Chapter 90

After talking with Lawrence, Filina returned to her dorm, changed into her dusty uniform, and went to bed.

Her gaze was dry as she stared blankly up at the ceiling.

I remembered Lawrence’s low voice as he and Huey said they would hold him accountable for messing up the kennel.

I lost my strength.

What happens if you meet someone who knows you and you get kicked out of the military academy?

…… It couldn’t be.
You have to stay here somehow.

He had to meet Lee and ask him if he knew how to return to his original world.

I could never be kicked out until I buried it.

Drowsiness set in.
After the superior monsters in the kennel, they were replaced by the dragons, because they had expended too much energy.

…… Huey should be awake by tomorrow.

As soon as the morning dawned, I thought I should go see him.

Tomorrow we’ll be preparing for the knight’s ordination ceremony early, so we won’t have much time to talk.

Still, it’s a little bit good, so I thought I’d tell you more about Lee.

As she stared at the ceiling, Philina’s eyes slowly began to close.
The terrible darkness quickly came to her.

-ˏˋ ━━━━━━ ʚɞ ━━━━━━ˊˎ-

The ordination ceremony, which took place only once a year, was also a day that everyone looked forward to.

Promotion exams are held only once every three months, but ordination ceremonies for new cadets are held only once after the first exam.

The cadets, who belatedly became official knights, had to wait until the ordination ceremony the following year.

Candidates for knighthood should be busy from the morning.
After cleansing the body to purify the body of iniquity so that the heart is pure, a red robe is draped over a white robe.

However, Filina had been urgently looking for the infirmary since morning.
It was to meet none other than Huey.

“You went back to your dorm last night?”

But all that greeted her was an empty bed.

When I asked the instructor about Huey’s whereabouts, all I was told was that he had already woken up yesterday and went back.

“Oh, and Lord Bonnie Fieldman told me to read this letter to any woman who was looking for him.”

The instructor pulled a piece of paper out of his desk drawer and pointed it at Philina.

“I want to be alone for a while, so please don’t look for me.
When you calm down, I’ll go see you.
You can come to the dorm if you want to see me, but if you can, leave me alone.”

Filina looked at the paper the instructor was holding with a dumbfounded face.

When I woke up, I was embarrassed that I had left such a letter.

“But if you’re upset that you haven’t seen me, you can come and see me.
I want to be alone, but I can’t help it.”

Suddenly, the instructor read the letter and glanced at Philina with a puzzled expression.
When she met his gaze as to why, he scratched his forehead with his hand.

“No, it says in this letter that you must emphasize the phrase ‘you may come to meet me in the dormitory’ at least seven times, but I don’t know how to emphasize it because I don’t have the words.”

The instructor muttered to himself and read down to the last line.

“P.S., the reason I want to be alone is not because I’ve collapsed twice in front of a woman.
It’s not that it hurts your pride and you can’t raise your face in shame, so don’t bother to know why.”

The instructor folded the finished letter and turned to Philina and asked:

“By any chance, did Lord Fieldman fall in front of you? Twice?”

Filina replied, her lips pursed.

“I did.
I was so distracted that I couldn’t afford to take care of Huey’s pride, but…”

At her words, the instructor smiled and opened his mouth as if he was amused.

“I think Lord Fieldman was pretty embarrassed.
Somehow, as soon as I came to my senses, I grabbed my head and made a whimpering sound.
Go ahead and soothe me.”

At the instructor’s words that specifically listed Huey’s appearance, which she didn’t want to know, Philina sighed and sneered.

“There’s nothing to appease in the first place.”

She greeted the instructor and immediately left the infirmary.

Judging by Huey’s writing, it looked like he was in his dorm now, but she had erased the idea of going to see him.

It was a time when cadets were busy coming and going from their dormitories.
If I went to see Huey now, I was sure to get their attention.

I was a little worried because I lost my mind in the forest of hallucinations yesterday, but when I saw that he had left a letter, he seemed to be fine.

Huey would also have to attend the ordination ceremony to become a full knight, but it was doubtful what he would do.

In fact, if the purpose was to find drug materials, the ordination ceremony would not be so important.
What’s more, Huey didn’t seem to have any interest in swordsmanship.

Still, I participated in the promotion exam, so I wonder if I will attend the ordination ceremony.

Filina went back to her room and began preparing for the ordination ceremony one step later than everyone else.

It looked like she would have to soak for quite some time, but she replaced it with a quick shower.

After all the clothes needed for the ordination ceremony were assembled, the bell rang from the side of the regiment to assemble.

The knightly ordination ceremony leaves the swordsmanship academy and moves to a church, where a holy ceremony is performed through a simple service and prayer.

It was only after going through all these steps that he could become an official knight.

The sun was hot.
A cool breeze shook her hair.

Candidates for ordination gathered together.

There were also probationary knights who could not stand as candidates for this ordination ceremony but who would one day go through this process.

Filina turned her head to scan the cadets in the hall.

Again, Huey didn’t seem to be there.

She pursed her lips and looked at the dormitory building in the distance.

Am I ashamed that you fell twice in front of me, just like you left a letter for the instructor?

She wanted to believe that Huey wasn’t just interested in being a full knight.

“Today is the day you will be appointed as a knight.”

Lawrence, who stood in the center of the cadets’ gathering, spoke in a calm voice.

Philina’s eyes stared at him quietly.

Lawrence’s gaze scanning the cadet met her eyes for a moment, but then quickly moved to the side.

“The ordination ceremony will take place in the church and you will be formally ordained as a knight through a simple ceremony.”

Lawrence, who briefly explained the ordination process and the precautions that cadets should follow, began to exit the training room.

Most of the cadets walking behind him looked excited.
Still, the way he walked in unison was unmistakable.

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Philina, who had been walking with Bessie, suddenly turned her head and scanned the candidates for knighthood.

Leone was none of those in the red robe.

Filina looked around more with a puzzled face.

Apparently, he too would have passed the promotion test and been selected as a candidate for ordination, but I didn’t know why he wasn’t here.

Then, by chance, his gaze met Henry’s not far away.

Unlike when he wore a uniform, his white linen robe with a red robe and a cape created a sublime image.

It was a face that I couldn’t imagine as a black curtain in a story.

Her beautiful features, harmoniously combined with her silver hair, gave off an air of excessively honesty and chastity, like a person who does not know dirty things.

His purple eyes scanned Philina relentlessly.

She met his gaze silently and then looked away.

Henry bit his bottom lip as he looked at her, then lowered his gaze.

He looked nervous.

He had a lot of things he wanted to ask Filina, but he couldn’t help but feel frustrated that he couldn’t reach her.

He clenched his fists and caught his breath to see if he was confused by these feelings.

Maybe it was a good thing Huey wasn’t here.

If he had confronted him, Henry would have gone into the room with Pilina and asked her what she had done.

And I would look back and regret it.

A small sigh slipped between his lips.

It was like a man who had a secret crush on a woman.

It was trivial.
It was a needlessly busy and terrible feeling.

Even though I knew her insensitive gaze every time she looked at me, I couldn’t figure out what the hell she wanted from Filina.

It was annoying to see my face always contorted when I saw it, and to smile easily at others.

Still, he couldn’t stop looking at Philina naturally.
He looked very stupid.

Soon after, a church building appeared.

The ordination ceremony was in the form of renting a church building from the military academy and inviting the chancellor.

In front of the church, the novice priests came out to greet the cadets.

Filina looked up at the church building with a blank face and noticed a statue standing on one side.

The large marble statues were of classical beauty, as if depicting the figures of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

Philina, who had been staring at the statue, walked slowly into the church.

The candidate for knighthood stood in front of the pulpit, and Lawrence and the rest of the cadets all sat in the pews.

The chief priest at the pulpit began to pray.

The order of ordination of knights is usually that after the chief priest finishes the prayer, a knight takes the lead and completes the “vows of chivalry” in the Gospels.
Then, the most important ritual is carried on through the Grand Vizier.

In recent years, however, the priest has rarely attended the ordination ceremony because he is busy, and the chief priest has taken his place.

Most cadets wanted the ceremony to take place in the way it was supposed to, as it was a once-in-a-lifetime ordination ceremony.

Others also wanted to see the face of the minister.

Filina closed her eyes and focused on prayer like everyone else.

I had never really believed in God, but I felt like I could imitate him, at least in this space.

I still couldn’t understand why divine power was coming out of me.

If you’re going to give it to me, I’ll pour it out to you freely.
I didn’t like the way people were given their strength halfway, as if they were looking at each other.

For me, this kind of power didn’t suit me.
On the contrary, it was a power worthy of Cecilia, who was praised as a saint by the people.

Filina stared dryly ahead, her eyes wide open.
With the exception of her, everyone was fully focused on the service.

As I entered the church, I realized that the divine power that I had felt faintly was completely gone.

Then I felt a gaze from somewhere.

Philina turned her head and looked at the chapel pews.

I made eye contact with someone who was sitting at the entrance to the church.

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