Chapter 89

Filina sighed softly as she watched the fight unfold in the sky.

The monster’s large tail tightened its grip on the dragon.
The cry of a great beast spread through the sky.

A humid wind whipped through the air, creating a fierce whirlpool.

The monster was struck by the wind and fell to the ground in a horrible way.

A powerful energy gathered in the dragon’s mouth.
A dazzling beam of light fell in a straight line towards the demon.

The demon attacked by the dragon from the front roared in agony.
All the animals that had been hiding in the hallucinatory forest were fleeing.

But the dragon’s attack wasn’t over yet.

He landed quickly on the demon’s body and crushed it with his sharp claws.
Then, with his four legs wrapped around the monster, he spun swiftly into the sky and slammed it hard to the ground.

It was an attack without mercy.
He intended to kill the demon once and for all.

The dragon once again lifted its thick claws towards the demon.

But Huey flicked his fingers lightly, and the monster’s body flipped over.

In a split second, he dodged the dragon’s attack.

However, the demon was already a terrible destruction.

I could see Huey muttering something in his mouth.
A pure white light flashed around the demon, and the wounds on his body began to heal.
At the same time, the power of the demon was strengthened.

Huey stretched out his palm forward, summoning another monster from the magic circle.
This time, two jumped out in quick succession and lunged at the dragon.

The cry of the dragon spread through the desolate space.
As if her eardrums were about to burst, she covered her ears with her hands.

Three monsters were attached to the dragon.
Huey kept slurring something out of his mouth.
The power of the demon that engulfed the dragon became more and more violent.

Philina slumped on the floor and covered her ears.

The dragon’s voice howling in anguish became too loud to bear any longer.
No matter how much I tried to block it with my hand, it dug into my ears.

She looked up to look at the dragon in confrontation with the demon.

It looked as if heavy rain was about to fall from the sky.
A chilly wind was blowing and a terrible darkness was gathering.

No demon will be able to defeat the dragon.
The divinely favored aura is strengthened only in times of crisis.

A dazzling beam of light drifted out of the cloud-filled sky.
A noble force warmly embraced the dragon and slew the monster.

Filina stared at it in fascination.
Before I knew it, the monster turned into black dust and was blown away by the wind.

At the same time, the dragon crashed to the ground as it was.

The divine power that had been flowing from heaven was gone.

A little boy lay on the desolate ground.

“…… Lee.”

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Philina involuntarily stepped forward and turned her head to the hand that came from her side.

Huey was staring at her, breathing heavily.

“Philina, take me out…”

Before he could finish speaking, he fell to the floor.
A cold sweat was pouring down Huey’s forehead.


Filina grabbed him with a puzzled face.
Huey was already unconscious and could only feel the faint sound of breathing.

She lifted Huey’s arm with difficulty and put it around his shoulder.

He was probably influenced by the stirring of divine powers.
I had to get out of the hallucinatory forest right away.

Philina, who had been turning with him, paused for a moment and looked back.

I could see Lee lying lonely on the empty ground.
The black puppy hiding behind the tree saw Lee and ran over and licked his cheek.

Filina stared at Lee in silence and then forced herself to take a steady step.

-ˏˋ ━━━━━━ ʚɞ ━━━━━━ˊˎ-

Using the compass Huey had given me, I was able to find the door to the military academy.

What worried me the most was the monster in the kennel, but luckily I could only see the quiet inside, which seemed to have been treated at school.

Before moving on to the Hallucinatory Forest, the emergency bell rang in the kennel, so I guessed that the instructors would come and clean it up.

There was so much commotion that the exterior walls of the building were all destroyed, and it seemed difficult to recover.

There were quite a few empty seats to see if the monsters that had been trapped in the other cages had also been hit.

First, Filina took Huey out of the kennel.

And his eyes immediately met Lawrence, who was guarding the front of the kennel.

He let out a small sigh as he looked at Huey in his arms with Philina, and then slowly opened his mouth.

“Sir Debussy, let me talk to you for a minute.”

With Lawrence’s help, Huey was safely transported to the infirmary, where she found the laboratory.

Naturally, I thought I was going to walk to the Oval Office, but Lawrence seemed to want a space where no one was around.

Maybe he was conscious of Carmen in the Oval Office.

“Sit down.”

Lawrence walked into an empty room in the middle of the lab and pointed to the couch.

Philina walked over to him and sat down, and soon Lawrence had set his teacup down on the table.

She grabbed the steaming hot mug in her hand and brought it straight to her mouth.

A warm liquid ran down his esophagus.
A faint sigh burst between her lips.

To this day, what happened in the forest of hallucinations seemed like a dream.
What’s more, the last time I saw Lee, I kept poking in my mind.

…… Is Lee okay?

What if you have a crush on yourself and never see you again?

How much do they know about me?

There were so many things I hadn’t asked Lee yet.

In my heart, I wanted to retrace my steps and go to the hallucinatory forest.
However, once I found out about Li’s true identity, I couldn’t go to him blindly.

No way I’m going to see a dragon…….

I still couldn’t believe it.

Lawrence asked calmly, looking at Philina, who was barely able to get out of her mind.

“Are you okay?”

Her red eyes looked at Lawrence.

Only then did Filina furrow her brow, as if she knew who she was with.

He was so distraught that he wasn’t surprised to see Lawrence.

His mind was a blank slate, and he couldn’t even tell what he was doing.

But as I entered the quiet space and swallowed a sip of the warm tea, my fast-beating heart calmed down.

Little by little, the confused vision became clearer and returned to its original color.
The structure of the laboratory, which had been indistinct, was now visible.

Filina didn’t answer Lawrence’s question.
He didn’t care, either.
It was just a perfunctory question anyway.

Lawrence asked for more information this time.

“Were you originally friendly with Lord Fieldman?”

Philina answered his question, narrowing her brows.

“Well, I don’t know.
I don’t know if I should say I’m friendly or not….”

“What did you two do in the Forest of Hallucinations?”

She looked at Lawrence with an expressionless face.

His beautiful features caught my eye.
His straight gaze on Philina showed a noble character.

She said in a calm voice.

“Huey said he was going to look for ingredients, so I followed him.”

“…… Ingredients?”

He furrowed his brow slightly, and Filina raised her lips gently.

“You know the assistant manager.
Who’s Huey.”

At her words, Lawrence looked at Philina with wide-eyed eyes.

The face and name of the Lord of the Matapju were not well known.

Huey said that he uses magic to block the view of people who come to the tower so that they can’t see his face.

As such, he was very shy about revealing himself as a horse lord.

But when Philina said she knew him, Lawrence looked surprised, as if she hadn’t thought of it.

She said with a light shrug.

“Huey is so mischievous.
I was going to get the ingredients, but he said he was scared and asked me to go with him.
So I followed Huey with a good heart.”

Filina blurted out the words as if to do what they should be.
It was an attempt to shift all the blame onto Huey.

Lawrence looked at Philina with an expressionless face.
His distinct voice echoed through the desolate laboratory.

“Did you get the ingredients from the Forest of Hallucinations?”

Filina looked at him with a pale face.

“I don’t know.
I fainted as soon as I got there.”

She continued her lie nonchalantly.

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“Later, when I woke up, Huey wasn’t feeling well.
I think I got into a fight with someone, but I don’t know the details.
As I said earlier, I had fainted.”

Filina emphasized the fact that she had fainted.

In fact, it wasn’t her who fainted in the hallucinatory forest, it was Huey Fieldman, but she didn’t bother to tell the truth.

After all, if a normal person had entered the forest of hallucinations, he would have fainted like Huey.

The abnormally flowing divine power was dangerous.

Lawrence is well aware of that.
So it wasn’t unusual to say that she fainted.

He had also prevented any questions he could ask Filina.

Lawrence, who had been staring at her intently, spoke again.

“I had a lot of trouble with Sir Fieldman going in and out of the kennel at any cost.
This time, however, they made a complete mess of the kennel.
Even the guy who was using it as a research demon was so excited that it would put the military academy in danger.”

“…… A research monster?”

Philina asked, frowning, and Lawrence nodded and continued.

“With the support of the Imperial Palace, we are raising research monsters for the Imperial War.
They inject them with potentiating drugs to make them a kind of combat weapon.”

Somehow, among the monsters I saw at the military academy, there were sometimes strangely powerful ones.

This was typically the case with the guy I played against in the kennel.

“One of the characteristics of a high-level demon is that even if you lose your life, you will come back to life.
And it’s even more powerful.
It is said that even older than now, they used it to grow battle monsters.
However, there was a backlash from the people who said that they also needed the right to respect life, so they had to find another way.
That’s what has changed.”

He took a sip of the tea that had been leisurely sitting on the table.

“And the demon that caused the commotion this time was also a research one.
But now Lord Fieldman has killed so many that it’s spiraling out of control.
We decided we couldn’t inject any more drugs, so we moved them to a freezer in the basement.”


“Ordinary monsters should be sent back to their original homes, but monsters that even military academies can’t handle are dangerous.
You have to kill the monsters just in case.
But that’s not possible, so that’s how we use it.”

At his words, Filina couldn’t help but harden her expression.

Eventually, the high-ranking monsters were sent to a freezer and frozen for the rest of their lives so that they would not come back to life.

“Actually, I’m not sure if it’s right to say this to Sir Debussy, but… Sir Fieldman won’t listen anyway, so I’m telling you that if Sir Debussy is acquainted with Sir Field, he’ll tell you about it for me.”

He looked at Pilina and opened his mouth with an indifferent face.

“I want you to stop making any more fuss.
I think you’re monitoring the situation, but there’s a degree.
If Lord Fieldman continues to make a fuss, he will be forced out of the academy.
And it tells us that Sir Debussy, who took part in this, will be held responsible.”

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