She was a woman with waist-length black hair tied up in one.
She looked at Philina and smiled softly.

It was the first time I had seen it.
The outfit was obscured by the pews in the chapel and could not be seen.

…… I wonder if I’m a priest.

When the prayer was somewhat over, Filina quickly turned her head forward and pretended to be faithful to the service.

The woman behind her was looking at Philina with her chin resting on her hand with an intrigued face.

After the chief priest finished his prayer, he continued his vow of chivalry.
Among the candidates for ordination, the cadet who had attended the military academy for the longest time went out as a representative.

With his hands on the Gospels, he vowed to defend the empire and protect the weak.

This was followed by the most important ceremony.
I felt the chief priest standing in front of me suddenly send his gaze back.

He looked at someone with a troubled look on his face, and then let out a big sigh.
He looked anxious.

He glanced at the apprentice who was standing on one side.
The gold spurs brought by the priest were presented to each candidate for ordination, one for each.

This was followed by a kiss of peace and a pat on the shoulder with a sword.

This was actually the job of the chief priest, but this time too, the chief priest was acting on behalf of the ceremonies.

The candidates for ordination looked sad.
Ignoring the cadets, the chief priest continued the ceremony.

It wasn’t until a while later that Philina’s turn came.

Before she knew it, she was dozing off slightly, and when the chief priest sat right in front of her, she was stunned and polite.

As he reached out to award Filina with a gold spur, he heard someone’s voice behind him.


Voices echoed in the quiet space, and people’s eyes were drawn to one place.

Everyone was surprised that there was someone who dared to break such a quiet atmosphere.

“I’m the cadet.”

Someone from behind walked leisurely to the pulpit.
Filina looked back involuntarily and furrowed her brow.

It was a woman sitting alone in a pew in the chapel.

“…… Is this all of a sudden?”

The chief priest was staring at the woman with a very embarrassed face.

Before she knew it, she stepped up to Philina’s side and jerked at the chief priest as if to introduce herself.

Then he rubbed his forehead with a tired face, and then he looked at the people in the chapel and opened his mouth.

“The one who is here is His Holiness the Grand Marshal.
Please be respectful, everyone.”

At his words, all the cadets in the church began to murmur in surprise.

The priests everywhere maintained a modest expression, as if they were accustomed to this reaction.

Filina looked at Masha in bewilderment.
Masha, who had been staring at Filina for a long time, raised her mouth as if she was amused.

No, could the Grand Marshal be a woman…?

She looked back at her memory.

He had probably faced the Grand Vizier in his past life.

At Cecilia and Ian’s engagement ceremony, she must have been invited.

But the face of the minister didn’t come to mind.

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I could only vaguely recall the back of Cecilia and Ian standing side by side in front of the podium as they were welcomed, but I couldn’t remember the Grand Vizier who would have been sitting in front of them.

There was no way I could remember all the people who were just supporting characters in the story in the first place.

No matter what…….

How can the minister be a woman at a time when women’s rights are not so strong?

I could hear the voices of the cadets around Pilina talking.

“Wow, I’ve only heard that the Grand Marshal was a real woman.”

“But you’re so much younger than you think? You deserve to see their faces.”

Now I could see why they had waited so long for the Grand Vizier.

What they regretted was not their dissatisfaction with not being able to properly perform the knighthood ceremony, but their regret that they had not seen the face of the female minister.

In the midst of all this, it was ridiculous to judge someone who was in a much higher position than himself.

Masha opened her mouth lazily, picking up the golden spur held by the apprentice.

“I wanted to leave the work to our chief priest.”


“Somehow, I feel like I’m going to have to do the ritual myself.”

After she bestowed the spur on Pilina, they shared a kiss of peace.

As Pilina sat on the floor with one knee bent, Masha, who had been handed the sword by the apprentice, placed the blade over Philina’s left shoulder.

“In the name of the Lord, I command you to be just.”

Masha’s sword was pointed at her right shoulder.

“In the name of the Father, I command thee to protect my people.”

A beautiful silver blade rose above Philina’s rosy head.

“In my mother’s name I command you to be strong.”

Masha said, taking away her sword.

“Congratulations on becoming an official knight.”

Filina stood up and made eye contact with her.
Masha’s eyes curved softly, staring at Philina.

The chief priest, who had been watching from the sidelines, crept up to Masha and whispered:

“Your Holiness, do you have mercy on the other cadets who remain after the ceremony?”

At his words, Masha furrowed her brow and looked back at the chief priest.

“I don’t like it.
Everybody is ugly except this driver.”

Marsha spouted a ridiculous reason, and turned her head to say to the cadet who was looking at me.

“In many ways it would be better to have the ceremony performed by a young, beautiful chief priest here than by an elderly priest like me.”

She said nonchalantly, looking at the chief priest who was looking at her blankly.

“Let’s go ahead, Priest.”

When Masha returned to her seat, he let out a heavy sigh and continued his consciousness.

Zolzie’s only choice as a deputy officer, Filina had to deal with the cadets’ glances at her alone.

After the ordination ceremony, I was told that I would prepare a meal at the church and asked to wait for a while.

Lawrence left the church briefly with the chief priest to talk to Marsha, and the cadets were free to spend their time before lunch.

Filina was sitting with Bessie in a pew in the chapel and having a conversation.

At that moment, someone came in front of her.

“Sir Debussy.”

Philina turned her head and immediately met Henry’s eyes.
She replied bluntly.


At the pouting of Philina’s voice, Henry raised his eyebrows slightly, and then said in a light voice:

“I’d like to talk to you for a minute.”

She asked, her brow furrowed in wonder.

“With me?”

Henry nodded and replied.

“Yes, are you okay?”

It’s not good.”

As she screamed in a raspy voice, Bessie, who was next to her, stabbed Filina in the side with her elbow.

“I’m coming.
I think Lord Argeny has the courage to ask.”

At her words, Filina looked at Bessie as if she didn’t understand.

“What courage?”

“Aw, why do you know that? Come on.
I think I still have a while to go for lunch.”

Bessie checked the time and spoke in a serious voice, and Filina stood up in a hurry.
For some reason, I felt like I had to follow Bessie’s words.

Henry turned around casually again and waited for her to follow.

Forced to follow in his footsteps, Filina couldn’t understand why she was moving with Henry.

He walked slowly through the corridors outside the chapel.
I stood in front of the glass door to the outside and looked back at Pilina.

Henry, who had been quietly facing her enemy, distracted his gaze to the side and blurted out in an awkward voice:

“…… I don’t think there’s a place to sit, would you mind if we could talk here?”

Philina replied, glancing at him with a look of concern for everything.

“How long do you find yourself sitting down to have a long conversation?”

“…… I didn’t really mean that in that way.”

“So what was the reason for calling me?”

She asked, crossing her arms and crossing her legs to the right.
It was an arrogant pose.

Henry, who had been staring at Philina dissatisfied, let out a small sigh and opened his lips.

“It’s not a big deal, it’s just that I was worried that Sir Debussy had gone into Sir Fieldman’s room.”

“Why does that bother?”

“That’s because the woman went into the men’s room alone, and I was worried about what happened…”

“So why is Lord Argeny worried?”

At the sound of Philina’s dry voice, Henry shut up.
She spat out the words again, looking incomprehensible.

“Sir Argeni is not very interested in other people’s affairs by nature.”


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“But what were you worried about? Do you think I did anything to Huey?”

She asked with a strange face.

“Do you like Lord Fieldman?”

At Philina’s words, Henry looked at her in bewilderment.

Philina, who had been quietly meeting his gaze, rolled her eyes to see if she felt strange when she asked, and then changed her question.

“So you like me?”

Henry’s face turned embarrassed at her question.

“What nonsense……”

It was a stark difference from when I asked him if he liked Huey.
He covered my face with the back of his hand and turned his head to the side.

The tips of the ears that are visible in front of the feet are protruding.
Philina, who was looking at him, asked with a puzzled face.

“But why are you red-faced? Are you crazy?”

She approached Henry with a frown on her face.

I tried to force Henry’s hand down to check his face.
I could see all the emotion in his expression.

But he still stood firm, his face embarrassed.

She asked, dropping her hand down as if she had given up.

“Sir Argeny, do you really like me?”

When I asked, I laughed as if I was stunned.

“No, why the hell? What the hell did I do? Do you like being bullied?”

As she glanced at Henry unpleasantly, he felt a shame he couldn’t contain.

When he asked Hughie if anything had happened, he couldn’t understand why he had to feel this humiliation.

What’s more, she was now looking at herself as if she were a very strange person.

A terrible insult came over me that I couldn’t put into words.

I had experienced similar feelings of shame when I had to deal with my father’s violence in front of my employees, but I couldn’t describe the same feelings.

On the contrary, it was more painful now.

Still, I was choked up by the distance so close to Filina.

Henry stared at her with a confused face.

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