Song from the Ministry of Public Security…?” someone asked.

“Not necessarily.
They're already here,” a somewhat unprofessional voice came from the entrance of the dispatch room.
The person who spoke was a young man who looked no more than twenty years old.
He was wearing a dark grey uniform with the words “Fengshen” embroidered on the collar.
He had a stopwatch around his neck and looked like a physical education teacher.
With a rosy complexion and white teeth, he smiled when he noticed everyone's gaze and lifted his heels.
“Fengshen Special Forces, First Team, Zhang Zhao, good evening to all the leaders.
Our leader…no, our commander-in-chief happens to be out of town today, and upon hearing that Chiyuan needs support, immediately sent an authorized fax to be delivered to Director Xiao.
I am also here to report to you that the Fengshen team closest to Chiyuan is already on their way.”

Fengshen was one of the three special forces teams under Xiao Zheng's “family” at the Bureau.
The other two teams were Thunder and Rain, collectively known as “Fenglei Yu” or “Wind, Thunder, Rain.” Although they were nominally assigned to the Ministry of Public Security's External Operations and Security Department, they had a high degree of autonomy.

Especially the Fengshen team.

Any anomalous energy events that cannot be handled within the entire region are usually referred to the Fengshen team.
This special forces team has the strongest mobility and is often on business trips around the country, so they have a somewhat “disobeying superior orders when far away” meaning.
Any team leader or above can directly ignore superior opinions and take autonomous action if they deem it necessary.

Xiao Zheng never expected that their brother team would openly stand on his side.
He opened his mouth but didn't know what to say for a moment.

Zhang Zhao walked in, smiling as he scanned the various expressions on their faces.
He handed a printed document to Xiao Zheng and took a step back to salute, saying, “Director Xiao, our leader said that you are representing us, 'Wind, Thunder, and Rain,' and if others don't support your work, can we still move forward? We'll wait for your instructions!”

After a long silence on the phone, Chief Huang finally spoke, “Xiao, you represent me in handling the Chiyuan matter.”

Xiao Zheng gritted his teeth and gave Zhang Zhao a look that spoke volumes without saying a word.
Without hesitation, he said, “Find a way to contact the aftermath department's Xuan Ji.
He's on the front lines, and the phone just got cut off.”

Xuan Ji, who was on the front lines, was getting cozy with the Demon Lord.

“I think someone like you, who can only be summoned by the gloomy ritual, has such an extraordinary appearance…
um, 'appearance' means distinguished and with great origin.” Xuan Ji attempted to imitate the Demon Lord's accent and tone, but unfortunately, this ancient dialect was like a foreign language to him – he could understand it, but not speak it.
Plus, he didn't have the Demon Lord's amazing ability to repeat words, so his imitation sounded strange and off.

Although Sheng Lingyuan was bound by iron chains, his posture was relaxed and his smile deepened as he watched the little demon in front of him change faces like flipping a book.

Xuan Ji had a thick skin and sang off-key to the South Pole, but he still dared to speak loudly, “In this capitalist era, there are usually many ways to solve problems.
Those who resort to witchcraft at the drop of a hat are generally foolish…
um, delusional people with holes in their brains.
Don't you think it's beneath you to respond to such a person's call?”

“The ritual is a way to communicate with heaven and earth.
Since I was awakened by this person, there must be a connection between us.
Otherwise, his blood wouldn't have flowed into my coffin,” Sheng Lingyuan said slowly, “Besides, what does it matter if it's a matter of status or not? It's all just a superficial reputation.
I've long forgotten about it.”

“Well, that's true,” Xuan Ji had seen all sorts of difficult clients before.
He changed his tone and flattered, “The status that mortals give you may not be important, and it doesn't matter whether you remember it or not.
But your demeanor and bearing are still here, aren't they? I'm not blind.”

“Oh? Such bearing?” Sheng Lingyuan suddenly leaned forward, and the iron chains that bound him suddenly tightened with a clear collision sound.
The dark and gloomy ritual markings crawled out of his collar and spread all over his face, black and white, making his handsome face suddenly look sinister.

Just then, Luo Cuicui, who had already run out, received a phone call from Xiao Zheng and was ordered to bring a phone to Xuan Ji.
After mustering up the courage, she finally made it to the stairs, but when she saw the scene from afar, her legs went weak and she knelt down with a “thud.”

Sheng Lingyuan didn't even glance at her and waved his hand lightly, saying, “No need for formalities.
Since the sacrificial text can bring me back to the world, it naturally has constraints on me.
I have finally seen the light of day, why ruin it for myself? It's just a human wish, a small gesture is enough.”

Xuan Ji's eyes twitched.

Sheng Lingyuan smiled and said softly, “It's almost past midnight, right?”

“L-lea-leader…” Luo Cuicui couldn't even complete a sentence, stuttering and stammering, and kept saying “L-l-lead” with his mouth, too scared to come over.
In the end, he had a bright idea, put the phone on the floor eight feet away, pushed it forward with all his might, and slid it to Xuan Ji's feet, saying, “Director Xiao, I can't help you here, and I'm only hindering your performance.
I'll withdraw as ordered!”

With that, the coward turned to run, but was caught by Xuan Ji's ankle with a lock chain and fell flat on his face.
“Wait,” said Xuan Ji.

Tears streamed down Luo Cuicui's face.
“Leader, us plant-types are highly flammable and cannot go to the front line.
Please just treat me like air and let me go!”

“What's going on? I thought you had become a martyr…the phone froze…I can't believe it! Come back, and I'll buy you a new box!” Xiao Zheng was holding the phone, scolding Xuan Ji on the phone, and striding into the conference room.

“Director Xiao, the agents from all over the region are already in position.”

Xiao Zheng nodded and said to Xuan Ji, “Take a picture of the ‘Yin Sacrifice' text that you saw, the more complete the better.
I will have someone compare the pictures to investigate.
If it is a sacrifice, there must be sacrificial text on the sacrificial offering, just like putting a stamp address on a letter, right?”

“Smart,” because Luo Cuicui threw her phone too far, Xuan Ji could only shout to speak now, “Luo Cuicui, before you run away, please do me a favor! Take a picture of the words on the wall and send them to Xiao Zheng.
– Old Xiao, listen to me, summoning this demon is a one-time thing, not a long-term contract…”

Sheng Lingyuan understood the words “one-time” and “not long-term” and narrowed his eyes slightly – this brat was actually using his own words, so bold.

Xuan Ji spoke quickly, “The reason why witchcraft is considered witchcraft is because the people who do this kind of thing usually don't have a good ending.
It's such a hassle to summon a big demon that can only do one thing for oneself.
Based on my experience, eight or nine out of ten times it's for revenge.
And it's likely that the person behind it is in a desperate situation and lacks support.
The Yin Sacrifice is not some street vendor's trick, your elite field agents in the security department have never even heard of it.
This person not only knows how to operate it, but can also kill a thousand people unnoticed within thirty days.
With such ability, why go through such a big circle to kill someone? What could be their target?”

Xiao Zheng narrowed his eyes suddenly, “An important figure under tight protection, or an unshakable power.”

If someone can operate the Yin Sacrifice, even if they are not a special ability person themselves, they must be deeply involved with special ability people and must know about the “Special Ability Court” of the Bureau.
If this person is fighting alone against some heinous private force, they could come forward and report it, but they haven't.
So, it's very likely that they know they can't get official support.

Either the person manipulating the Yin Sacrifice is a wanted special ability criminal, or…

The two of them fell silent for a second and then almost said in unison.

cough cough cough…” The one who ran up was unexpectedly the girl with a “fear of people” – Ping Qianru.

The hospital's cool mist seemed to be spreading, and taking a breath from afar felt like a cold knife scraping from the throat to the lungs.
With more than ten meters away from Xuan Ji and the others, Ping Qianru couldn't catch her breath and couldn't get any closer – who knows what kind of ability she had, but judging from her lung capacity, she not only had no combat power, but she might not even pass the school physical education test.

The fire on the iron chain that bound the demon in Xuan Ji's hand was already quite weak, and several times it was almost frozen out, but then he swayed and stood up.
He was already at his last gasp, but he refused to let go.
The great demon was waiting for the midnight hour and was not in a hurry, patiently playing with the little demon in front of him.

The place where they were was almost like an ice store, in Ping Qianru's view, Xuan Ji was covered with thick ice and didn't move at all, as if he had become an ice sculpture.
So she cried out with a sobbing voice, “Uh…
they found a forum post that was just posted and deleted…
can Director Xuan say something? I'm scared…”

“Why do you have to be so tragic?” Shen Lingyuan said somewhat helplessly to Xuan Ji.
“I see that you are young, and if you were an ordinary little demon, you might not have awakened your spiritual wisdom yet.
Not only have you fully transformed, but your true form can't be seen at a glance.
Presumably, you are a naturally-born spirit creature.
Before the internal upheaval amongst the demon race happened, almost all of the innate spirit creatures had already disappeared without a trace.
Each one is a treasure, and it would be a pity to lose one.
Listen to me, hurry and leave.”

Xuan Ji took a deep breath and said word by word, “Don't cry, there is still air.
What post? Read it.”

Ping Qianru choked, “Oh…
A plea for help: I feel like my son is not my son anymore.”

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