“Lady! Please come out quickly!”


Filina, who was quietly sipping tea in her bedroom, had to take tiresome steps at the loud call.


As she walked down the long corridor and down the stairs, she saw the servants and maids gathered in front of the door.


“What’s going on?”


As Filina approached, the noisy crowd parted.


Then she saw Amy and Ariel talking to each other, looking at the basket of flowers on the table.


“What are the flowers for?”


She asked with a curious look as she approached Amy, and Amy held out the card from the flower basket to Filina.


“You took the man your mother introduced to your sister?”


Amy said pathetically and shook her head.


Then she gently stroked Ariel’s creamy hair, who was slumped down next to her with a sullen face.


“You don’t have to be disappointed by this, Ariel.
Eddie is not the only man out there.
I will introduce you to a better man at the next party.”


Lord Eddie looks better with sister then with me.”


Ariel smiled with an angelic face, her white cheeks flushed red.


Filina, who had been staring blankly at the scene, turned and read the card Amy gave her.


[I still remember your ruby jewel-like eyes.
I’m sending you these flowers in anticipation of our next meeting.


It was from the son of Marquis Edwards who first spoke to Filina at the banquet.


She held up a basket of flowers on the table.


There were only all kinds of red flowers.


“It’s tacky.”


The servants and maids who had been watching her opened their mouths at Filina’s casual comment.


“Any other Young Ladies would have accepted the basket of flowers and blushed, calling it romantic.”


But with an indifferent expression, Filina turned away and called for the nearest servant.
She held out the flower basket and said with a cold voice.


“Send it back.”


A puzzled look came over the servant’s face.


Everyone was staring at Filina with surprised faces.


Lord Eddie was not only young, but also good looking, so he was well-known among the noble young children.


“He might be young and doesn’t have much of a masculine vibe now, but surely if he matures later, people will fight to marry him.
Our Young Lady will have a hard time.”


Various words were exchanged between the servants.


How could she send back a present? It clearly meant to reject him.
It would be better not to respond at all.


If she were to change her mind later, she could say that she forgot to reply.


Amy, who was watching her from the side, snorted and spat out bluntly.


“Because you’re so arrogant, you haven’t been able to entice the Crown Prince yet.”


Amy, who had been trying so hard to force Filina to be with Prince Ian since she was a little girl, looked at her with a look of discontent.


Filina, who was facing her mother with such a calm face, turned her face away from the glancing gaze she felt.


Ariel was staring at her with sparkling eyes.


Filina folded her eyes, smiled prettily, and held out the flower basket to Ariel.


“Would you like it?”




“I think you’ve been wanting it for a while now.”


Filina said, forcing it into Ariel’s chest and quickly turning around.


Ariel’s eyes sank dry as she inadvertently received the basket of flowers.
The smell of flowers hovering around the tip of the nose was very fragrant, but the things abandoned by the owner were just trash.
In the end, it was like disposing of garbage to Ariel.


“What is with that temper?”


Amy frowned as she looked at the already vanished back of Filina.
However, Ariel wasn’t aware that she, herself, had naturally raised her lips to a faint smile as Filina moved away.


The servants and maids who had gathered in the doorway slowly dispersed.
Ariel was the only one left in the empty place.




An invitation arrived from Cecilia to have tea time.


Filina still hadn’t had a proper conversation with her.


She had met Cecilia so many times in her previous life, but now she was barely at the beginning of the novel.


Therefore, it was only right that the meeting with Cecilia should not take place unless it was a special occasion.


In the original story, Celilia did not ask Filina to have tea time with her.


Rather, Filina invited Cecilia to teatime to annoy her.


The story went awry anyway.
The first time she noticed it was when she overheard the conversation between Crown Prince Ian and Cecilia.


“The successor does not have to be your child.”


There should have been no such content in the scene seen in the garden.
Before, she thought everything was going well with the novel, but she felt like she was hit by a strange bolt of lightning.
She got goosebumps on her arms when Ian brought her lost rose corsage to his lips.


So she ran away from there, and it was only a few days ago………..


Perhaps Cecilia’s invitation to her was prompted by a curious encounter she had run into while leaving the banquet hall.


There was no particular reason to refuse her invitation.


The more she got on bad terms with the female protagonist, the more the damage was done to Filina.


*At the meeting*


“My Lady, what is that on your wrist?”


 Cecilia’s green eyes reached for Filina’s slender wrist.
It was wrapped round with a gray bandage that somehow seemed to have weight to it.


“I’ve been exercising a lot lately.”


Filina smiled and opened her mouth.


Cecilia tilted her head curiously, as if she did not understand what Filina was saying.


These days, when Filina woke up in the morning, she changed into comfortable clothes and started her physical training.


She strapped her homemade sand bags to her arms and legs and endured the practice.


“Lady Debussy is very different from what I thought.”


Cecilia cut a piece of pie from her plate into a suitable size and then brought it to her mouth.
The white whipped cream on the pie sticking to the side of her lips.




Filina took a napkin from one side of the table and held it out to Cecilia.


When she finally noticed the cream on her lips, she blushed a little in embarrassment.


“Thank you, Lady.”


Cecilia wiped her mouth with the napkin Filina had given her and smiled innocently.


Filina just shrugged lightly.
It was no big deal.


“Um, excuse me.” 


Cecilia began to speak cautiously, noting her expression.


“If you don’t mind, may I call you Lady Filina ……?”


Quietly bringing her cup to her mouth, Filina turned her gaze to look at Cecilia.


Her eyes were beautiful as she nervously waited for a response.


Filina knew how tears could spill from such beautiful eyes.


In the original story, it was only the male protagonist who made her cry.


Even when the mastermind kidnapped Cecilia, she didn’t cry.


Even when Filina showered her with all kinds of evil, Cecilia only shed tears behind her back, but drew a sad smile in front of her.


She was someone who shouldn’t show her weakness.


How much greater sorrow could such a woman mean when she wept so sadly?


Filina hesitated.


She didn’t know if she should just accept Cecilia, who was interested in her.


“My Lady, if it’s a burden, you can refuse! I just….
I’m just… ….”




Cecilia was afraid that she burdened Filina, who was hesitant to reply, and spoke hurriedly.


“You may call me by my name.”


Filina spoke softly.
She could see Cecilia’s face light up as she stared at her.


“Wow, really? I love you! You can call me Cecilia too!”


“…Yes, Cecilia.”


How amazing was it to be able to call her by her name?


Filina couldn’t understand why Cecilia had such a clear smile on her face.


Would she look like that even if she found out that Filina took her hostage in her past life?


Filina dropped her gaze and looked at the white cup on the circular table.


The clear water, from which the petals had been extracted, swirled.


“Actually, I’ve never had a proper conversation with Lady Filina, so I really wanted to have a teatime.”


Cecilia’s smile was so pure and bright that it made Filina’s heart ached.


“It took a lot of courage for me to send the invitation….
I’m happy that Lady Filina accepted it.”


Filina had a strange feeling that her head was spinning.
She couldn’t come to her senses as if she was drunk.


As she did so, she accidentally missed the teacup that she was about to grab.




A sharp sound echoed in the quiet atmosphere.


“Lady Filina, are you alright?”


Clear water trickled down the table, soaking her dress.


Getting out of her chair, Cecilia hurriedly approached Filina.


The servants brought her handkerchiefs.


“It’s okay.”


Filina rose from her seat, shaking off Cecilia’s hand that was fiddling with her dress.


She even looked at the maids as if to say not to come near her.


“…… Lady Filina?”


Cecilia looked at her with a puzzled expression and retreated.


Filina turned and called Enoch and Laura, who had come with her.


“Let’s go back now.”


They nodded at her words and stepped over.


Filina said to Cecilia, who was standing looking at her in a daze.


“I don’t feel well today.
Please forgive my rudeness.
I’ll make sure to send an invitation here next time.”


Finally, Cecilia’s face lit up.


“Yes, My Lady! I’ll be waiting!”


Replacing her answer with a faint smile to Cecilia, Filina slowly moved her feet.


It wasn’t until a long time after passing through the wide corridor that she was able to get out of the huge mansion.


“Miss, are you alright?”


Laura looked at Filina with a worried face.


“Yes, I’m fine.”


It was a symptom that came once in a while.


Her heart would beat fast and she would feel suffocated.


The terrifying fear of dying at any moment would soon go away after a certain period of time.


“Lord Enoch went to call the horsemen.
He’ll be here shortly.”


Laura said, patting Filina lightly on the shoulder.


She knew that sometimes Filina couldn’t breathe well.


She had called a well-known doctor to take her pulse, and she had also mentioned her symptoms, but he only said that they were stress-related.


“I think the carriage has arrived.”


Laura’s voice was faintly audible.


The sound of horseshoes dazzled her ears as the wheels rolled.


Her head started to hurt.
Her chest began to ache.


Everything turned into a blur and Filina fainted.


Before she collapsed, there was a hand grabbing her thin wrist tightly.


He  gently wrapped Filina’s waist and leaned her small face against his chest.


His fine silver hair danced in the wind.



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