In Magic World

Breakthrough, Novice Mage

Just as Zeil was going to remove Koras head from his body, his figure froze.

He was unable to move his sword and his body.

Then, a voice in came from behind Zeil.

”Boy, I think this is enough punishment for him ”

Zeil got surprised but also terrified. He was unable to sense the other party, even though she was behind him.

”And you Kora, hadn you see that this boy has no ill intention, why did you attack him ” The mysterious voice scolded Kora.

The voice was likely from a female, and it seems she is also an elf, judging from the way she is talking to Kora.

At the moment, Zeil finally was able to move his body. He instantly turned around to see the other party. The other party was indeed a female elf. She was sitting on the branch of a tree. She had silver hair with green eyes. Her figure was slim, and she can be the most beautiful women in Zeils previous world.

Zeil used the system to check the female girl status,


[Name: Clara]

[Age: 65/800]

[Stage: Advanced Mage]

[Level: 39]

[HP: 500/500]

[Strength: 94]

[Agility: 120]

[Stamina: 100/110]

[Mana: 400]


Zeil was not shocked after seeing her status. She was able to stop him, so she should be at least an Advanced Mage. Zeil was a little nervous because he was not a little bit confident in dealing with an Advanced Mage. He was also thinking of escaping, but after seeing other party Agility, he abandoned that plan. For now, he could only see what will happen.

Clara jumped from the tree and landed beside Kora. Kora did not dare to look into her face. Other elves also saw quietly as background characters.

Clara turned her gaze to Zeil who was acting cautious against Clara.

Clara found it quite funny.

”May I ask why you are on this continent ”

”Oh, I don know, when I opened my eyes I was here only ”

Zeil had already found an answer to give. In fact, this was also the truth. Zeil had transmigrated into this continent, as for why, he didn know.

Sensing that there was no lie into his words, Clara asked Zeil,

”Alright then, Would you please come with me, so we can send you back to your continent ”

Not only Zeil, but other elves were also shocked to hear that Clara wants to bring Zeil to the Selgia Kingdom.

Currently, the relation between humans and elves were not good. Humans often use elves as slaves, which angered the Selgia Kingdom. Even now, there have been many wars between humans and elves.

Zeil also sensed the relation between humans and elves.

What would happen if I will go with them?

Would they will lock me up and torture me

Zeil thought of many possibilities of going with Clara, but in the end he remembers that he would need a map of this world and the way of Blue Land Continent.

Forget it, I will go

”Alright, Thank you ”

Zeil answered to Carla.

Hearing Zeils answer, Clara smiled.

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