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Divine Sword Skills

Zeill looked at the direction the arrow came from.

He saws many humanoid creatures with pointy ears and white hairs.

They were Elves.

All of those elves were aiming at zeil with their bows. There was one who was wielding a sword. Naturally, all of those elves were beautiful, but that sword elf was exceptionally beautiful. It looks like he was also their leader.

”System, show me their status ”

Many screens appeared with the status of those elves. All of them were the novice mage with level between 4-6, strength 12-14, agility 10-13, stamina 11-15, mana 30-50.

But the sword elf status were


[Stage: Intermediate Mage]

[Level: 10]

[HP: 95/100]

[Strength: 18]


[Stamina: 20]

[Mana: 80]


Zeil had no chance of winning against them.

”dnsjsk cnsk skcnk ”

The sword elf asked something to zeil, but zeil did not understand the language.

Seeing his confused face, system asked,

[Host, would you like to purchase this world Language Pack for 50 Coins]

Zeil hurriedly said ”yes ”

”Human, who are you, what are you doing here, are you a spy sent by humans ”?

Zeil finally understood what the sword elf was talking, he immediately answered

”no, I am not a spy ”

”Humph, like Ill believe what you will say ” after saying this, the sword elf immediately ordered the elves to attack,

But before elves started attacking, zeil started running towards the opposite direction.

The sword elf screamed, ”CATCH HIM! ”

Elves started chasing zeil.

Seeing the situation, System said

[Host, would you like to try Lottery]

Zeil happily said ”yes ”

Zeil had no way but to try the lottery only. Perhaps he can win something good that can help him to escape from this situation.

A screen appeared in front of zeil in with a spinner with uncountable items.

The spinner started rolling. It stops after 5 seconds for 5 times.

After the spinner stopped,

[Congratulation Host for winning – Blessing Of Goddess Of Luck, Divine Body, Eyes Of Truth, Divine Sword Skill, +20 in status]

Pain started in all over zeils body, but he still kept running.

After some minute, the pain finally stopped. Zeils body got incomparably strong, and his eyes color changed from black to blue. His status also changed,


[Name: Zeil Amor]

[Age: 18/74]

[Stage: Mortal]

[Level: 20]

[Coins: 450]

[HP: 30/30]

[Strength: 30]

[Agility: 33]

[Stamina: 32]

[Mana: 40]

[Blessings: Goddess Of Luck]

[Skills: Divine Sword Skill]






He has surpassed the sword elf in all aspects, excluding HP and Mana.

There was also two 2 sections, Blessings and Skills.

Zeil can feel that after getting Divine Sword Skill his understanding of swords has grown, and he could feel he can use the level 3 sword to his full extent with the help of Divine Sword Skill.

It also shows that he did not need to practice the skills gained by system, as he can already master these skills after gaining them.

Zeil stopped running and turn to look at the elves that were chasing him.

Now, he had already surpassed all of these elves, why he should keep running?

He will show these elves that he is no mere human.

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