Upon returning to the Swordsmanship Academy, Filina went to see Huey.

He had once been taken out of his dorm for destroying the kennel, so he didn’t have a roommate now.

I also wondered why Weaver had given him a dorm room again in the first place.


She knocked on the door in front of Huey’s room, but there was no response.

But Filina knew Huey was in the room.

She knocked on the door once more.

“It’s in you, isn’t it? Why are you pretending you don’t have it when you told me to come to your dorm?”

As she spoke, I could hear a faint buzz moving around the room.
But the visit still did not take place.

Philina said in an annoyed voice.

“You really don’t want to open it? Then I’m just going?”

Huey was stubborn.

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If you don’t, you’re protesting that you’re late.

Philina turned to look unsorrowful.
Then I saw the door of the dorm swing open.

She looked back as she stepped into the hallway to go back to her room.

“It’s too much, Philina.”

Huey shook his face out of the door.

She snorted and looked at him, then stepped back toward Huey’s room.

“So why are you so stubborn? If you didn’t keep the door open, I was really going to go.”

Philina walked past Huey and casually entered his room.
Seeing her comfortably settling down to say that she had been there once, Huey looked dumbfounded.

He closed the door and walked in, and Philina said with a sad face.

“Are you fine? I thought I was weak enough to fall twice in the forest of hallucinations.”

She deliberately raised her words, and Huey furrowed his eyebrows.

“You said it was because of divine power.
How healthy am my body? That’s how much I endured.
If it was any other wizard, he’d be dead.”

Filina was sitting on the bed.
Huey came over to her side, pressed his butt to the bed, and lay on his back.

Filina tilted her head to look at him on the fluffy blanket.

“So you’re saying you’re okay now or aren’t you?”


Huey murmured in a low voice, making eye contact with her.

“I’m fine, but my head is messed up.”

“Why? Because you stupidly fell twice in front of me?”

At her question, Huey pursed his lips and turned his head away.
Philina, who had been staring at him quietly, sighed.

“So why did you provoke Lee? If you hadn’t touched him, he wouldn’t have fallen like that.”

“That’s because you wrapped it up so much.”

Huey, who had muttered like that, frowned at the back of his nose as if recalling a memory of the past.

“The reason I took you to the hallucinatory forest in the first place was to summon that bastard, but I never imagined that he would come to see you in person before I woke up.”

As he spoke, Filina asked, with a puzzled face.

“Doesn’t Li show up well in the original hallucinatory forest?”

Huey said, covering his eyes with both hands, as if he was tired just thinking about it.

“Don’t talk to me, I’ll be walking around all day and I’m going to meet you or not.
And they’re so vigilant that they don’t even come close to me.”


“Well, I knew that a long time ago, a wizard slaughtered a dragon and resented it.”

He turned to look at Filina with his hand on his cheek.

“It’s ridiculous that the guy who avoided me like that came to see you in person.
Besides, how long have you seen him?”

“Lee didn’t treat me badly.
He probably felt my divine power and came to me.
I wanted to ask Lee something.”

“What do you want to ask?”

At Philina’s words, Huey narrowed his brows and sat up.

He asked, tilting his head curiously.

“What were you going to ask?”

Filina pondered for a moment.

What Huey wanted was something related to dragons.
And that was something that could only be achieved by killing Lee.

But she needed Lee.
He didn’t know that maybe he was the only one who could get him out of this world.

But how do I explain this…….

She asked, looking at Huey.

“You have to kill the dragon to get the material you want to get, right?”

At Philina’s question, he frowned and asked, with a puzzled face.

“Do you feel sorry for him? Because you say I’m going to kill you?”

“There’s no such thing, but…”

Filina rolled her eyes, not knowing what to say.

Then Huey snorted.

“It’s because you don’t know what you’re doing, but he wants someone to show up and kill him anyway.
Of course, I don’t want to die at the hands of a wizard.”

At Huey’s words, Filina looked puzzled.

“What do you mean by that? I want someone to kill me…”

Suddenly, the words that Li had said in the forest of hallucinations flashed through my mind.

‘I want to die.’

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I still couldn’t forget Li’s small muttering with a pained expression.
A faint trembling voice and a face writhing in pain…….

Huey was looking at her reverently.

“You’ve seen it.
What happens when she turns into a dragon…….
You lose your reason completely.
You blame yourself for that.
So much so that I thought I’d rather die .


“He’s been wanting someone to kill him for a very long time.
Maybe from the moment you began to lose your reason.
Or maybe it was from the moment my colleagues died in front of my eyes.”

He met Philina’s gaze and said in a calm voice:

“Of course, I know I’m not qualified to say this.
Even now, I’m going to kill him to use him as material.
That’s what wizards are like in the first place.
They’re very bad guys who will risk their lives if they can get what I want.”

He shrugged and continued.

“He hates wizards terribly, but eventually he realizes that I’m the only one who can ask him to die.
No human can defeat a dragon that has lost its reason.
What would other people do to someone who is hard to beat me?”

Filina asked, her expression hardening.

“Why the hell did the wizards slaughter the dragons? You wouldn’t say it was just to get the ingredients like you are now, would you?”

At her question, Huey looked at Philina with a rather heavy face, and then slowly removed his lips.

“There were a lot of good dragons, but there were also some who weren’t.
Or he was a good dragon, but at some point he lost his reason and attacked people.
When this happened repeatedly, people began to fear dragons, and in the end, the wizards killed them at the emperor’s command.”

He added, raising his lips gently.

“And I think it was the right choice.
As the dragon population grows, you can’t guarantee the safety of people.
It’s natural for them to disappear.
To make the world a little more peaceful.”

I couldn’t argue with Huey’s words.
If Maya Lee had escaped from the forest of hallucinations and gone out into the world, something terrible might have happened to the Alvar Empire.

Since man could not control it, he had to kill it so that it could not cause harm.

It’s a cruel method.
But that, too, was necessary work.
If we don’t, we might die.

Just as animals attack other races for their own survival, humans also make choices to survive.

Huey opened his mouth, playfully curving his red irises.

“And I’m also looking for magic stuff as a bonus.”

Filina asked him, narrowing her eyes.

“You’re not really trying to kill dragons for human survival, you’re just trying to get materials, right?”

He looked like he was asking for something obvious.

“Wizards don’t try things for nothing.
Why would I risk my life for human survival? Obviously, you’re just looking at the ingredients.”

Filina snorted and replied.

“Yes, I suppose so.”

At her blunt response, Huey raised the corners of his mouth.

“So what are you trying to ask him? When I passed out, did you have any interesting stories to talk about?”

At his question, Filina sighed and muttered:

“…… We had an interesting story.”

“What is it? Can’t you tell me?”

Huey’s eyes twinkled as he pressed his face into Philina.
Then she frowned and pushed her fingers away from his forehead.

“I don’t know, I didn’t hear you because you were attacking Lee.”

At Philina’s words, he looked at her with a puzzled face.

“I told you in the forest of hallucinations, didn’t I? He doesn’t just show up when he wants to.
Even if it’s not my will, I turn into a dragon from time to time.
You know what I mean?”


“You’re in great danger.
It’s suicidal to stick so close to him.”

He shrugged his shoulders lightly and continued.

“The reason I threw the divine bomb back then is because it’s easier to deal with a bastard when he’s turned into a child.
It’s a condensed state of divine power.
Although, of course, the disadvantage is that the horsepower doesn’t work.”

Filina nodded in understanding as she listened to him.
But I still wondered if I could tell Huey about my story.

In order for Huey not to attack Lee, it would take some convincing…


Philina called his name in a low voice, and Huey looked at her with a puzzled face.

Philina, who had been staring at him in silence, spoke in a calm voice.

“Shouldn’t I kill you?”



At her words, Huey burst out laughing, as if he had heard something absurd.

“You’re going to kill a dragon?”


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He said with a frown on his brow.

“Are you now fully capable of controlling the divine power?”

Huey seemed to think that Philina was too good to deal with the Dragon.
So I don’t think I can do this kind of without dealing with divine power.

“I haven’t really handled it yet, but I think I’ve got some sense.”

She spat out in a firm voice, and Huey said with a look of incomprehension.

“All of a sudden, why do you want to kill a dragon? As if they were told not to touch me .

Then Huey’s eyes widened and he asked.

“Are you really going to take the dragon stuff too?”

Philina stared at him in bewilderment, and Huey smirked.

“Where are you going to steal my materials? Absolutely not.”

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