toward Luo Xi as she said these words.

Luo Xi’s face froze, and for a moment, she wasn’t sure how to respond.

“I think you know the things that are said about you on the internet.
You may not care, but…”

Cheng Qing paused for a moment before continuing, “Luo Xi, the many people who want to protect you will see these words on the internet.
They are concerned for your well-being and would suffer for you, including me!”

Luo Xi never knew that there would be someone who could say such words so beautifully.

It was good to know that she was in a state of shock.

It was good to know that her heart fluttered.

It was good to know that she blushed like the sky outside the window not knowing she had dyed the sunset red or if the sunset had dyed her red.

Cheng Qing continued, “But for these people, even if you don’t like me, can we go down together?”

The starting point for the people’s repulsion of Luo Xi was that Luo Xi and her roommates couldn’t get along.
Cheng Qing also believed that the directors were analyzing both of their current situations. 

This was why Cheng Qing was so adamant about going down with Luo Xi, it was to save face for Luo Xi’s reputation.

If something such as quarreling roommates were to be speculated on the first day, Cheng Qing would not want the two of them to be used as a bad article by the director’s team, like what happened during Luo Xi’s first appearance in the show.

The cool evening breeze outside the window blew slightly.
Luo Xi eventually turned to face Cheng Qing. 

Unlike her usual soft demeanor, Cheng Qing appeared solemn this time.

Luo Xi opened her mouth and strongly stated, “I don’t dislike you.”

“That’s good.” Cheng Qing’s eyes curved with softness as she smiled in relief. 

Look! She’s a good person, it’s just that she can’t express it.

Cheng Qing waited a few seconds before adding, “Hehe~ I also like myself!”

Luo Xi instantly became at a loss for words.

Under Cheng Qing’s sweet talk and affection, Luo Xi could only follow her downstairs.

But Cheng Qing, this ordinary person, was still asking Luo Xi halfway down the stairs, “Why is your face so red?”

Cheng Qing even asked with an innocent look.

Luo Xi: “…”

When Cheng Qing brought Luo Xi down, the food was almost prepped and ready to be served.

The stars of this program were all popular at a young age.
Because the new generation grew in a glasshouse, dinner preparation was quite simple and most foods were cooked by frying or boiling.

In other words, everyone was roughly equal in terms of hands-on ability.
It’s just that some people could use pots and pans while others, like Luo Xi, probably couldn’t even tell the difference between green onions and leeks![1]

“Ah, you’re finally here? I was waiting for you.” Feng Qiuyi said while smiling as he saw the two reach the bottom of the stairs.

Cheng Qing returned the smile and sat.

“Sorry it took a while, we were cleaning the room.”

“It must’ve been hard for you.” Feng Qiuyi replied.

Luo Xi stood behind Cheng Qing while she craned her neck to listen in on the conversation. 

Instead of sitting down, she just stared at Cheng Qing’s back, thinking ‘is she complaining about me now?’

Cheng Qing looked back and saw that Luo Xi was still standing, so she softly smiled and patted the empty seat beside her, “Why aren’t you moving? Come and sit!”

Luo Xi approached with a hesitant expression and sat down.

Cheng Qing saw her wariness and coaxed her amusingly, “What do you want to eat? I’ll help you.”

Luo Xi shook her head, “No need-”

“Here you go, you’re welcome~!” Cheng Qing picked up a chicken nugget for her and placed it in her bowl, “No need for thanks.”

Luo Xi: “…” 

She looked at the chicken nuggets in her bowl and then turned to face Cheng Qing before she fell silent.

Cheng Qing spun around to face Feng Qiuyu and was brave enough to ask, “Do celebrities have any taboos?”

Feng Qiuyi, as an idol, was in the same boat as Luo Xi, “You can’t be fat.”

Cheng Qing looked puzzled before responding, “What’s the deal with being fat? It’s adorable!” Cheng Qing then turned to face Luo Xi with sparkling eyes, “Luo Xi, have some food! It’s delicious.”

Afterward, she poured salad dressing into Luo Xi’s bowl.

Luo Xi stared at the dressing that was poured into her bowl and said, “You… Forget about the chicken nuggets! This…this is so high in calories!”

“But it’s delicious!” Cheng Qing said as she giggled and cheerfully smiled at Luo Xi.

Luo Xi: “…” The thing is, I also really want to eat it too!!!

Feng Qiuyi: “Pfff~…”

He shifted his gaze to the left, then to the right before finally bursting out laughing. 

Feng Qiuyi had been on the show for a month and this was the first time he’s seen Luo Xi so deflated and speechless.

It was too funny.

Kong Mingyan also unexpectedly raised his eyebrows and said to the assistant next to him, “This is the first time Luo Xi has such a good temper.”

Before everyone changed, the director had already returned.

“It appears that this Cheng Qing is very powerful,” Kong Mingyan sighed, “It’s also the first time that Luo Xi can even get along with a stranger like this.”

The assistant smiled, “The newcomer’s enthusiasm is normal, after all, she is also a star! Bless her halo! We’ll continue to survey for two more days to find out if they’re compatible.”

Kong Mingyan nodded.

Since the show’s special effects[2] were added, the program made it look as if Luo Xi was the only one who was disliked.
Combined with the deliberate editing, it truly had this visual effect.
However, Cheng Qing had known this before coming here.

Outside where the moon was bright, the stars were few, and the lights inside were warm, Cheng Qing tenderly smiled as she watched Luo Xi take a small bite of a chicken nugget.

“Is it delicious?”

Luo Xi, unwilling to reconcile but unable to deny, softly spoke, “It’s delicious.”

Zhao Baibing, the chef of the fried chicken nuggets, looked over unexpectedly.
This was the first time he was praised by Luo Xi.

Cheng Qing’s smile became gentler under the light as she looked at her with warm eyes, “Really? Then I’ll try some too.”

Luo Xi blushed slightly, “Go ahead.”

[1] The difference between onions and leeks are that leeks don’t make your eyes water and generally taste sweeter than onions. (Img: Onions on the left, leeks on the right.)

[2] Special effects of variety shows in Asia

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