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Appearance Of An Advanced Mage

The sword elf stops as she saw the human boy stopped.

”He-he, did you run finally out of stamina to run? ” the sword elf said with his arrogant tone.

Zeil said with the hint of disdain, ”I am giving you a final chance to stop pestering me, otherwise the consequences will be not good for you ”

Zeil was stronger than anyone else present there, so he can defeat them with ease, but he didn want to build a bad relation with elves as he will need them to understand this world better.

Hearing Zeils word, the sword elf named Kora laughed and said with mocking tone,

”You are just a mortal, yet you dare to threaten an intermediate mage like me. Hilarious ”

Zeil have not started absorbing mana, so he is still a mortal, but he has system so even though he is a mortal his strength and other stats are comparable to an intermediate mage. The only difference is that Zeil cannot use magic spells, but he can still use Divine Sword Skill, as this is a sword skill.

Kora again ordered the elves to fire the arrows at Zeil, but this time Zeil did not run, but kept standing there.

When the arrows were just 10 m away from him, he took out his level 3 sword from inventory and used the First Skill Of Divine Sword Skills

When all the arrows touched the sword, they instantly got destroyed in pieces.

[Divine Sword Skills:- 15 Set of sword skills with great power. Increases the understanding of sword to the Divine Level]

When Kora and rest of the elves saw the scene of Zeil destroying all the arrows. They were shocked.

They clearly could not sense any aura from Zeil they did not understand how did he do that.

This time Kora did not ordered but started walking toward Zeil.

Zeil was a bit nervous. Although he was as powerful as an intermediate stage which was same as Kora, but he did not know any magic spells, so he was not sure that he can defeat him with just his sword skills.

He kept his guard up.

What he did not know was that even though Kora was an intermediate mage he liked swords more, so he only practiced the basic spells of novice mage. Seeing the skills Zeil showed, Kora stopped underestimating him and decided to fight him with his sword. He was also excited to fight an opponent that can give him a battle in swords.

In the World Of Sapphire, there were very fewer people who learn swordsmanship, as mages were famous for their fame and power. Swords can rival magic to some extent, but after getting in higher realms, magic get far superior to swords.

Kora was now at the distance of only 14 m as he gets in his sword stance.

Kora was one of the strongest swordsman in Green Land Continent.

After 5 seconds of staring, both Zeil and Kora vanished from their place as they came closer to each other and then,


Both swords clashed against each other for more than 100 times as they destroyed their surroundings.

Other elves kept their distance from those two because they know that now is not their place to interfere.

Zeil has widened his eyes in surprise because this Kora was unbelievably strong.

He has made Zeil use all his 8 Skills of Divine Sword Skills to fight on par with him.

The same was Kora, he had never thought that this human was this good in swords. Even he was having a hard time facing this human. Unknowingly to him, Kora created a certain level of respect for Zeil.

One had to know that choosing between swords or magic was a very serious matter. You can only choose one of them and devote your life to master it.

For example, if you choose magic, then you have to focus on mana. If you choose swords, then you have to master your sword skills.

Back at the battle, now Zeil and Kora were not at the same, but Kora was getting pushed back. It was because now Zeil was using his Ninth Sword Skill Of Divine Sword Skills.

It should be enough to defeat him

Zeil thought as he gave a final blow to Kora.

Kora sword get crumbled into pieces as Kora himself got thrown back more than 20 meters away.

Koras sword was only level 2 sword, while Zeils sword was level 3. It was obvious whose sword was going to crumble.

He was just going to remove Kora head from his body, then suddenly,

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