looking for a job…

”Oh my, so tiring walking around for a job ”. I said to myself while taking a seat close to where Ina standing.

Immediately, I took the seat and sat down… I. realized my eyes were popped out when I noticed I was sitting right in front of The Gordons Group of Companies.

Whaaaaatttt!!!!… So this is the company Ryan was telling me about huh…Its so beautiful and the building is a massive one too. I said to myself feeling amazed.

Im gonna check that out. Instinct from where I was sitting and walked across the road. I stood in front of the company entrance door and looked up admiring the massive building.

”Uhmm….Miss, can you get out if the way, people need to walk along the pathway where you are standing ”. A young lady shoved me.

I apologized and nodded in response. As I was about to turn around. I stumbled but luckily someone right up in time. A tall handsome masculine figure. I looked up slowly.

”Sir, Im so sorry …I didn mean to ”. I apologized uncontrollably.

Oh my world , he so so cute … I said to muttered not knowing I said that out loud this time…I saw him chuckling.

Im so embarrassed right now.

”Its ok, you
e beautiful and pretty too…Uhmm… are you here for a fashion show or you are auditioning for modelling? ” He asked being serious this time.

”I.. Uhmm…- I hesitated.

”Canon, its OK. Im one of the officials in the company too. Lets go on ” He said as he smiled at me while guiding me inside the building.

”Oh no…this is not happening ”. Inside to myself.

And the worst of all is my age…

Im 20 years of age and I don know if they have an age restriction for fashion thing here. Or should I lie about my age to get the job ….Oooorrrr?? Will they/be believe me… if I lie about my age grade.

”Im 19 ” I lied as I let out and awkward chuckle while smiling. Well, its quite close to my real age though..

Or Is there a difference between 19 and 20 huh…? I asked my tiny little brain that.

”Oh really 19? ” He asked curiously. Hmm. Okay thats fine . Well we are here already ” the male figure pointed to a door as we walked into a room.

”Jane, is a model contestant. So after shes done we will be started in less than twenty minutes.

And you aren going for the fashion show today.. Because of your beauty and elegant ness you will be contesting in the model show today ” The guy said as he winked at me before he left the room

After he left the room, the lady looked up at me and said, ” Hello, my name is Jane, Im his cousin. Im a very honest being but straight and rude as well. I have no friends ”. She shrugged her shoulders and made me sit down on a seat behind her.

She faced me towards the mirror and smiled

”So, tell me about yourself? ” Jane asked.

”My name is Nina Jones. I actually just moved in here few days ago. Its my first time in New York City, O have no Friends either. Im kinda looking for a job to earn my own pocket money and I forced here by your cousin brother. Im not even supposed to be here ”. I shrugged my shoulders as well like the way she did recently like a weird jackass I am.

She nodded her head and smiled in response.

”Thats a lovely name, Its fine. My cousin don usually does that too. It, I can tell why he brought you in.

I have to be honest with you, ”You are very beautiful and your attitude is on a cloud nine level. All the girls contesting for this are just so plain and fake ”.. Jane had a disgusted facial expression while the words Plain and Fake.

I laughed at that when I noticed and she laughed as well.

But, you
e just yourself and don even care what people will say…Thats so cool of you though… And I like that about you ”. Jane added.

”Yah, Thanks ”. I replied with a smile.

I walked up to the stage and saw all the girl contestants lining up on queue with numbers tag on them. I then, looked down at mine and my number is 2463. Why such big numbers as a tag? I asked no one in particular.

I was busy staring at my numbers that I didn pay attention to who was speaking at the other end of the stage.

My hair was covering my face. When I looked up and saw all the show officials especially the one in the middle. ”Ryan ” my eyes widened. I smiled awkwardly and he looked at me with a weird look.

I saw him whispering to the guy who brought me here. I saw the guy smiling broadly and nodded his head at me.

Ryan sat back and crossed his arms. Staring at me with a poker face.

OK girls, we will get started now.

All you do is, ”Walk up to the stage after you all have gotten to the back stage, come out one after another and introduce yourself. Understood…Good Luck Ladies ”. The MC said as the Girls went back to the stage.

I was not paying attention and was so stupid and embarrassed at the same time that I wasn paying any attention to what the MC have said…

I was so deep in thought….

”Are you going to introduce yourself first? ”. The MC asked me cutting me off from my stupid thoughts.

I looked around and noticed that I was the only one on stage and other girls have all gone to the back stage..

”Shit…stupid jackass ”. Inside to myself..

”What did you ”? The MC asked..

I smiled innocently and said, ”Im introducing myself first ”.

The MC smiled and said, ”Good luck then ”.

I smiled and nodded in confidence.

All the five officials were staring at Me as I walked up to the stage ”.

And to crown it all the Five judges were all MEN..

”How the hell, Im I gonna start talking when I know that there are Five pairs of eyes watching me especially that rude jackass being one of them ”. Gosh…I muttered to myself.




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