【What kind of fairy love is this? The promise of CP is true!!!】

【Don’t talk about it.
It’s already lying flat at the bottom of the pit.】

【This is the rhythm that will knock me to death!!!】

【Fuck!!! Look at Luo Xi, she’s blushing!!!】

【I’m dead, I’m dead.
Move the Civil Affairs Bureau here!!!】

The director team twitched their lips as they saw the barrage of bullet comments that turned up on the screen: “One Cheng Qing almost marginalized everyone else.”

The program invited many big names, not just because of the traffic behind them.

But this radiant CP sensation!

However, despite the fact that Cheng Qing is clearly just an ordinary person, she completely steals the spotlight.

Luo Xi’s face turned red from the impending gazes; at this moment, Cheng Qing was the only person she could stare at.

Cheng Qing turned a blind eye, cast her gaze out the window, and casually stated, “If you say something nice, I can provide all three meals!”

Feng Qiuyi, Qi Shenghui, Zhao Baibing, and the others insisted while saying “Ah!!!” as they all cast fiery gazes at Luo Xi.

“… No need,” Luo Xi said, biting her lower lip.

Cheng Qing returned her gaze toward her and asked, “Really? I said that because you wanted to eat.”

【That’s right!!! When Li Mingyao spoke, she didn’t even bring a bird!!!】

【Miss Luo Xi, look into your heart!】

【Can I say that I like Cheng Qing better? So spoiled!!!】

【Hold high the banner of commitment!!!】

Feng Qiuyi felt he had developed some friendship with Luo Xi these two days, so he voiced, “Luo Xi, just say a few pleasant words, it’s very simple!!!”

Luo Xi glared at Feng Qiuyi: “Then you say it!”

Feng Qiuyi excitedly turned his head to look at Cheng Qing, but Cheng Qing turned away in disgust: “Don’t want to hear it.”

Feng Qiuyi : “… Ha, ha, ha…”

【Ha ha ha, my brother Feng was rejected.】

【Cheng Qing, he is this year’s top male! Look at his face!】

【Do you only have Luo Xi in your eyes??? Look at my poor Brother Feng!】

Cheng Qing was naturally unaware of these bullet comments, and the arrogant Luo Xi didn’t say anything nice.

Cheng Qing stood up and loosened her neck, then said, “Even if you don’t praise me if you want to eat, I can cook it for you!”

Luo Xi turned to look at her suspiciously.

“However, you must help me,” said Cheng Qing.

Wearing an affronted expression, Luo Xi asked: “… why me?” 

“Because I originally made it for you!” smiled Cheng Qing.

Not only are the bullet comments exploding, but the promise of CP is skyrocketing.

Promise Eternity, a hashtag in a particular corner of Weibo, has grown rapidly from 25 members.

With the excessive barrage of comments, the live broadcast frequently became jammed.
So they abruptly shut it down at this crucial moment, leaving a group of people yelling with no follow-up.

Everyone started rushing to the official website, excited for the newcomers of the new week and the new CP.


At this time, Kong Mingyan had already started to issue tasks.

“I believe that you have a basic understanding of your teacher after just one night.”

Everyone’s ears perked up, only to hear the director continue: “Today, you and your teacher will learn fundamental skills! If your teacher praises you, they will reward you with 3,000 yuan for completing the task.”

Everyone had wide eyes.
They have been on the show nonstop since signing the contract, not even allowed to touch their phones, let alone their money.

3,000 yuan? There will not only be rewards but also points in the future!

It revived the celebrities with blood one by one, not caring if Cheng Qing wanted to cook for them in the end.

Cheng Qing, like the other teachers, has three students.

On Zhang Lingling’s side, her students believed that they only had to bake simple beginner cakes.
The three students breathed a sigh of relief, but when they saw the cake photo released by Kong Mingyan, their faces turned blue.

Ye Lingyun twitched the corners of his mouth: “Director Kong, do you want us three novices to make the cake in this photo?”

“How can it be called a task if there is no challenge?” Kong Mingyan asked, nodding.

In Zhou Yong’s situation, his students were brought to the car yard being only given a day to practice.
The director’s task is to complete the course in as little time as possible.

At that moment, the three students’ expressions were also very exciting.

Finally, when it came to Cheng Qing, fencing required special equipment as well as a venue.
Cheng Qing agreed with the owner of the fencing gym from the start and arranged a place to practice.

“Your task is to hit the curator’s closed disciples one by one,” Kong Mingyan stated.

Luo Xi, Lin Shandie, and Liu Suoyu also wore excited faces as if to say ‘You want us to soar to the sky as beginners!’

Naturally, there are three camera groups following each of the scenes.

Cheng Qing led her students outside where two black nanny cars were parked.
Cheng Qing climbed into one of the vehicles, the three students following suit.

The nanny car is spacious, emanating a comfortable atmosphere.
Cheng Qing closed her eyes and leaned back in her seat to relax.
She didn’t get enough sleep last night, so she was tired today.

This left the three students to discuss among themselves.

“So, what is the difficulty of fencing?”

“How powerful are the disciples behind closed doors?”

Liu Suoyu looked at her limbs before saying: “My reaction is quite fast.
I should be able to handle it, right?”

Cheng Qing opened her eyes, took a light glance at Liu Suoyu, and said: “The closed disciple has been practicing for 4 or 5 years and frequently competes in national competitions.
She came in second place in the tournament and first in the team competition.”

Dumbfounded, the three students who knew nothing about fencing sat unnerved.

Cheng Qing perched up, then asked Luo Xi, “Do you want to play a clapping game?” stretching her palms up in front of Luo Xi.

Luo Xi had noticed Cheng Qing’s hands imbued with wounds.
Looking at the lacerations, she became lost in thought.
Why are you hurt? Was it painful at the time?

“Give me your hand,” Cheng Qing said, looking at her.

Luo Xi placed her hand on Cheng Qing’s palm.
Cheng Qing is taller, so her hands are naturally larger than Luo Xi’s.

Unlike Luo Xi’s white and tender hands, as if they could pinch water.
The backbone of Cheng Qing’s hand was very noticeable, exuding a strong sense of strength when placed under Luo Xi’s hands.

“Let’s begin!”

Luo Xi was momentarily stunned by Cheng Qing’s reminder in her ear, and before she was able to stop feeling pain in the back of her hand and recover from the discomfort, she couldn’t even see Cheng Qing’s move clearly.

Luo Xi stared wide-eyed as she noticed that the back of her hand was slightly red.
She was instantly unsure of where a creeping feeling of grievance came from.
Although Luo Xi is aware that it has only been two days, Cheng Qing has always tolerated her and treats her very gently, so suddenly being hit…

Luo Xi frowned delicately at Cheng Qing, her eyes filled with dissatisfaction.

“You hit me?”

Cheng Qing was a little slow, not knowing why Luo Xi was upset.
Suddenly, Cheng Qing felt a strong desire to survive: “… Is it too late to apologize now?”

Luo Xi sneered: “Hmph.”

Cheng Qing: “…”

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