Following Master Zhou’s words, Shi Ming Yuan said, “Yeah.
Only a young couple can make such unscrupulous noises.
It looks strange and delightful.”

Earlier Tang Yu Lin didn’t believe that Shi Yin would really fall in love with Zhou Cheng Yuan, a sick seed, whose death day was just around the corner, but now seeing the scene she could only admit it.

Listening to Grandpa Zhou and Shi Ming Yuan’s words, Zhou Si Yang felt very uncomfortable in his heart. 

He couldn’t stay anymore, so he said hello to Grandpa Zhou and directly went upstairs to his room.

Even though Zhou Si Yang entered his bedroom, he could still clearly see the backyard scene through the rear window.

Zhou Si Yang threw his suit jacket on the bed, walked to the rear window, and looked down.

As a result, he saw his uncle was awake, and seeing this Zhou Si Yang became even angrier.

Zhou Cheng Yuan wasn’t asleep, he deliberately leaned on Shi Yin’s shoulder and pretended to be asleep.

So he knew when Shi Yin painted something on his face and took his pictures.

He even heard Shi Yin saying that he had only three months to live.

Zhou Cheng Yuan thought she didn’t know about his health, but it seemed she even knew how many days he had left.

When Zhou Cheng Yuan opened his eyes, Shi Yin was about to take another picture of him, but he pressed her hand down.

Seeing that he had woken up, Shi Yin froze for a moment.
Then she innocently looked at him and tried to hold back a smile.

Shi Yin pretentiously greeted him, “Are you awake?”

Zhou Cheng Yuan raised his hand and slowly rubbed his neck, then nodded, “Yeah.”

Hearing the positive reply, Shi Yin pursed her lips, and her face blushed with a suffocated smile.

While pretending to be concerned, she asked, “Do you want to sit here, or go back to your room to rest?”

Zhou Cheng Yuan pretended not to know anything, and gently replied, “Go back to the house.”

“Then I am going to ask Chen Meng to push the wheelchair over…” 

After speaking, Shi Yin was about to stand up, and withdraw her hand from his hold without him knowing.

Shi Yin breathed a sigh of relief in her heart, finally, she would be able to have her hand back.

However, when Shi Yin just stood up, instead of withdrawing her hand, she was dragged back.

As a result, Shi Yin couldn’t stand firm and fell directly into Zhou Cheng Yuan’s arms.

After falling on his lap, Shi Yin sat up.
Her eyes widened from shock, and her small mouth was opened in shock.

Zhou Cheng Yuan grabbed Shi Yin’s waist, and looked down at the girl sitting on his lap, he leisurely said, “No, I can walk…but I need Yin Yin to help me.”

Although Shi Yin had acted in several dramas in the past, it was the first time that she had experienced something like this in her real life. 

After all, she had always been single.

Because of this, Shi Yin was flustered for a while, and she quickly got off Zhou Cheng Yuan’s lap.

“I’m sorry…” 

She worriedly asked him, “I didn’t stand firm just now, are you okay??”

Zhou Cheng Yuan looked at her funny reaction, raised his hand to let her pull himself up, and at the same time said to Shi Yin, “It’s okay.”

“My body is weak…but I can still bear my wife sitting on my lap.”

Hearing it, Shi Yin’s cheeks reddened.

This man!

Wasn’t it good to be reserved?! They weren’t married yet!

Shi Yin originally wanted to hold Zhou Cheng Yuan’s arm to help him into the room, but as soon as he stood up, he naturally put his arm on her shoulder for support.

As a last resort, Shi Yin could only hold the hand that he had put on her shoulder and use her other hand to support his waist.

The man’s waist was particularly thin, but it wasn’t skinny as exaggerated in the book.

But after all, he was a big man about 1.8 meters tall, so he still looked a little thin.

When Shi Yin and Zhou Cheng Yuan walked into the house, Zhou Jin Feng and Shi Ming Yuan were no longer spying at the backyard door.

They were casually sitting in the living room while drinking tea.
As soon as the two of them stepped in, all of them looked over.

Shi Yin greeted everyone and gently said, “I will send Uncle Cheng Yuan back to his room.”

After speaking, she hugged Zhou Cheng Yuan waist once again and walked to the elevator door. 

Soon, the elevator doors slowly opened and Shi Yin was stunned.

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