day, the perfect day for an academy entrance exam. Kaion wasn the only one in the neighborhood going to take the exams, every other kid of age dreamed of getting accepted and taking their families out of the slums.

Scores of children erupted from their makeshift wooden shanties, dressed in their finest clothing -which for most was anything that didn have too many holes- with steely resolve in their eyes.

Kaion wasn too friendly with anyone, he recognized a few familiar faces from the odd jobs he did around the slums, but nobody he knew too well.

The slums were separated from the city by a long gravel road, so those going to take the entrance exam had to get up earlier than they usually would to get a head start.

The area around the road was mostly cleared forest, with tall green grass and a few thorny trees here and there. This area was once a monster hot spot, but thanks to the city mages that was now all in the past.

Kaion began stretching his limbs after walking for a few meters, jumping up and down before speeding off. The other children saw this and decided to follow suite as well, but Kaion was like a speed demon, and before long he was but a dot in the far distance.

[I wonder how strong the city children are,] wondered Kaion as he tried regulating his breathing. This wasn more than a warm-up for him, as for the past 6 years, in preparation for this day, he would hike to and from the city as exercise.

He merely regulated his breathing because he was somewhat nervous. He only ever sparred against other slum kids, and though some of them had magical affinities, they weren too pronounced and of course hadn been trained as well as the city kids.

[No, theres no point worrying about that. Regardless of how strong they are, Im at a disadvantage. Ill just have to take them out before they have time to cast any spells.] he thought to himself.

He wouldn allow his mind to be plagued by negative thoughts, he was the type of person who worked on what he had. Having been born in rather shoddy circumstances, he knew more than anyone else that crying about your situation wouldn change a thing.

After running for nearly 30 minutes straight at breakneck speeds, he finally got to the city. The first section of the city was the market, which was bustling as usual. Traders shouted prices and sales, while animals about to be sold off for food filled the air with a variety of sounds, making it seem as if they were on some sort of farm.

There were multiple roads that led to the city center, where the entrance exam would be held. And on each of those roads were lined with wooden stalls displaying different goods.

Kaion took a peek at each of the stalls as he passed by, having arrived earlier than usual, he had time to survey the stock. Though it was mainly window shopping, as he didn even have a cent to his name. Though if he got accepted, he wanted to know what he would spend his pocket money on beforehand.

”Hey, what are you looking slumpuppy, get lost, ” shouted one of the stand owners as he saw Kaion get a little too close. Kaion gave the man a look before moving on at a faster pace.

[I can wait until these bastards regret ever treating us this way,] he thought angrily.

Though he understood why the man acted the way he did. Children from the slum were usually thieves, and though he had never stolen anything, he couldn deny that it had crossed his mind several times.

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