“Look at that little girl, she looked kind of sensational.”

Zhou Si Yang clenched his fists tightly and stared at himself in the mirror.
His jaw was tight, his eyes were dark, and he had an impatient expression on his face. 

He had completely lost the grace of a gentleman, he looked like a small man with bad anger.

Zhou Si Yang shouldn’t be like this.

Wasn’t it just about a little girl?

It must be because he felt uncomfortable with a life without her following behind his back, so he had an illusion that he liked her.

It looked like it was time to find a girlfriend.

If he had a girlfriend, then you would forget her.

When Zhou Si Yang went out of the room, Shi Yin was lying on the bed, with her head sideways.
Her eyes were looking sleepy, and half of her white shoulder was slightly exposed. 

Her long slender legs were exposed in the air and the photographer was looking for the best angle to shoot her.

Then Shi Yin sat up again and posed for a photo with casually ruffled hair.

This time the pose was seductive and alluring.

Zhou Si Yang was stunned.

Meng Ran and the others only rushed over when the shoot was halfway through. 

It took half a day to shoot the cover of this magazine, and the shoot ended in the evening.

After the shoot, Shi Yin changed her clothes and was about to pack her things and leave with Meng Ran, when she saw Zhou Si Yang.

Shi Yin raised his eyebrows unexpectedly, the male lead was still there.

She thought Zhou Si Yang would be mad at her after what she had said.

Before Shi Yin could speak, Zhou Si Yang raised his hand and said hello first, “Yin Yin.”

Meng Ran looked at them and said, “You guys talk, I have something to do.
I’ll go back to the company first.”

Then she smiled at Shi Yin and said to Zhou Si Yang, “Young Master Zhou, I have to trouble you to drop Shi Yin.”

With a gentle smile, Zhou Si Yang said, “No trouble.”

Shi Yin was feeling speechless.
She sighed in her heart.


Although Meng Ran thought she was helping her, she really didn’t need this help!

Now, Shi Yin could only get in Zhou Si Yang’s car.
She politely said thank you when she was wearing the seat belt.

Zhou Si Yang also politely replied, “You are welcome.”

“Why are you still here??” Shi Yin asked in doubt.

“I want to talk to you.” Zhou Si Yang replied.

Shi Yin was puzzled, she turned her head to look at him and asked, “What are you going to talk about?”

“Yin Yin,” Zhou Si Yang began to say, “Have you ever heard of a sentence- you should find someone you like when you fall in love, and find someone who likes you when you are getting married.”

Shi Yin nodded her head and calmly said, “I have heard it.”

“I think this sentence makes sense.” Zhou Si Yang looked at her and said it.

Shi Yin still perfunctorily replied, “I also think that it makes sense.”

If the original ‘Shi Yin’ chose a spouse according to this passage, she wouldn’t have such a tragic end, Shi Yin thought.

“We agree on the same thing.” Zhou Si Yang seemed to have found a breakthrough in the conversation.

Shi Yin was extremely perfunctory, so she said, “Yeah.”

After that, she started looking down at the online jokes on her mobile phone.

“So…I don’t think you should marry my uncle so hastily.
If he doesn’t like you, then your future will be a tragedy?”

Shi Yin raised her head and stared at Zhou Si Yang while agreeing, “It makes sense.”

“Right!!” Zhou Si Yang felt full of morale while persuading Shi Yin, “You have to think about it carefully!”

Shi Yin nodded thoughtfully to him.

But she was busy scolding Zhou Si Yang in her heart: “Think about your grandma! If I marry you, that will be the real tragedy!”

A few moments later, Shi Yin asked, “Does Uncle Cheng Yuan not like me?” Her tone sounded a little aggrieved, “If he didn’t like me, then why did he not express his opinion on that day?”

Zhou Si Yang choked.

He didn’t know why his uncle, Zhou Cheng Yuan wouldn’t object to the marriage on that day.
He was definitely not in love with her. 

After all, a rich man with good family background, even if his health wasn’t good, still there would be countless women chasing him. 

There would be no issue of finding a partner unless he personally didn’t want it.

As for… 

Was it possible that he wanted to contribute to the Zhou family’s business before his death so that the Zhou family could be able to get the benefit from this marriage successfully??

It seemed only this reason made sense.

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