Magesmith System: The First Smith God

[Prologue 5]: An Old man\'s request

[Ill take an unregulated job. Yeah, thats it, I don need a license. I only took the entrance exam because getting a license would be safer. But Im sure Ill manage,] he thought to himself. By now he had already left the colosseum and was walking down the busy city streets.

It was early in the morning and a crowd had formed outside of the colosseum to watch the award ceremony. Those that had managed to make it yesterday would be having their official acceptance proceedings today.

”Yeah, and after doing a few jobs, maybe Ill be able to join one of the guilds, ” he whispered to himself, kicking a piece of trash he found lying on the cobblestone pathways.

”Yeah right, ” he sighed with an exhausted grin.

”Unregulated jobs? Then what? Get myself killed and leave Lira all alone? And where would I even find one, those kinds of jobs are illegal. What if I only get bounty jobs, I don want to kill anyone, ” he continued, before turning into an alleyway.

”Fuck, **, ** it all, ” he shouted, before slouching on the wall and slowly sliding down to the floor.

”Well, whats done is done. Now I just need to figure out what to do next. ”

”I could help, ” replied an old voice with a rather mischievous tone.

Kaion jolted to his feet, his fists out ready to knock the block of whoever had just startled him. It was an old raggedly dressed man, his face tanned with dirt and his skin wrinkled from time.

”How did you get there? ”

”I have a job for you. And itll pay quite nicely, ” the old man said, ignoring Kaions question.

”Great, a drunk, ” Kaion whispered, before turning to leave the alleyway.

”I can pay you in Enarcs, but I have a lot of scrolls. I can offer you one based on which job you choose to take, ” the old man continued, his joyful expression unhindered by Kaions comment.

”Pfft. And how sure am I that these scrolls of yours are legit? You might as well pay me scribbles on paper and I wouldn even be able to tell the difference, ” Kaion replied, turning around to face the old man.

Though Kaion seemed reluctant, he was also desperate. Even though he knew that the old man was most probably just a crazy drunk blabbering on about nothing, he still hoped that there was a chance that this was all legit.

e worth more than any amount of Enarcs can buy, ” the old man whispered, pulling out a scroll from inside his tattered shirt.

The scrolls didn seem all that special, sure they looked old which perhaps made them seem somewhat authentic, but apart from that, they just seemed like dirty old rolls of paper.

”If they are so valuable why don you sell them? ” Kaion asked, voicing his obvious suspicions about the whole thing.

”Didn you hear me boy? They are too precious to be sold, ” replied the old man, putting the scroll back into the darkness of his shirt.

”So what do you need help with, and why are you asking me? Theres the mage association and the guilds. Why would you offer a random boy on the street such a special offer? ” Kaion asked sarcastically, his hope slowly dwindling with every second that he gave to the old man.

”Because these quests are for you specifically. Or someone with your qualities. I saw your fight- ” as the old man said this, Kaions expression saddened, ”-and I haven seen resolve like yours in decades. Right then I decided that you are the one, youll be the one to take these scrolls, ” said the old man, his smile growing wilder.

There was a pause, a moment of silence between their back and forth.

”Don give me that crap. Resolve? You wouldve found the same resolve in any slumpuppys eyes. All of us had something to lose. If you
e going to lie to me, Ill be leaving, ” Kaion replied.

All hope that this was a worthwhile conversation had been crushed. He would go home and break the news to Lira. Perhaps he could take up more jobs and join a party once he got enough money to afford proper equipment.

”With these scrolls, you won have to worry about not having a magic release. Well, if you can master the techniques on this. ”

Kaions mind went blank for a moment. This was what he needed, a cheat to beat the system. If he could get his hands on this, then maybe, just maybe their days of struggle would be over.

”Yeah right, ” Kaion laughed, shaking his head in genuine amusement.

”Won have to worry about not having a magic release you say, ” he continued as he walked out of the alleyway. It was all too good to be true, and though he had fooled himself into believing that he could get accepted into the magic academy, he still prided himself in being a realist.

”Ill be here when you change your mind boy. Just be quick about it, these quests can only be done once in a few decades, ” the old man warned.


e back! Howd it go?! ” Lira asked cheerfully, still in the same position that Kaion had left her in.

[She waited,] thought Kaion, the sadness in his heart intensifying as he saw the smile on his sisters face.

”I-I… I passed, ” Kaion lied. [I can do it.]

”You don look too happy about it though, ” Lira replied, her smile fading the longer she looked at him.

”I didn get into the academy residence, so well have to get a new house closer to the city. But I should be getting my allowance soon, so that shouldn be a problem, ” he replied, trying to force a smile.

[Ill take the old mans quest and sell those scrolls. Even if they aren worth what he said they were, anything will do until I can break the news to Lira. But Im not going to take it if its too dangerous thats out of the question.]

”Hmm, okay then, I can wait. Should I start packing? Kaion? ”

Lira stood up from her seat and walked towards Kaion. Each of her steps seemed heavy, almost as if she would fall down at any second.

”Are you okay? ” she asked, standing right in front of him.

”You should rest, ” he replied, picking her up before taking her to bed.

”Kaion… You aren lying to me, are you? I can handle it if you didn pass. Well make it, just like we always do… together, ” Lira whispered, her head digging deep into his shirt as he tried placing her on her makeshift bed.

[No Lira, we won make it. The entrance exam can only be taken once a year, and I wasted all our money on it. I have to do this,] he thought before looking his sister in the eye.

”Im not lying. I really did get accepted. Now I have to go ask them about my allowance, Ill be right back, ” he replied, before kissing Lira on the cheek.

With that he left the house in a hurry, making sure to shut the door behind him.

”Kaion… ”

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