Leone’s father was a soldier with excellent swordsmanship.

Even though he had great swordsmanship, he had no choice but to stay in the army because his origin influenced his promotion.

Leone’s father was one of the poorest of the common people, and as a result, he was much neglected.

Then he became involved in the war, and he died.

According to the original regulations, rewards are given to those who take part in the war and die honorable deaths.

They pay for the funerals of those who have lost their lives in the war, and give the rest of their families enough rice to feed them for the rest of their lives.

But Leone’s father never found the body, and no rice was given to the family.

And it seems that the person who commanded the soldiers of the imperial palace was none other than Carmen Geller.

I was told that in the event of war, even in the swordsmanship academies, instructors would often go to war to fill the staff.

Perhaps one of them was Carmen.

He forbade the bodies of the plebeian soldiers to be collected.
On the other hand, all the corpses of the imperial knights were recovered, and they hastily retreated, leaving the rest of the bodies alone.

To him, the commoner may not have been a person.

“Lord Leon .

Philina shouted his name in a low voice.
Then Leone, who had raised the blade high, stopped.

The sound of the rain was spreading loudly.
He slowly turned his head to meet her gaze.

Leone’s pupils widened.

But for a moment, Carmen quickly attacked Leone with the sword she had in her hand.

A sharp blade cut through the air, drawing his face diagonally.
The blade grazing the mask produced red blood over his cheeks.

Leone quickly dodged his attack, but his face was already scarred.

At the same time, the black mask he had worn to hide his identity was torn apart.

Finally, his face was revealed.
Leone’s pupils stared down for a moment, glaring sharply at Carmen.

“…… Leone.”

I knew my calling would hurt him.
But she couldn’t help but call out Leone’s name.

Leone’s name was never mentioned directly in the original story, but the rebel’s name did appear a few times.

It was all a brief statement for Ian’s performance, and it was one of those sentences that flowed so naturally that most readers wouldn’t remember it.

That’s why Filina hadn’t thought of it.

His name, which is still not well known in the imperial palace, will be stamped on this occasion.

Leone will seriously injure one of Carmen’s arms in this scene.

And on Carmen’s initiative, the imperial palace greatly expands the investigation of Leone.

He investigates his guild and discovers that he has a history of indirectly attacking the imperial palace.

As their investigation narrows again, Leone will not be able to go out of the world.

Eventually, just like when Filina first heard Leone’s name in her past life, there will be a bounty on the wall, and she will accidentally see his name.

That was part of my third life.

So I couldn’t stand by and watch him swing his sword at Carmen.

Just as she was about to take another step toward Leone, she heard the faint sound of horses’ hooves coming to the side of the dormitory building.

Philina turned her head to look at the entrance to the academy.

The honorary imperial knights in white uniforms were coming inside, their blades drawn.

She looked back at Leone with widened eyes.
He, too, was staring out of the building to see if he felt something suspicious.

Carmen, who was in front of him, muttered, her brow hardened.

“It’s been a while since I rang the bell, and now it’s coming…”

Carmen appeared to have rang the emergency bell in the Oval Office.

The call bell, which can only be pressed in case of emergency, connects to the Imperial Knights next door.

Leone had misplaced the place.

If he had intended to take revenge on Carmen in the first place, he should have taken him to an empty lot where no one was there, not to the Oval Office.

But Filina knew Leone wouldn’t be easy to caught.

Carmen swung her huge long sword at him.
Leone took Carmen’s sword with a natural step back.

Inside the Oval Office, there was a window large enough for a person to pass through.

Carmen spat out an expletive and lunged at Leone.
She had noticed that he was going to escape through the window.

Leone, however, was much more nimble than Carmen.
He smashed the window with a supple motion and ran outside.

At the same time, the imperial knights stormed into the Oval Office.

“I’ve run away to that window now! Go get it! Come on!”

Carmen shouted in an urgent voice, and the imperial knights moved in unison.

Filina stood in front of the Oval Office building, watching them silently.

I was distracted by what had happened in an instant.

The noise of the imperial knights’ noisy footsteps was quickly drowned out by the sound of heavy rain.

Leone turned his head for a moment to meet Philina’s gaze before jumping out of the window.

The lonely darkness in his eyes reminded him of the years I had spent with him long ago.

Leone turned his head and jumped out of the window, but Filina stared blankly at the spot where he had passed.

There was only an empty breeze streaming through the window where Leone had disappeared.

The black night sky brought a particularly cool chill, and the heavy rain showed no signs of stopping.

She hoped that he had escaped safely.

The next day, when morning came, the cadets of the military academy were talking about dizzying topics.

First, we talked about how the glass door in the Oval Office had completely broken, and then we talked about Carmen, who was absent from class.

The two conversations combined to conclude that a burglar must have entered the Oval Office and attacked Carmen, who was working.

In addition to that, when the honorary imperial knights, who were not usually seen, went to and from the military academy, they broadened the topic of conversation even more, saying that it was clear that it was not an ordinary thing.

The imperial palace seemed to be busy with the investigation of Leone.

As Filina was heading to the training room, she spotted Ian and his escort walking briskly across the barracks.

The direction he was heading was the lab, where Weaver was likely to be.

With the Oval Office falling apart, Weaver, Lawrence, and Carmen decided to work in the lab next door for a while.

Instead of stepping into the training room, Filina stopped and watched Ian pass in silence.

Since the last party, he hasn’t looked for Filina.

Despite her repeated refusals, he bothered Filina with his characteristic high-tempered temper, and this time the unusually quiet hours passed.

Did he finally lose interest in himself?

Does Ian now know that the heroine was Cecilia, not Philina?

Filina stared blankly as he entered the lab, then took a slow step.

As I walked into the training room, the sound of a sharp blade cut through the wind.

The cadet, who had become a formal knight, was finally able to hold a true sword.

After a brief look around, Filina settled into an empty space.

Huey wasn’t always in class, so she didn’t even wonder anymore.

But Leone’s void felt bigger than he expected.

At best, I found him, and I wondered if it was a relationship that had no choice but to break up like this again.

Philina pulled out her sword and swung it in the air, passing the time roughly.
Soon after, an instructor came through the door of the training room.

The cadets, who had been scattered in a mess, lined up one by one.

Philina, too, stood on one side, and soon saw Ian walking through the door of the training room and following lazily behind the instructor.

The cadets, who recognized his identity, belatedly greeted him with a puzzled face, as if they were quite surprised.

“Good afternoon, Your Highness the Prince!”

The crowded voice broke the stillness of the air at once.

Ian nodded with an expressionless face and opened his mouth.

“Did anyone in the Order of the 1st Templar have been intimate with Leone?”

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At his words, the cadets checked each other’s faces and looked puzzled.

He didn’t know why he was looking for Leone.

“Nobody’s there.”

He frowned, scanning the cadets.
But this time, no one answered.

In a way, it was obvious.

1 Most of the Templars came from the nobility, and Leone was the only commoner.

As aristocrats, what could they do to talk to Leone in private?

I’m glad no one ignored him.

Bessie, who came from the same commoner family as Leone, was beaten several times a day by a cadet who had no knowledge.

That was it because she was by her side, and if she had been alone, she might have bothered her even worse.

But now that she’s a formal knight, the harassment has decreased.

Ian’s eyes, which had been silently scanning the cadets, met with Philina’s eyes.

An insensitive gaze stared at her coldly.
There was an air of rigidity.

Then, naturally, Ian looked away.

He asked the cadet softly.

“Who’s the best cadet here.”

At Ian’s words, the eyes of the cadets gathered in the training room drifted to one side.

It was where Henry stood.

Ian, who followed the cadet’s gaze, looked at him and said calmly:

“What’s your name?”

Henry replied, bowing his head slightly.

“It’s Henry Argeny.”

At the sound of his voice, Ian’s eyes widened slightly.

“The Duke of Argeny’s spirituality?”


At his answer, Ian looked at Henry with an intrigued face.
Then, checking the time, he said quietly:

“Sir Argeny, follow me for a moment.”

Ian immediately retraced his steps and walked out of the training room.
Henry followed him with a calm expression.

Where Ian and Henry left, there was a loud murmur.

The instructor struggled to keep the cadets quiet, but their fuss did not go away easily.

Henry was slow to return to the classroom after class.
Few remained in the training room.

He went back to his original place and grabbed the bottle of water and training materials he had brought with him.

Philina, who had been scanning the figure relentlessly, approached him quietly and asked:

“What does Your Highness say?”

Henry’s shoulders shook as he turned his back at the sudden sound of her voice.

He narrowed his brow and looked back at Filina.

But Henry didn’t say much in the way.
Then Filina opened her mouth again, looking frustrated.

“What did Your Highness say?”

He looked down at Philina with a blank face, then moved his eyes to scan his surroundings.
There were cadets who had not yet left the lecture hall.

Somehow, feeling like he wasn’t going to tell me easily, Filina whispered one more time.

“I’m not going to tell anyone.
Just give me a sneak peek.”

Henry’s eyes stared at Philina plainly.

There was a quiet silence.

As she tried to pull her lips away again to urge her, Henry said in a low voice:

“He asked me to go with the Imperial Knights to capture Lord Leone.”

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