Chapter 88

Lee kept his eyes fixed on Huey even as Filina looked at him and worried.

His identity was unknown, but he attributed the decline in the population of the same race to a mage’s attack.

The reason Huey is trying to find Lee now is to get the ingredients.

Maybe their relationship wasn’t as good as she thought it would be.

I could tell just by the atmosphere between them right away.

But she needed Lee.
There were so many things I hadn’t asked him yet.


Huey let out a small sigh and called to her.

“Come here when you have a nice word to say, don’t fall for that naïve face.”

He said in a muffled voice, shaking his chin at Li.
Li’s expression looking at Huey was getting worse and worse.

Filina hurriedly hid Lee behind herself and said to Huey:

“Huey, promise me only one.”

Huey frowned at her abrupt words.

“What promise suddenly?”

Philina looked at him with a stern face and opened her mouth.

“Don’t attack Lee.”

At her words, Huey snorted, dumbfounded.

“Philina, have you forgotten why you and I are here? And when did the two of you even share a common name? No matter how many times I met him, he wouldn’t tell me his name.”

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No matter how much he thought about it, he looked at Lee and Filina alternately, as if he didn’t understand.

She stared at Huey in silence, then pondered for a moment.

Lee will stay here anyway.
It wasn’t quite the right thing to do to confront Huey now.
The more he does so, the more he will only increase Lee’s vigilance.

If so, why not come back here after fully explaining your situation to Huey?

He said he was using Lee as an ingredient, but he didn’t know if he would listen to him.

The first thing I had to do was to keep them apart for a while.

Philina looked at him and said calmly.

“Huey, Lee is not a dangerous kid.
Honestly, if you hit Lee now, it doesn’t look good.
He’s like a personality wrecker who abuses children.”

At the sound of her serious voice, Huey stared blankly at Filina like a man at a loss for words.
Then he shouted at her with a gaping face.

“Philina, you talk about me like some very unscrupulous human being…! Do you know how old that foxy bastard is hiding behind you now?”

“I don’t know the details, but I know he’s over 200 years old.
But on the outside, he’s a child.
You’re an adult.
So don’t hit me if you can.”

Philina looked at him with a solemn expression and added:

“In fact, when you pushed this kid earlier, you looked like a little bit of a child abuser.”

At the sound of her firm voice, Huey looked at Philina with a puzzled face.

Filina, who was quietly facing him, suddenly felt Lee’s hand gently grabbing her hand from behind.

When she looked at Lee, she clung tightly to Philina’s arms, like a child dependent on her mother.

Still, Huey’s wary gaze remained.

Philina smiled affectionately and stroked Lee’s hair.

“It’s okay.
I’ll not let Huey attack.”

At the sound of her voice, Lee looked up and looked at Filina.
His silver eyes, with a mysterious feeling, seemed to want to say something.

However, Huey opened his mouth with an annoyed face, and Li’s gaze was also quickly removed.

“Philina, if you knew who she was, you wouldn’t be able to stick with her.
Don’t regret it later, come this way.”

She asked, her brow wrinkled.

“But why do you keep coming to me, Maraya?”

There was something awkward about Huey’s movements, and he didn’t seem to be able to get close to her easily.

Of course, he had come over briefly to keep her and Li apart, but he quickly pushed Lee away, so it can be said that it was a split second.

She said with a puzzled face.

“Why do you keep being sloppy?”

At Philina’s words, Huey replied, pursing his lips.

“Are you asking because you don’t know now? I’m going to get dizzy to death because of the divine power, but my stomach is rumbling because he’s in front of me.”

He said, pointing to Li with his fingertips.
Filina stared intently at Huey’s face and then wrinkled the back of her nose.

“So how did you get the ingredients? It’s not magic anyway.”

“That’s a different story when he comes back to his true form.”

Having said that, Huey glanced behind Philina, and then smirked in disbelief.

“But he’s so funny.
When I came alone, I turned into a barbarian with the main body and attacked me.
Why is it still like that now?”

Then, suddenly, he pulled something out of his pocket.

He threw it once into the air, caught it again, and flew it quickly into the back of the Pilina.


The white ball immediately touched Li’s body, creating a bright glow.
Filina looked back at Lee with a puzzled look on her face and shouted at Huey.

“I told you not to attack! What the hell did you throw?”

At her words, he raised his lips smoothly.

“I guess so.
It’s a divine power bomb that I’ve been working so hard to prepare.”

Then his expression hardened heavily and he groaned coldly.

“Philina, if you don’t want to die, come over here right now.”

His face became more frightening than before.
Huey’s gaze had been on the back of Philina for some time.
To be precise, it was the part that fell far above her.

Filina followed him with a puzzled look on her face.

Then Li, who had carefully grasped his hand, was gone, and a large light covered the sky, revealing his enormous body.

Suddenly, chills rushed through my body.
Philina instinctively backed away.

Then Huey grabbed her arm and widened the distance.
Filina rushed back with him in a hurry and looked back in disbelief.

“What the hell is that?”

She stared at the scene in front of her with a puzzled face.
A chilly sensation dominated his entire body.
The dry sky gave way to darkness for a moment.

Huey spoke in a low voice.

“That’s what he really looks like.”

The white light slowly faded, revealing Li’s true identity.
There was a tremendous pressure that I could not dare to explain.

It was enormous.
It was huge enough to obscure all the sky in front of you.

It had four legs supporting it, and its blue wings soared high into the sky.
The long tail kicked strongly against the ground.

His skin was covered with hard scales, and he didn’t think it would be scratched by most attacks.

The noble creature, which resembled a lizard, was reminiscent of the ultimate weapon.

Filina backed away in disbelief.
Then, when her legs lost strength and she was about to fall, Huey, who was behind her, quickly wrapped his arms around her waist.

Philina muttered lowly, her face taken aback.

“That’s a dragon .

I couldn’t believe it.

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I’ve seen countless strange creatures in my life, but this was the first time I’d ever met a dragon.

Even in the original story, there was no mention of dragon hauntings.
It was indeed an imaginary animal.

All of this ridiculous sight was real in front of my eyes.

Unable to overcome the pressure that seemed to be about to attack, Filina uttered a small expletive.

“Si X, what is this……”

Hearing her, Huey shook his shoulders and smiled.
Philina glanced at him like she was looking at a madman.

How can I laugh at this situation?

At that moment, blue light began to gather in the mouth of the dragon, which had a soothing atmosphere.

Filina was staring at her in disbelief, and Huey, who hugged her waist tightly, immediately began to run to the other side.


If he hadn’t run away with Philina, he might have melted away in the blue flame that sprang out of the dragon’s mouth.

The spot where she had been was already covered in hot flames.

“Come to your senses, Philina.”

At Huey’s clear voice, Filina turned her head to glare at him.

“It’s all because of you.
Why don’t you touch the kid who was still and make him sick of this devil?”

At the sound of her grumbling voice, Huey raised his mouth gracefully.

“You’re unlucky to be naïve.
If you go back to the main body, you will lose your reason.”

At his words, Filina’s expression contorted.

Somehow, he thought it was strange that Lee was attacking him.
Apparently, when I went back to the main body, it seemed that whoever the opponent was, he would start attacking.

As Huey had said, that would be Lee’s true self.
It must be the image of a child who has sealed all of his strength inside his body and compressed it as much as possible.

“But why did you suddenly turn into a dragon?”

Philina asked with a puzzled face, and Huey said nonchalantly:

“I attacked you earlier with a divine power bomb.
If he gets a little excited or can’t control his emotions, he changes from time to time.
That’s why I told you it’s dangerous.
You never know when you’re going to turn into your true self.”

Huey stopped running with Philina, then ducked back into her arms.

Immediately, a huge flame burst into their place.

It wasn’t so clean as it was the power of divine power.
The sacred energy I had felt as a child had completely disappeared.

Huey spread out his palms and began to gather magic power.
Filina asked, puzzled.

“How do you use magic? You said you couldn’t use it in a place where it had divine power.”

Huey asked, jawing at the dragon.

“Look at his condition right now, he’s destroying all the divine powers he’s unleashed.”

It was as he said.
The divine power that had unusually unfolded in the forest of hallucinations was slowly being reaped around the dragon.

“When your true self is revealed, the divine power around you loses its power.
Because it’s deteriorating.
There is a dark force that cannot be called divine power.
Thanks to this, I can also unleash magic around the main body.
Of course, it’s weaker than it was supposed to be.”

Soon after, a large magic circle was drawn in front of Huey’s hand.

It took a different form from the one he used to attack.
Inside the magic circle drawn in white circles, a dizzying tangle of letters was intricately intertwined.

Huey muttered softly, his face troubled.

“I don’t know if summoning magic is possible because I haven’t recovered all my magic.”

As he did so, he lifted his gaze and looked at the dragon that was making a mess of the hallucinatory forest.

Soon after, a dragon with wide blue wings soared into the sky.

At the same time, a giant monster jumped out of the magic circle that Huey had created and attacked the dragon.

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