ing’s first arrival, “I have to admit, she left a lasting impression on me.
She walked in with such grace and elegance, her presence was so calming.”

The assistant nodded in agreement, “Yes, but that kind of person is not always suited for the entertainment industry.”

Kong Mingyan laughed and admitted, “I’ve made wrong judgments before.
People who clearly aren’t suited for the industry somehow thrive!” He then leaned forward and whispered excitedly, “Actually, Luo Xi’s agent contacted me yesterday.”

The assistant also leaned forward in her seat, curious, “Really?! What did they say?”

Kong Mingyan slyly grinned, “She wants to take another look and is planning to meet with Cheng Qing personally.”


Cheng Qing gazed out of the car window, only half-listening to Liu Suoyu as he chattered on about the morning’s events.

Apparently, it was a straightforward day on set, and in the morning Cheng Qing was absent, the director only planned to film some competitions between the celebrities.

Since they had already chosen their own teachers, they no longer formed teams and directly named themselves as the dessert team, fencing team, and racing team as they participated in various games and competitions.

Unfortunately, the fencing team was the only team with one male member, so they often found themselves at a disadvantage and struggled to keep up with the others.

In one of the games, Luo Xi showed an unrelenting determination to win and resorted to using her head to play football.
Despite being teased by her opponents, she refused to give up.

Cheng Qing couldn’t help but burst into laughter when she heard about Luo Xi’s antics and turned to look at Luo Xi who was shouting at Liu Suoyu with a flushed face.

“What are you talking about? I had to use my head because I didn’t have time to use my feet.
It’s all because you didn’t stop the ball from going into the goal!” Luo Xi said defensively.

Liu Suoyu quickly admitted his mistake and raised both his hands in surrender, “Sorry! it was my bad.”

Cheng Qing chuckled at the exchange and shook her head, “Since it’s just a game, why take it so seriously?”

Luo Xi was resolute and turned to look at Cheng Qing, “Even in a game, you can’t give up easily.”

Cheng Qing’s smile faded a bit.
It was precisely because of this stubbornness that Luo Xi had suffered too many setbacks.
But this was her personality, how could Cheng Qing force her to change it?

Luo Xi noticed the change in Cheng Qing’s expression and became nervous, “What’s wrong?”

Cheng Qing paused for a moment before regaining her composure and smiled, “I was just thinking about something.
But, is your head okay? Do you have a headache?”

Luo Xi shook her head, about to say that she didn’t have a headache when she suddenly felt something being placed in her hand. 

She was momentarily surprised and looked at what was given to her. 

It was toffee.

However, before she could react, Cheng Qing lightly flicked her forehead with a finger. 

Though Cheng Qing’s strength was mild, it still stung, and Luo Xi immediately reached up to rub the spot where she was hit, staring at Cheng Qing with wide eyes.

Cheng Qing spoke calmly, “See? It hurts, right? Don’t put yourself in pain to win a small game.”

Feeling wronged, Luo Xi retorted, “Of course, it hurts! I’m angry!”

Cheng Qing was taken aback.
“…Did the toffee not work?”

Sure enough, Luo Xi was angry and said, “No, it didn’t work!”

After a moment of contemplation, Cheng Qing apologetically said, “Well then, you can give me a flick too.”

Cheng Qing leaned in closer, and Luo Xi was hit with the sweet scent of shampoo coming from her hair. 

Lost in thought, she couldn’t tell if it was the brand or if it was because Cheng Qing used it, but the scent was always pleasant to her.

As Cheng Qing sat there for a moment without feeling a flick on her forehead, she opened her bright obsidian eyes and caught Luo Xi staring.

Cheng Qing’s mouth formed a playful curve as she flashed a smile, “Mmm…Since you don’t want to flick me, I’ll take this as you’ve forgiven me.”

A wave of heat rushed to Luo Xi’s face, and she pushed Cheng Qing away abruptly, “How despicable!”

Cheng Qing was always unprepared for her sudden mood changes and was pushed into the car door. 

She gritted her teeth through the pain and wanted to ask, what did I do that was despicable, but all that came out of her mouth was, “Are you calm now?”

Luo Xi reluctantly nodded, saying, “Fine, I’m over it.” as she crossed her arms.

And with that, the matter was settled.

Liu Suoyu had seen the whole exchange and was dumbfounded: ‘Should I say something?’

Lin Shandie, on the other hand, watched everything through the reflection in the car window and thought with a smile, ‘Only Teacher Cheng can handle Luo Xi’s stubbornness.’

Perhaps it was because of Cheng Qing’s presence that Luo Xi, who once was very annoying, now seemed very cute.

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