“Maybe you’re mistaken?”

Philina looked at Masha and replied with a sullen face.

“I think I have divine powers, but I don’t know how to use them properly.”

Of course, I learned a little more than I did at the beginning, but that didn’t mean I was free to use it.

At her words, Masha leaned forward on the sofa and replied with a virtuous face.

“I get it.
What a situation Sir Debussy.”

“…… Is that so?”

“You just realized that you have divine powers, right?”

At Masha’s question, Filina nodded.
Masha smiled lightly and stared at Filina, as if she knew he would.

“Who told Sir Debussy about the divine power?”

I thought about it for a moment.

Can I say Hugh?

Filina hesitated for a long moment, and then opened her mouth.

“Huey Fieldman.”

Masha’s face contorted at her answer, like a crumpled piece of paper.

“If you’re Huey Fieldman…, do you mean the horseman?”


As if expecting Masha’s reaction, Filina smiled embarrassedly.

She snorted and muttered in embarrassment.

“It’s unbelievable.
The sorcerer told me about divine powers…….
It’s like a dog explaining human traits to a human baby.”

Masha asked, looking at Philina.

“Are you friendly with the horse top?”

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Somehow, she felt like she had heard this question a lot lately.

She replied with a look of frustration.

“It’s as close as a foreign object on your fingernail.”

“Oh my, are you so close?”

Masha looked at Filina with genuine surprise.
Then, with a bitter look on his face, he pulled his lips apart again.

“Huey Fieldman is a very tough guy.
He’s not serious about everything, and he’s willing to sell his country for magic materials.”

Listening quietly to her, Pilina wondered what Huey had been doing all this time, and why everyone hated him so much.

“I learned the divine power from such a human being, so I didn’t know anything until now.
the essence of the divine power of Lord Debussy.”

Masha continued, smiling charmingly.

“I’ll help you.
To be able to unleash all the latent power of Lord Debussy, and to be able to use the divine power freely.”

Filina looked at Masha’s face without saying a word.

The reason I couldn’t answer was because I knew she had a purpose.

Reading Philina’s gaze, Masha laughed and added:

“I don’t want anything.
When you graduate from the military academy, you join our substitute army.
He’s going to be a great paladin.”

Filina said with a frown.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t really have much faith in religion.”

Filina knew that Masha would naturally look disappointed at what she had said.

Although the religious influence was now considerably less than in the past, it was still very much at work among the nobility.

But Masha replied with a light shrug as if there was no blow.

“Fair enough.
The significance of religion in imperial society has been given so much prominence.
This has led to a lot of people being resentful.
But in fact, the god we’re talking about isn’t a big deal.”

She opened her mouth with a wry smile.

“It’s easy to think of it as belief in myself.
How much does Sir Debussy believe in himself? Am I unknowingly putting limits on my abilities?”

Masha tilted her head to one side and smiled mildly.

“The more you reject me, the more the power that lies dormant inside of you hides away.
In order to increase my divine power, I have to cut the limits I have set.
That’s the first thing we have to do.”

Philina, who had been listening to her quietly, asked cautiously.

“Do you even know how divine powers come about?”

Masha’s fingers on the armrests tapped the smooth surface of the sofa a couple of times.

“In fact, no one knows what caused the divine power.
But that power is belief in God.
And the only time we call on God is when the most desperate moment comes.”

Philina lowered her gaze quietly.

Maybe it has something to do with my death.

Desperate moments have always been associated with his own death.

Even though I chose to commit suicide in my fourth life, my last wish was one.

I just want to be strong.

I desperately hoped that I would not be able to kill myself easily, but at least strong enough to protect myself.

I wanted to be strong.

I wanted to walk freely on the streets, free from the fear of not knowing when death would come.

…… I wonder if this is so difficult.

Am I hoping for something too ridiculous?

If I had the strength to protect my body, I wouldn’t have collapsed so easily.

I was weak.

So I wanted to feel empowered.

I wanted to have the strength to get back up and not get frustrated when the worst happened.
I didn’t want to break down easily.

If it’s a death that I have to face anyway…, I wanted to fight it back as best I could, and then face the ending with dignity.

She lowered her head and stretched out her palms.

I faintly felt the energy of divine power.
It was making a gentle movement inside, like a wave overflowing.

“…… You’re saying that you’re going to share Sir Argenie’s ticket with Sir Debussy.”

Carmen asked, looking at Henry in front of her.
Philina, who had been hiding in the back, sighed with a look of embarrassment.

Henry replied calmly.

“Yes, I’m going to split my nine-hour outing ticket with Sir Debussy for four hours and thirty minutes.”

Carmen, her brow furrowed at the sound of his voice, glanced at the hiding Philina.

“I know that Sir Debussy has a six-hour outing.
Is there any reason why you would want to use Lord Argenie’s outing ticket?”

To his insistent questions, Henry answered in a plain voice.

Deputy General, do I have to tell you all the specific reasons or purposes for using my outing tickets? The cadets must have their own private lives, too.”

At Henry’s words, Carmen closed her mouth quietly, her frowns contorted.

Philina’s affiliation had been changed to the 1st Order, and permission to go out had to be obtained from Carmen.


He wrote Philina’s name and time on Henry’s ticket.
Only after putting the red stamp on it did Carmen offer Henry back his ticket to go out.

“By the way, keep in mind that romance is forbidden inside the Swordsmanship Academy.
Any misunderstanding will be in trouble, so be careful.”

Carmen’s words made Philina look embarrassed and tried to open her mouth, but she couldn’t say anything because Henry had taken her out immediately after greeting her.

Philina asked, looking at him dumbfounded.

“Why don’t you let me say anything? You’re mistaken.”

Henry blurted out the words with a nonchalant face.

“What do you explain to me? It’s just a waste of time.”

He checked the time with his pocket watch, and then took Philina out of the academy.

I saw the cadets in the hall looking at them and murmuring.
She quickly covered my face with her hand.

Henry glanced at her and laughed in disbelief.

“Sir Debussy, are you embarrassed to go out with me?”

To his question, Philina lowered her voice and answered in a low voice.

“Don’t call me by my name until I leave the academy.
The assistant general manager also told me to be careful, because there might be misunderstandings.”

At her words, Henry looked at Filina in bewilderment.

Anyway, just by looking at her long hair, I could immediately tell who it was.

In the first place, there are very few women here.

Still, it was refreshing to see Filina desperately trying to hide herself.

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Then he looked at her slender cuffs that he was clutching.

Filina looked completely unconscious, but Henry couldn’t help but keep his gaze in that direction.

Her wrists were too thin.
I was worried that I might get hurt, but I couldn’t get my hands down.

I just have to keep my hands as tight as possible and walk consciously.

He thought it would be a little easier if he had lowered his hand a little further and wrapped it around Philina’s little palm as it was.

But he didn’t think to try, and he just kept a close eye on Philina.

It was a good thing he didn’t yell at him to let go of the wrist he was holding, so he thought he should be content here.

Henry walked a step faster than her, staring straight ahead.

Filina scanned his back disgruntled as she stepped in front of me.

Her soft-looking silver hair shone brilliantly in the sunlight.
Underneath, broad shoulders and tight back muscles sat taut.

Henry was dressed in a black suit, not the uniform he wore at the military academy.

I don’t know if I paid much attention to my clothes, but the plums that fell off without a single wrinkle were excessively smooth.

Filina, on the other hand, was wearing one of the training clothes she had brought from the mansion.

It was too much of a burden to walk around outside in a military school uniform, and the dress Laura brought for her was uncomfortable.

Having become accustomed to wearing uniforms during her time at the military academy, she was now hesitant to wear a dress.

So, even on vacation, I was tempted to change into comfortable clothes.

The dress had a lot of wind resistance even when walking on the streets, and it was so pronounced that I had to pay attention to the lines even when eating.

But with the training uniform I wore now or the uniform I wore at the military academy, I didn’t have to worry about that.

What’s more, since she was going out with Henry, she chose a comfortable outfit without much thought.

But when I looked at his backside, which seemed to be quite careful from head to toe, I felt a little guilty.

She ran her hands through her hair, which was tied up in a tight bun.

‘…… I’m sure you’re going to do the combing properly.’

I sighed at the thought of having to go out with him and stayed up late in bed.

Then I forced myself to stand up, roughly tied my hair, washed my face, changed my clothes, and walked out.

Contrary to her annoyed expression, Henry was waiting for Philina with a slightly nervous look.

Of course, she couldn’t even see his face properly as she yawned at the drowsiness that poured in, but…….

Her gaze looked up at the sky as she strolled forward without recourse to Henry’s touch.

The brilliant sunlight pierced Philina’s eyes.

It was sunnier than necessary.

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