilina.

Next to him sat two black puppies.

Filina muttered to herself in bewilderment.

“…… No, why is there a child here?”

She stared at him blankly, then turned her head to look at Huey’s collapse.

Her indigo hair drifted softly on the floor, and her eyelashes fluttered.

I could hear his even breathing.

Huey still showed no signs of waking up.
Maybe it wouldn’t happen until an hour later, as he said.

Philina moved her gaze again to look at the child.

His silver eyes were chasing her relentlessly.
But I didn’t feel threatened.

It’s funny that you’d be scared of such a small kid in the first place.

Philina moved her feet and walked cautiously to where he was.

Then the child’s little palm resting on the wooden pole clenched its fist.
His face was full of nervousness, and he was wary of Pilina.

But there was no sign of him escaping.

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I couldn’t understand how on earth there was such a small boy in this desolate forest.

Were there any other aisles? Did I take the wrong road and end up here?

If there had been such a smooth way for a child to come, he would not have to deal with the monsters in the kennel.

Philina bent her knees at eye level, keeping a reasonable distance from the child.

Her languid voice flowed through the empty atmosphere.

“How did you get here?”

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