But then he met a being who knew him.
Tears welled up in my eyes.
Not knowing what kind of person he was, I was comforted in my heart like a fool.

Just to say that you know me…….

She couldn’t speak anymore, just tears dripping down her face.

Li, who was staring at her, said in a low voice.

“…… I feel the divine power, Philina.”

At his words, Filina looked at Li with a blank face.
There were clear tears in her red eyes.

He looked at Philina and said in a virtuous voice:

“I came because I was drawn to that power.”

At Li’s words, she frowned.

…… When you say power, you’re talking about divine power.

I could see that there was a clear aura around him.
Is this the same power that Lee feels for herself?

Perhaps the reason why the boundaries between each other were easily broken down was because of divine power.

Li felt the same sacred aura as hers.

My head was dizzy.

Who the hell is this kid?

If you’re not a person, how can you have divine power? I wonder if that’s possible.

Filina opened her mouth with a confused face.

“What is your identity?”

In response to her question, Li silently stared at Filina’s iris.
His expression was as innocent as a child’s.

However, it was only very quickly that a small crack began to appear on Li’s face.

“I .

Li’s clear voice began to tremble.
A dry wind blew over the desolate land.

“I want to die……”

With that, Li wrapped his head around his head with a pained face.
Filina looked at him in bewilderment.

Li lowered his head and trembled all over.

“…… Ma, the wizards killed all their companions.
Those who survived managed to escape to a place where no one was around, but they were shocked to witness the death of their comrade.
And everybody got sick.”

He reminded himself of the past with a pale face and spat out gibberish.

“At some point, we lost our temper and started attacking each other.
In the end, I abandoned everyone and fled here.
I survived 200 years alone in a land where there was no one.
And they were attacked by humans.”

Li, who had been clutching her head, suddenly looked up and looked at her.
In an instant, he crawled to his knees and slammed into Philina’s stomach.

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She was squatting on the floor, her hips slammed against the floor at Lee’s sudden action, and she was staring at him with only her upper body erect.


Li’s silver eyes stared at her.

“…… Why did you come with the wizard?”

There was a strange feeling of flesh in the cool voice.

There was something I had overlooked.

Huey said the purpose of finding the child was “to get the ingredients.”

He had already been to the hallucinatory forest several times, and he must have found Lee somehow.

And he might have fought to achieve his goals.

Maybe it was a one-sided attack…….

If so, the fact that she came here with Huey would be unwelcome news for Lee.

All he had to do was have one more person to guard against.

So it wasn’t that he didn’t understand the expression on Lee’s face as he stared at him fearfully.

Philina said in an urgent voice.

“Lee, I’m not here to kill you.”


“I just came here to talk.
I thought maybe there was someone here who knew me, so that’s why I came.
With a very desperate heart .

She pressed her lips together again, in a mournful voice.

“Please take my word for it, Lee.”

His eyes, which had been life-threatening at Philina’s words, seemed to slowly soften.
Little by little, Li’s hand on her shoulders drained away.

The two puppies that were with him swooped up and licked the back of Lee’s hand.

As she watched her pinky-finger-sized tail move gently, she let out a small smile, as if her nerves had been relieved.

Lee was staring at her face.

That was then.

A red flame flew from nowhere and attacked Li.


She turned her head in surprise.
Then, when he came to his senses, Huey was looking alternately at Filina and Lee with a distorted expression.

“Huey! Don’t do it!”

She shouted impatiently, but Huey once again unleashed his magic on Lee.

Dark red flames whirled closer.
However, in a space full of divine power, Huey’s magic power had no power.

His magic was scattered in the air, leaving only a feeble ember.

Huey came over, chewing on her expletives, pulled Lee away from her stomach and threw her away.

Huey grabbed Philina’s shoulder and examined her condition.

“Are you okay? Why are you hurt?”

She looked at Huey with a puzzled face, then turned her head to look at Lee in the distance.

Then he turned to Huey again and said coldly:

“Are you crazy? Do you want to push that little boy away like that?”


At her scolding, Huey smirked, dumbfounded.

“You know what a dangerous kid he is…”

He opened his mouth with a look of chagrin, but Filina stood up and ran straight to Lee.

“Lee, are you okay?”

She hurriedly checked on Lee’s condition, and Huey, who had been watching Philina from behind, wrinkled his face in bewilderment.

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