*** Ninas P.O.V ***

Staring at myself in the large mirror in front of me made me excited with my looks.

I looked at what I was putting on and I couldn believe I am the Me in front of Me. Hehe J

I shook my head in satisfaction on what I am wearing and smiled to myself.

I made my way downstairs to see Scott already here and having a chit-chat with my Mother.

”Hello Mom, I will be heading out for a while. ” I said to my Mom.

”Yeah, its okay darling.. go on and have fun okay.. I also got company too. ” Mom said smiling at Me.

”What!!! Mom, I think we ne-eed to ha-ve a little discussion when I get back. ” I said to her as my eyes widened in surprise.

I couldn help but hold in to my smile. Im glad my Mum has finally found someone in her life and I just hope he is a good person too.

”I love you Mom, have fun okay and be happy. ” I whispered to her while winking at her and pecked her on the cheeks.

She hits me lightly.

”Shut up Nina. ” She whispered back and blushing this time.. Scott saw this and chuckled a little.

”It is only a day meeting ok. And I am not even sure if I wanna be in a relationship just yet. ” Mom said as she shrugged her shoulders.

I smiled at her.

”Mom it is up to you to decide and no matter what you do… just remember youve got my full support ok. ” I said to her and kissed again on the cheeks and waved her farewell before I left the house.

Scott and I made our way to the park where his car was parked.

We hopped in and I stared at Scott.

”Why are staring at me like that.?? ” He asked as he gave me a questionable look.

Sorry, I mean… why did you ask me out? ” I asked curiously.

”Ohh that… just buckle up your seat belt. I will drive while doing the talking. ” Scott smiled and said.

I nodded my head slowly and obeyed.

Ad he started driving down the road he spoke.

My Lil-sis is having a little party reunion. But she said I couldn come unless I had a fire to come with. And here you are. ” Scott said as he grins at Me.

”Sco…tt, wait a sec… do you just say Date? ” I asked shocked.

”Uhmm.. Nina its fine.. Its just a friendly date ok. Since you had free time today, I had to choose you. ” He explained.

I nodded my head.

”Oooohhhh….ok I get it now. ” I was a bit worried at first.

I hardly know anything about Scott.

”Is your brother and friends going over there too.? ” I asked inquisitively.

”Yeah. They just arrived. But hey Nina, you get to party a little, have fun and meet my friends wives except for Chris who is still single and searching. ” Scott said as he chuckled.

I looked at the text message Ryan sent to me earlier.

”But, I thought Ryan had a meeting to attend to? ” Scott asked me.

I looked up and nod my head at Scott while smiling.

**** Scotts P.O.V ****

Oh my.. my, I feel so sorry for you Nina girl.

I just wished we had a chance to be together instead of being with my brother Ryan.

That Ryan of a brother is so unpredictable. **sigh**

I sighed while in thought staring at Nina.

**** Ninas P.O.V ****

Scott puts his hands behind my back to guide me in.

We walked past two security guards who Scott knows very well.. I presume.

I looked around and immediately I recalled that I once lied about my real age.

”Uhmm… Scot- ” I stopped myself from exposing myself and real age.

”Nina, if its about displaying your ID…then don worry cos I already know your real age. ” Scott said

”Huh… Whhhaaatttt?? ” I was shocked.

”How did you know.? I asked Scott.

”Uhmm… you know before an Idol or a model depends on getting information about the candidate or person so since you are one I-I ha-d to… I mean, I just guess it and it came out true. ” Scott said scratching his head shyly.

”Wait, what? You guessed it …. How? ” I asked feeling kinda scared and worried.

”I just read your thoughts. ” Scott replied.

”Whaaatttt. ” I said shocked.

”Ohh please, Nina… I was just kidding. Actually, I found it out when we first met.. you were kinda hesitate before you responded to follow me to the fashion industry. Then I knew something was odd. ” Scott said.

”Ohh… Uhmm …ok. ” I replied feeling guilty already.

”But, it okay.. Lets head inside already. ” Scott demanded changing the topic of discussion.

”Yeah..Okay ” I replied as I followed him in.

”Nina, I heard you
e pregnant.? ” Scott asked.

I was surprised as I looked at him and his facial expressions show no sign of being happy, excited or sad. It was really hard to detect how he feels about it though.

It was just a plain straight expression.

”Did Ryan tell you about it huh..? ” I asked because I remembered vividly that no one knew about it except Ryan and my Mom and even my Lil-sis knows nothing about the pregnancy just yet.

”Don worry , if you feel quite uncomfortable and your body reacts visibly. I can put a hold to your fashion modelling. Its optional, it you want. You can come back to the work after giving birth ok. ” Scott said.

”And Nina, please we will be having a family dinner next weekend you should come over ok. ” Scott added.

”Okay, I will. ” I replied

”Nina, one more thing… take this card when we get inside the party hall and if you feel kinda hungry or don wanna eat what is gonna be served there. Just simply use the card and get whatever you need okay. ” Scott assured.

”Okay… Thanks. ” I said and smiled at him which he returned back.

”Hey bro! ” Scott Lil-sis which I found out her name is Ivy came running up to Scott and peeking him on the checks and hugging him afterwards.

”Hello Pretty Sis. ” Scott responded.

”Where is Ryan? Didn you come with Ryan huh. She asked staring at Scott and Me.

”Nope, I didn because he is busy but since Nina was less busy and free I decided to bring her over. ” Scott explained to her and giving me a reassuring smile.

I simply smiled back

”Okay then, thats fine but Bro can I have a word with you huh.? ” Ivy said as she pulls Scott with her and leaving me standing in front of his friends and their wives I guess.

”Nina come have a seat. Let me introduce you to everyone. ” Chris said as he grabbed my arm and made me sit down in a seat next to his.

”Okay, so Nina meet my friends wives. This is Jeffreys wife and her name is Gracie but you can call her Grace.

The next to Grace is Mia, Sams wife between Grace and Mia is our pretty Vanessa, shes Nicos wife and the next behind Sams wife is Kate but we call her cat, she is Deriks Fiancee and shes one of a trouble maker and hates it when we call her a cat but me and Ryan don give a damn about it though. ” Chris says as he chuckles.

”Hey guys, Meet Nina and she is Ry- . ” Scott walked in before Chris finish his introduction.

”Im back guys! Ivy is about to start the main ceremony… Come on, lets go. ” Scott said as he cheered and everyone stood up and went to the dance floor.

I went to the dance floor as well then Scott offered me a drink. Wine to be precise.

”Mmmm… Its nice. ” I said taking a sip of the wine given to me be Scott.

”Really.. I wasn sure what kind of drink you would like so I decided to bring this over to you and Im happy, you liked it. ” Scott said.

”Wow, I like it and its so nice but the drink is so light. ” I recommended and smiled brightly.

Scott laughed a little and said, ”I don think Ryan would like it, if I get you drunk… you know. Ryan kinda don trust Me that much. ” He winks at me.

I simply nodded my head slowly which I think and felt a bit awkward and uncomfortable about what he said.

Maybe. ” He mumbled.

But, I definitely heard him right.

The Party got started and everyone cheered, danced and drank as much as they can.

I was getting tired of dancing and cheering but not tired of drinking.

I decided to order some strong drinks with the use of the card Scott gave to Me and headed to the guest inn.

Im tipsy already and I just need to calm my head down.





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