rce behind magic.
And only when you have that magic core magic can be used.

For the sake of survival, and to avoid the eyes of the gods, he had to be able to use magic first.
If he was caught by the gods, he could end up trapped like insect, or be destroyed by the priests.

‘The problem is that magic was originally the unique power of demons, dragons, and other monsters.’

For that reason, monsters already have a magic core like a heart from birth, but humans had to spend time creating one.

Of course, that was a good thing.

Unlike monsters, whose size and shape were already determined from birth, humans can develop without any limitations.
In other words, depending on the time spent, it can become a huge lake or a narrow well.

Actually, the talent for celestial bones that wizards speak of comes mostly from that.
So, in that regard, is it urgent to open the magic right now?

‘After all, do I want to leave behind a body that has eaten up the five great oceans and create a mosquito pond? ‘

And that wasn’t all.

If the magic core is destroyed, it was an absolute vital point that would cause monsters to die instantly and humans to become vegetative.

The enemies and the gods will surely go after it first.

As such, it’s always better to make a magic core hard enough to be indestructible.

‘Well, now even an ordinary magic core might be too much for me to handle.’

The weak bodies of babies can’t withstand the magic core and they exploded to death, even the best wizards won’t look at infants under three years old.
In other words, this means that until three years old, they can’t use magic…

‘That’s what other people say.’

The Skeleton King was a great mage who even intimidated the gods of magic.
Even dragons, considered masters of magic, avoided him due to precision issues, but the Skeleton King was able to perfectly design it.

This body might not be just a newborn baby, so giving it a few days should be enough… but five days?

‘Before that, I’ll get caught by the priests or I’ll be killed by these fake nannies…’

But then.



“Put him down. I feel strange magic energy from the child.”


In an instant, the Skeleton King’s heart skipped a beat, and the servants quickly put him down and their expressions changed for some reason.

“The Saint Candidate has magic.
Could this be a fake sent by the demons…?!”

“Wait, what does this mean? The Duke ordered us to bring the Saint Candidate’s eyes and heart at all costs…”

” It doesn’t matter, it’s an order.
Everyone keep quiet.”



‘F*ck! This is child abuse!’

The Skeleton King, who was lying on the chair, used all the strength he had left to roll on the ground.


His forehead hit the floor.

Tears were just a bonus.
Of course, it was good to feel senses for the first time in hundreds of years, but why did it have to be the sense of pain?!

‘It’s so moving.
I’m so moved that I’m shedding tears.’

If it hadn’t been for the soft carpet on the floor of rich carriage, it wouldn’t have ended just with tears.

But that was only for a moment.

The sound of a head hitting the floor echoed through the carriage as the fern-like hand touched the floor of the carriage as if it had been waiting.
At the same time, the baby Skeleton King’s red eyes sparkled.

And then.


The moment the Skeleton King stepped on the floor of the carriage, light burst from the floor.
The wet servants who were trying to pick up the baby in confusion were startled.

“What is happening!! …Ah!”

The exploding light covered the inside of the carriage, and rough flames began to rise.
The flames soared up to the ceiling of the carriage in an instant, threatening the servants.

“What should we do?! Put out the fire!”

“I can’t!”


The Skeleton King raised the corners of his mouth while looking at the servants who were in chaos amidst the flames.

‘If I don’t have a magic core, I’ll just use someone else’s.’

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