Kim Gwanghyun.
39 years old.

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A member of the Hunter Association.
An atheist.

But as of today, he decided to believe in God.

Although he ran out of the office under the pretext of a business trip, he was worried about how to create a natural meeting with Siwoo or the unidentified woman.

“I can’t believe I got a call from him first!”

The moment he got the call, he was so surprised that he rolled off the sofa.

Siwoo had contacted him to measure the ability of the woman in the black dress.
It was possible to apply for measurement on the association website or by mobile, so contacting Gwanghyun directly meant something.

‘As expected, that woman is special.’

Gwanghyun toned down his excitement when he answered the phone and looked at the man sitting across from him.

“My name is Park Jehwi.”

The man who introduced himself as Park Jehwi held out a business card to Gwanghyun.

Park Jehwi 010-XXXX-XXXX

Silver Moon Management, a subsidiary of the Wolf Guild, specialized in training and managing novice hunters.

It meant that Siwoo sent people from Silver Moon here.

‘You’re saying that you’re going to give that woman this much power…!’

Gwanghyun let out a silent scream.
It was, of course, a scream of joy.

If all went well this time, even the president of the association, who had not believed his words, would widen his eyes.

‘Success is right in front of you.’

Today would be the historic day where Korea’s seventh S-Class hunter was born.

The moment the woman in the black dress put her hand on the meter, he had no doubt that the measuring device would be dyed a dazzling golden colour.

Not to mention, it was not only Gwanghyun who imagined a brilliant future.

‘This is an opportunity that will never come again.’

Jehwi clenched his fists invisibly.

He had joined Silver Moon and worked there for 7 years.

If he did this well, his status in Silver Moon Management would be second to only Siwoo.

They’re here.”

Jehwi put away his phone and looked up.
Then Gwanghyun jumped up from his seat as if he had been waiting.

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“They arrived earlier than expected.
Then, let’s go.”

The smiles on the faces of the two people did not know how to leave.

The Korean Hunter Association was a 30-story building.
Except for the lobby on the 1st floor, there were basic training rooms for novice hunters from the 2nd to 10th floors, and reception rooms for treating and managing hunters who came from abroad on the 11th to 20th floors.

And the measurement room was here, on the 21st floor.


As soon as the elevator door opened, Gwanghyun spread his arms wide.

“I’ve been waiting for you!”


As soon as the elevator door opened, Eunha was surprised by a strange man’s face.

‘I almost set his face on fire.’

Whether or not Gwanghuyn knew that Eunha had barely managed to keep the flames in, he just smiled softly and came closer.

“You’ve arrived.
Here, I got your parking ticket.”

Jehwi, who rushed to Siwoo, pushed out a small piece of paper and glanced at Eunha.

“Ah, young master.
This person is…”

That’s why I said hunter.”

Jehwi held out his business card to Lee Yura, no, Cha Eunha.

“Nice to meet you, hunter.
My name is Park Jehwi.
I’m CEO Shin’s secretary and a member of Silver Moon Management.
Please feel free to call me Manager Park.”

“…Ah, okay.”

Eunha, who was handed the business card, glanced at Siwoo.
Who? Her face seemed to be asking.

“They’ll be Sunbae’s manager from today on.
It will help if you have it by your side.”

Manager? At Siwoo’s words, Eunha stared intently at the business card that was handed to her.

‘The world has become so much better.’

The era has come when a hunter who is not a singer or actor has a manager.
Eunha didn’t know why the existence of a manager was necessary in any specific situation yet, but she understood that the times had become kinder to hunters.

“The measurement will be completed in about 10 minutes.
Do you have any valuables or articles of clothing you’d like to leave here?”


“Is that so? Then, I will guide you right away.”

The three of them moved from the waiting room to the measurement room under the guidance of Gwanghyun.

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The measurement room he guided them to was the widest among the five measurement rooms, and all sides were made of glass, so it was possible to see the hallway and the adjacent room from inside.

“Oh, oh!”

“That woman…”

“Isn’t that person over there from Silver Moon?”

“That’s right, that’s right.
Oh my gosh.
They already have a manager?”

Numerous people were taking pictures of the room with cameras through the window.
It was like being an actor who appeared at a fan signing event.
Of course, that didn’t mean much to Eunha.

“Why are there so many people?”

Siwoo furrowed his brow slightly.
In crowded places, all kinds of smells were mixed together.

In front of Siwoo, who put a sleeve on his nose and showed an unpleasant look, Gwanghyun coughed and avoided his gaze.

Hunter Yoohwan of the Immortal Guild just visited.
They’re reporters who followed him, and I guess they’re still here.”

It was a blatant lie.

A new star may be rising in Korea today, so could you stay still? They were intended to cover the historical moment and set an example for the president of the association, who did not believe in him.

“I’ll be right back.
For now, Hunter Shin can wait here.”


Gwanghyun, who skillfully changed the topic, stared at Siwoo, who was calculating something in his head for a brief moment.

Come to think of it, since Eunha had decided to hide that she was a first-generation hunter, it wouldn’t hurt to get her popular in a different way.
Maybe a headline like ‘Wolf’s New Hunter, A New S-Class?’ 

In the end, Siwoo did not do anything to the reporters and took a seat in a nearby chair.

“Put your right hand here.
Please try not to move on the platform as much as possible.”

The measuring device was in the form of a capsule large enough to fit two adult men.
It was a useful machine that comprehensively ranked hunters’ capabilities and potentials around the world.
Of course, it was an object that did not exist in Eunha’s days.

Eunha, who settled inside the measuring device as Gwanghyun told her to, recalled the conversation she had with Siwoo on the way here.

‘We’re going to the Hunter Association?’

In order to become a hunter in modern times, rank inspection and the issuing of a license are inevitable processes.’

Even if you created a temporary identity, wouldn’t you be caught if you went to such a place recklessly? In front of Eunha, who had a questionable face, Siwoo told her not to worry.

‘Since the appearance of gates, birth and death reports have not been going smoothly, not only in Korea but also around the world.
They won’t ask for your identity like that.’

Siwoo also added that since a hunter’s license is equivalent to the right to access gates, ability was more important than identity when issuing it.

‘Sunbae’s abilities are stronger than anyone else’s, so even a temporary identity like this will be enough to measure you.
Besides, Wolf is backing you.’

There was no association or rank measurement in Eunha’s days, and Siwoo knew more about modern times than she did.

Thus, Eunha no longer questioned him and came to the Hunter Association.

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“Alright, it’s almost done.
Oh, don’t forget to not move.”

Gwanghyun put a helmet on her head and attached metal rings to her wrists and ankles.

Click, click.

In the meantime, the sound of camera shutters did not stop.
The flash was so bright that it hurt Eunha’s eyes.

Before closing the capsule, Gwanghyun peeked his head in.

“Before you get a license, you’ll need to decide on a nickname, so what would you like to name yourself?”

Nickname? Eunha, who was wearing her helmet, rolled her eyes.
Did she have to decide on something like that?

Eunha had always been ‘17th Battalion, 2nd Company, 3rd Platoon.’ This was because she was Squadron 1’s only leader, Cha Eunha.

However, she couldn’t change her nickname to ‘Captain of the 17th Battalion, 2nd Company, 3rd Platoon, 1st Squadron’.


Was she always a person with no sense for naming? Eunha looked back at her memories.
Come to think of it, the name she gave to the wandering puppy that was always hovering around her house was ‘Blackie*’ because its fur was black.

e/n: *no note needed but… it’s a common thing in korea, usually given to pets (or even toys) that… well have black fur.

The name of the chick she raised in elementary school was ‘Bwok’.
Her goldfish’s name was ‘Fishy’.

In front of the speechless Eunha, Gwanghyun silently waited for her answer.
The reporters who could see through the window were all watching.
At that moment…


[The divine beast ‘Cat Wandering in Darkness’ suggests ‘Princess of Dark Flare’.]

Eunha stared at the yellow message window and slowly blinked her eyes.
It didn’t seem like a good name, but it was a nickname that she’d throw away after a year anyway.
She thought that it was good enough, and nothing else came to mind.

“Princess of Dark Flare.”

As Eunha muttered her answer, somehow, the surroundings became quiet as if cold water had been poured onto the room.


“Princess of Dark Flare.
My nickname.”

Gwanghyun made a slightly startled face.
Soon afterwards, he corrected his expression and closed the capsule door.

“Ah, yes, okay.

After closing the capsule, Gwanghyun tapped the screen that appeared nearby with his finger and entered the nickname ‘Princess of Dark Flare’.

Beep, beep, beep.

As Gwanghyun moved his finger, the sharp sound of an electronic button resounded in the measurement room.

‘To refer to yourself as the Princess of Dark Flare… What the hell?’

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Are you the main character of the story? But her attitude was too detached for that.

Was it a concept? It was too realistic to even be called a concept.
When Gwanghyun, who had finished his thoughts, and his typing turned on the machine,


The whole capsule began to vibrate.
Eventually, the vibration stopped, and a woman’s voice mixed with electronic sounds was heard.

[Data collection in progress.
Please wait.
Collection will be completed soon.]

[Data collection in progress.
Please wait.
Collection will be completed soon.]

[Data collection in progress.
Please wait.
Collection will be completed soon.]

For some reason, the loading took longer than expected.

‘What is it, a machine malfunction? That can’t be right.’

Gwanghyun looked at the capsule with a burning face and bit his fingernails.

As the people watching from the outside started talking one by one, the BGM announcing the completion of data collection came out.

[Data collection is complete.]


[Subject: Lee Yura]

[Nickname: Princess of Dark Flare]

[From the collected data, the rank of the subject is determined to be ‘F’.]

[Printing details.]





In the frozen air, the sound of paper being printed by the printer echoed strangely.

With a rattling sound, the capsule door opened and Eunha came out.
She had a calm face with no hint of emotion.

“Is that the result?”

No one answered.
Eunha picked up the printed sheets and scanned the contents with her black eyes.

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