Nina P.O.V

My name is Nina, Im the First daughter and Child of my Mom and I have a little sister too.

Im 20 years of age.

My Mom is a Fashion designer.

I, my little sis and Mom are relocating to our new home in New York city after Mom got a new contract in a Fashion Industry.

Mom earns lot of cash from that though.

But, what she doesn know is that the kids she gave birth to are totally assholes.

Yes, I meant what I just said. We are.



Gosh, I can **ing wait to get the hell outta here. I said while turning to my right and saw my Little sister grinning widely at her mobile phone.

”What are you smiling at ? ” I asked Lena.

”Im grinning at this scumbag of a boyfriend telling me some funny chats over the phone. But, he doesn freaking know that Im breaking up with him tonight ”.

”What the Fuck…You
e so heartless girl ”.

”Oh yes big Sis, I am even dialing his digits right away to tell him the good news of the Break up ”. Lena said to me.

I just rolled my eyes at her and turned over to the other side of the car and put on my Bluetooth to avoid hearing my Lil-sis and her break up news..

I slept off for awhile until I felt a hand tapping me up..

I groaned and opened my eyes. ”Are we here already? ” I asked looking at me sister ”Shit… Nooo Sissy we are just descending to earth ”. She said sarcastically while swearing the word Shit…and….Fuck.

I Immediately took off my shoe and spanked at her.

”Ouch..! Sis!…Mother! ” She yelled while whining in pain.

”Don use a swear word at me kid.. Im your older Sister you know ”. I said while putting my shoes back on.

”Don involve me into this Lena ”. I heard my mother say

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