She let out a small sigh and opened her mouth, looking tired.

“Don’t worry, I won’t even bother if you beg me to take it.”

That meant he didn’t need the ingredients Huey was looking for.
Then he spoke with a disappointed face.

“If you knew the value of the material, you wouldn’t be so careless.”

Filina snorted.

“Then you want me to covet the material?”

“It’s not like that, but…”

Huey frowned in frustration.
Philina, who had been staring at him intently, asked with a puzzled face.

“You said you were looking for the flower of the Holy Spirit, right? Is that such a great ingredient?”

She asked a question curiously, and Huey smoothed his lips as if he was pleased with Philina’s response.

“It’s a great material.
But on the contrary, it is also called a scary material.
It’s a flower at the crossroads of life and death.”

“A life-or-death crossroads?”

“If the living eat, they will die comfortably, and if the dead eat, they will come back to life.”

He added with a light shrug.

“I don’t know if the effect is real.
When the dragon disappeared, the flower of the Holy Spirit disappeared completely.”

“Who the hell commissioned such a flower?”

At her words, Huey just shrugged his shoulders as if he wouldn’t speak.
Philina, who had been staring at him intently, said in a low voice.

“Deputy General Manager Lawrence said that if he had another accident, he would throw him out.
I’ll have to be as careful as possible when I go to the hallucinatory forest this time.”

Hearing her mutter, Huey said with a curious face.

“I thought you were going to say I’m scared and I’m not following you.”

At his words, Philina wrinkled her nose.

“You said you had something to ask Lee.
If you get all the answers you want, I’ll kill you.
So don’t mess with you.”

“Wow, if you only get what you need, I’ll kill you? She was more cruel than I thought, Philina.”

I’m talking about who tried to kill a dragon for one ingredient and who is cruel to whom…….
Moreover, if it weren’t for Huey, she wouldn’t have had to kill Lee.

“But why didn’t you even come to the knighthood ceremony?”

Philina asked curiously, and he said in an inconsequential voice:

“I didn’t go because I didn’t want to be a regular knight.”

“Then why did you take the promotion exam?”

“Because you deserve a golden vacation?”

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Huey, who had said so, suddenly cried and asked:

“How come you have fallen and now you can come back to me? And we’re friends, aren’t we?”

When he squinted, she stood up and blurted out:

“Then you can cut it off.”

At her words, Huey looked at Filina with a shocked face.
Then or not, she walked leisurely out of Huey’s room, as if the business was over.

In the silence of the space, only the sound of Philina opening and closing the door spread deeply.


When Filina was reassigned to the 1st Knights, she was separated from Bessie and had to face new people.
Among them was Henry.

“Who’s going to sit next to me?”

It was the day of the theory class.

Henry naturally sat down beside Philina, and she blurted out her dumbfoundedness.

Then Henry replied, raising his lips gently.

“You look so lonely away from your friends.”

“None of them are lonely?”

You’re going to be lonely.”

In spite of Philina’s blunt voice, he stood firm, boasting beautiful features.

Like the one who waited for her to fall apart from Bessie.

Filina stared at him with her brows furrowed, then turned her head.
Still, they were not so unfamiliar faces, as they often had classes with the 2nd Templars.

Then, suddenly, Filina looked puzzled.

There was no Leone.

He’s also part of the 1st Knights, so we should take classes together.

He did not even attend the ordination ceremony.

The last time I saw Leone was at a ballroom celebrating Ian’s coming-of-age celebration.

I talked to her for a while on the terrace, and the atmosphere was not very good.

He didn’t come for nothing, and he was caught in the crosshairs.

That’s why I liked it more.

Maybe something is going on, right…?

Filina turned her head and looked out the window.
The sky was cloudy.
It looked like it was going to rain soon.

Then, suddenly, she turned her head at the sight of herself.
Immediately, Henry’s purple pupils met his gaze.

“Lord Argeni.”

Filina said nonchalantly, narrowing her eyes.

“Stop staring.
It’s overwhelming.”

At her words, Henry nodded and looked ahead.
Filina scanned his profile dryly.

Her transparently white skin was fluffy, as if it hadn’t escaped her young hair yet.

His straight eyes, smooth nose, and reddish lips showed no emotion.

The face is pretty, but the overall silhouette is not pretty at all.

He was sitting right next to me, which made it all the more real.
Henry’s large body brought a heavy pressure that would swallow him up at any moment.

Looking at his body, he had to admit why Henry had no choice but to become a Sword Master.

The face doesn’t look like that at all.

Suddenly, he tilted his head down and bit his bottom lip.
Philina looked at Henry in wonder.

“…… Sir Debussy.”


Her immediate answer gave Henry a grumbling look.

“If you stare at me like that, I’m nervous.”

The tips of his ears were red.

Philina moved her gaze straight ahead again, embarrassed.
Only then did Henry let out a small sigh and lift his face.

Soon after, the instructor came in and started the lesson.

Leone didn’t show up to the lecture hall until the end.


After all the classes, Filina made her way to the training room.

In the evening, a drop or two of rain began to fall, and then it began to rain like a pole.

It was raining, so there were no people in the training room.
For some reason, Henry didn’t seem to be out of the dorm today.

Filina moved freely to and from the training room, practicing various martial arts.
On the contrary, it was more comfortable to be alone.

She pulled the bow hard.
I checked the target on the wall I had designated as a target, and shot the arrow as it was.


It hit a hard wall and the arrow fell to the floor.
A dull sound drifted through the silence.

‘How much does Lord Debussy believe in himself?’

In my head, I remembered what Masha had said.

‘In order to raise the divine power, I have to cut the limits I have set.’

Repeated misfortunes limit one’s own strength.

The anxiety of failing took hold of my ankles.
He had to boldly cut out the shadows that bound him tightly.

But I didn’t have the courage.

He had already prepared for death.
Hope had long since been abandoned.
After all, the only thing that will come back will be disappointment…….

As I was dying, I was going to make a bad ending beautiful, and then I was going to die.

I was going to completely ruin the story.
This required thorough preparation.

But he had never thought of the existence of dragons.
I never imagined that I would meet anyone who knew I existed.

The same was true of the divine power.
I couldn’t understand why I suddenly had this power.

It makes me hope again and again.
As if this world doesn’t let you die easily…….

She pulled the bow loud again.
On the pure white wall was a bull’s-eye painted by the cadets.

His eyes were sharp as he looked at his target.
Soon after, her bow bounced in the air, and an arrow flew straight into the wall.


There was an even more solid sound than before.

The arrowhead that Philina had shot had dug deep into the solid wall.
The white wall around the arrowhead cracked.

Philina, who had been staring at it intently, suddenly turned her head and looked out the window.

It was faint, but it sounded like I heard something crashing.
But that, too, was buried in the sound of the rain and quickly disappeared.

Filina muttered, her brow clenched.

“Did I mishear?”

She muttered softly, and was about to get back to training when another shrill noise rang out from outside.

It sounded like the clinking of blades.

Philina shifted her gaze and looked out the window.
A white light flashed in the sky, and immediately there was a roar of thunder.

Somehow I felt ominous.

She fastened her long sword to the floor, and hurried outside.

A pole was rushing into the thick darkness.
And then another loud thunder…….

In between, the faint sound of a blade was ringing.
She moved and walked to where she heard the sound.

There was no one around.

It seemed that no matter what was happening, it would be buried in the sound of heavy rain and not noticed.
The more she took, the clearer the sound of the blade became.

After passing through the training room and walking to the dormitory, I came to the laboratory, the interrogation room, and the office in the middle.

At some point, Philina’s steps slowed down, and then she stopped completely.


A piece of broken glass stepped on her feet.

The glass door of the Oval Office building was completely shattered.


And the clear sound of knives coming from within spread sharply.

Philina took another step forward at a slow pace.
Then I saw Leone in the Oval Office wielding a huge long sword.

Following his gaze, there was Carmen, who had barely escaped Leone’s sword.

Leone approached Carmen with an expressionless face.

The huge long sword in his hand was a longsword that Filina had made specifically for Leone.

“…… Why?”

With the sound of heavy rain, Leone’s voice spread.

“Why on earth did you not allow me to collect my father’s body!”

Clear tear stains shone across his face.
Carmen stepped back and looked at Leone.

“…… Now I get it.
He was the son of a who had staged a demonstration in front of the imperial palace.”

At his words, Leone raised his lips coldly.

“That’s right.
The son of a mother who begged for the return of my father, who had sacrificed for his country.”

Leone spoke once more, taking a step closer to Carmen’s front.

“I also know that my father’s body was not taken away because of you.”

Leone’s hand twitched as he gripped the blade.
His howling voice spread out with a loud thunder.

“All the corpses of the other Imperial Knights have been taken away……! Just because he’s a commoner soldier .

Leone’s sword cut through the air and soared upwards.

The shrill sound of the wind gave me goosebumps.

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